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Chapter 146 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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The last day of the school trip. In other words, the date the Constel students were to return.

Aten was protesting in front of the train platform.

"This is strange."

Aten's eyes gleamed.

Aten looked alternately at Frondier and Jane, who were standing awkwardly beside her.

"Why are you taking a separate train back? The volunteer work has ended."


Frondier was scheduled to take the train after the Constel students' train to go back.

Aten's suspicious gaze shot at Frondier.

Frondier shrugged.

"I bought a one-way ticket, you see."

"Why a one-way ticket...?"

"It's cheaper. Don't you guys have round-trip tickets?"

It was a simple reason. It was a reason that was difficult to argue against because it was so simple.

Aten's lips pursed slightly. It seemed it would be impossible to figure out Frondier's true intentions.

Aten's head suddenly turned towards Jane, and Jane's head suddenly looked away.

"You're not planning to do anything strange, are you?"

"How could we? Like Frondier just said, we have one-way tickets, so we can't help it."

"Why are you avoiding my gaze?"

"Because your gaze is too burdensome."

Actually, Jane had nothing to feel guilty about in this case.

Because Frondier really did buy a one-way ticket.

When he came to Cropolis, he had a lot to hide, so he felt guilty about everything, but now, he was just stating the facts as they were.

"Alright. But take care, Frondier."

Aten looked at Frondier again. Her eyes, clear as jewels, shot at Frondier.

"If I find even a scratch on you next time, I'll really freeze you."

"Is that your way of treating me? One should reduce the fever of the wound and stop the bleeding-"

"Yes. But, If it's frozen, there's no fever and no bleeding."

Aten was serious. Frondier, understanding, lightly raised his hands.

"Got it. I'm just going to catch the next train back. It was the same when I came here, right? I was late because I was learning about volunteer work, and I actually worked as a lifeguard in Cropolis."

"That's true, but..."

"You're too suspicious, Aten."

Frondier placed his hand on Aten's head. Aten pursed her lips and looked at Frondier for a moment. As Frondier lowered his hand, Aten turned away.

"See you in Constel."

"Sure, sure."

After finally sending Aten off, Jane sighed.

"Frondier, you're really loved. By many people."

"Aten is really angry."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. We must never get caught."

Jane tilted her head. To her, Aten's expression and tone seemed unchanged. Was there something only Frondier knew? If so, was it because of Frondier's keen perception, or was it Aten?

"Well, there's some time until the next train. You should go and rest somewhere too."


Frondier answered and then turned to walk away. Jane watched as Frondier's shoulders rose and then fell slowly. He seemed to be taking a deep breath.

'Huh? Why?'

Was there a reason to take a deep breath now? The job was done.

Jane's head tilted.

* * *

The next train arrived, and I sat down, looking out the window.

Most teachers had already left with the other students on an earlier train.

There weren't many teachers from Constel here, including Jane. And even then, none in this carriage. It's because having students and teachers together continuously would be burdensome for the students.

I've had a hard time with the lifeguard job, so it's a bit of freedom for me.

'Perhaps, even if I just stay still, Indus's revolution will fail.'

At the point where Indus's plan to target Osprey completely failed, their plan is already halfway fallen.

Even if they couldn't kill Osprey, at least causing him an injury, or the success of their second plan to kidnap me, if anything had been done, the revolution might have had a chance of success.

But nothing was salvaged, and in the midst of that, the seeds of doubt I had planted could not be ignored at this point.

Heldre's injuries won't heal quickly either. A full recovery might be too much to hope for.

If he’s really unlucky, he might end up crippled in both arms, but being Heldre, that probably won't happen.

"Now all that's left is to strike at the royal palace."

True to the name of the revolution, it's about striking at the neck of Bartello Terst. Then, forcibly ascending to the throne and using the lower members of Indus planted there to sway public opinion in favor of Indus.

Both are unlikely to go well. It won't be easy to even get close to Bartello's neck, let alone kill him, and it's hard for the citizens to side with Indus even in a state of anarchy unless Bartello was a tyrant.

So, from here on out, even if I do nothing, the quest I received before will succeed on its own. The palace knights will take care of it.

But this quest is too precious to just leave it at that.

[Main Quest: Operation Suppress Indus]

•Description: Indus's plan has been revealed. Stop the plan and suppress Indus members.

•Objective: Suppress Indus members and leader.

•Rewards: Compensation varies depending on the number of people suppressed.

• Failure may result in a state of anarchy.

The reward for the quest varies depending on the number of people I suppress.

Even if I do nothing from here, my contribution will be recognized to some extent, but that's not enough.

After all, I haven't suppressed anyone yet. I'll only receive partial recognition.


When are you coming, Renzo?

"Given Kraken or Renzo's personality, it should be soon."

My staring out the window endlessly isn't because I'm lost in melancholy.

Literally, I'm just looking out the window.

And when the train once again begins to tread on the aerial railway.


Before I saw anything, I felt an immense presence ahead. It seems I've also become quite accustomed to sensing an opponent's presence.

The one exuding this presence is alone. No need to check.


His voice, filled with aura, resounded throughout the entire train.

It was a voice I missed terribly, and surprisingly, even a bit welcome.

"Come out! Let's play once more! There's no one else! It's just me!"

Renzo had apparently confirmed my presence on the train.

I looked out the window. Renzo was standing in the air. What an assertive pose.

He might be flying on his own, or he might be standing on the wires with Cain's help, but it is probably the latter.

Renzo is incredibly powerful, but he is neither meticulous nor sophisticated. He would not use advanced techniques like ‘flying.’ He doesn’t need it.

“The countdown will end before this train passes the skybridge! I’ll blow this whole train up if you don’t come out by then! You know I can do it!”

I know.

I chuckled.

Everyone must have heard Renzo. The teachers will come to this carriage soon. I have to get out before that.

I opened the window.

“No! Stop, Frondier!”

At that moment, Jane’s voice came from behind me. This was a little unexpected. This is much sooner than I thought. Did Jane notice something?

“I can’t just stand by and watch a student die.”

Jane’s eyes were burning with immense determination. I felt her resolve not to let me go.

“If I don’t go, not just one, everyone will die.”

Jane bit her lips at my words.

Osprey isn’t here right now. All those who can stop Renzo have already left on the train ahead.

Even if Osprey realizes the situation and hurries here, she probably won’t be able to stop the train from falling.

“Just pretend you didn’t see anything for a while.”

Jane’s eyes wavered at my words.

"......How can you do that? How can you do that? Everyone judged you only for incompetence and laziness. How can you be so indifferent."

“It’s not indifference.”

I said. A smile formed on my face.

“It is saving hundreds of lives with just one life. Even an incompetent person can do that.”

Spouting suitable excuses, I jumped out the window. There was no time now.

I ignored Jane’s shouts from inside the train and climbed onto the roof of the carriage.


Renzo spotted me and shouted. His face was flushed with excitement.

I stood on the roof of the running train and looked straight at Renzo.

"If it's that much, it's love, Renzo."

We probably have different meanings in mind.

Renzo and I were laughing, looking at each other. We were laughing, clashing our murderous intent.

All of that was sincere.

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