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Chapter 15 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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Simple Formula

A simple technique

Back at the Adventurer's Guild, there was a woman sitting on a chair, polishing a dagger.

It was Violet.

I'd thought I was early for our meeting time, but she was here before me.

Slightly impressed, I naturally sat down opposite her.

Violet put down her dagger and began to speak.

"Are you going to keep wearing that robe? I'm curious to see your face."

"Ah... Master told me to wear it. I plan to keep it on as much as possible."

"Hmm... I'd like to see your face at least once."

Well, there was no reason not to show her once, so I pulled back the hood of my robe.

"Hmm, not bad looking."

"Ah, really? Thank you."

I was relieved. I'd never been told I was handsome before.

I would have been a little hurt if she had said I looked strange.

Relieved, I pulled my robe back on.

I felt like Violet was a little disappointed, but I must have been mistaken.

We chatted a little longer.

"So, how do you attack with that dagger? That's what I'm most curious about."

"What's so special about it? I just quickly approach and-"

As she spoke, Violet suddenly held the knife to my throat.

Of course, I was maintaining Barrier at all times, so the knife bounced off.

"That's how you do it."

"Oh... That's amazing. I could never do that."

"You mean instantly deflecting my knife?"


I always kept Barrier active.

You never know what might happen.

Of course, it's a little tiring, but it doesn't take that much effort.

You just have to concentrate a little.

"When will the others arrive? It seems to be taking them a while to get ready."

"We're the unusual ones for being early. Most adventurers aren't good at keeping promises."

That seemed to be true.

We were supposed to meet at lunchtime, but only Violet and I were here.

No wonder adventurers get a bad rap.

As I was idly forming a technique in the air, the other two finally arrived.

I wanted to scold them, but I decided not to.

It wasn't like I was going to see these people again.

"Well then, let's get going. We had some preparations, that's why we were late. Sorry for the delay."

"Ah, well... we didn't wait that long, so it's fine."

"Ehaha, our mage friend is generous."

At least they were aware of their tardiness.

They did apologize to me.

Well, I wasn't particularly angry, so I let it slide.

It's common for adventurers to be late.

Of course, if they acted like this on an actual Orc subjugation, that would be a different story.

"Let's get going then. We've lost some time."

"We lost time because you were late."

"...Didn't I just apologize?"


Unlike me, who was completely indifferent, Violet seemed displeased with the situation.

Well, she wasn't exactly fuming.

Considering the generally rough nature of adventurers, this was a very civil exchange.

They were arguing with words instead of fists.

"Let's not fight amongst ourselves. Let's just go."

"Right, let's get those Orcs taken care of and go home. I have things to do."

Actually, I didn't.

But saying that would make everyone focus on finishing quickly, wouldn't it?

That's why I said I had things to do.

Well, no one seemed to care anyway.

And so, with a farewell from Esily, we set off to hunt Orcs.

"Mage, can you use Light magic? If so, we won't even need torches."

"That's... basic."

Light magic was fundamental for mages.

When we stayed up all night studying, we used Light magic to illuminate our surroundings.

It was an essential spell for scholars.

"Ehaha, that's great then. We can save on torches thanks to our mage friend here."

"Indeed. Torches can be quite expensive."

These people were naturally trying to use me as a human lamp.

Mages were known for their eccentric personalities, so they probably thought they could take advantage of my easygoing nature.

Well, I didn't mind playing along.

I needed to practice Light magic anyway.

Besides, it would be strange to get angry over something like this.

Having a mage in the party had its perks.

No need for anyone to stand guard duty at night.

With that in mind, I started up a conversation.

"So, Teron, where are you originally from?"

"Hmm, I'm from Lukphelton. District 4, to be precise."

"Oh, you lived in a nice area."


Like Baruk, Lukphelton was divided into five districts.

However, unlike Baruk, all five districts were considered developed.

Districts 4 and 5 were home to the middle class, while the upper class resided from District 3 onwards.

So, Teron came from a fairly privileged background.

"What about you, mage? Where did you live? Most mages are in Lukphelton."

"Ah, well... I lived in Lukphelton too."

There was a central plaza in Lukphelton where all the districts met. I used to beg for money or scavenge for scraps in the trash cans there.

But I couldn't exactly tell them that. It was better to imply than to reveal the harsh truth.

It would be strange if I said I hadn't lived in Lukphelton, especially as a mage.

"I hear Lukphelton is a wonderful city. I've only ever lived in Baruk, so I wouldn't know."

"You should visit sometime if you get the chance. It's a great place for sightseeing."

"Hmm, I don't think I'll ever go. It's just talk. I'd probably just be looked down upon in Lukphelton."


While there were adventurers in Lukphelton, they were generally looked down upon.

Their profession was seen as crude.

It was a city primarily inhabited by mages, priests, and those of similar standing.

Unless you were at least a Gold rank adventurer, it was difficult to walk around Lukphelton with your head held high.

As we chatted, we eventually reached our destination.

These kinds of requests were usually issued by the Baruk side, as they were reluctant to deploy troops to such remote areas.

So, there was no need to worry about being scammed.

"By the way, where are these Orcs? I don't see them."

"Ah, this your first request as a mage? Just follow me. I'll take care of everything."

"Haha.. Thank you."

I had a bad feeling about Dontas.

People who boasted this much usually died quickly.

But I didn't say anything.

What was the point in arguing with someone so full of themselves? He wouldn't listen.

It was better to just nod along and agree.

As we were talking, Teron suddenly stopped.

He turned to us and said, "Everyone, battle ready. The Orcs will be here any minute."

Teron must have had some kind of detection ability.

There was no other way he could have known the Orcs were coming.

"Haaam, when are they coming? I just want to get this over with and go to sleep."

"You there, rogue, don't let your guard down. Orcs are not to be trifled with."

"They're just unintelligent Greenskins. They're not Trolls."

From what I knew, it took at least four adventurers, ranked between Gold and Platinum, to handle a Troll.

They were formidable monsters.

As I thought about that, I began to prepare my technique.

I needed to have it ready before the Orcs arrived.

But first, I had a question.

"Are there any valuable byproducts from the Orcs? I wouldn't want to accidentally burn them to a crisp."

"Their bones are the most useful. They're incredibly sturdy."

"Ah, I see."

That meant I could use my magic freely.

Bones were unlikely to be damaged.

I could just fry them with electricity.

With that in mind, I began to deploy my technique.

[Chain Lightning]

[Lightning Strike]

I deployed the two magic techniques simultaneously.

Now, all that was left was to wait for the Orcs to appear.

"There they are, the Orcs have arrived. Looks like it's my turn."

Dontas tried to step forward, but it was pointless.

I was going to take care of this.

As I thought about that, I poured mana into the two magic techniques.


The Orcs were instantly wiped out by the combined might of my two spells.

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