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Chapter 151 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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The humans at the mansion were almost taken care of.

Of course, it wasn't as mild as that phrase might imply.

Unlike Frondier, the Yeolgot had neither the inclination nor reason to show mercy, so most were brutally killed.

"Lord Jei. What should we do with these?"

One of the Yeolgot member spoke to Selena, surrounding unconscious Thompson, Skyler, and Cain. They were more cautious knowing these three could use portals.

The reason for their unconsciousness was simple.

'That woman, no, man? Kraken. It attacked its own allies.'

Kraken took advantage of the confusion to use these three as human shields for his escape. Caught off guard, they were utterly defeated. Probably, no one could surpass Kraken in speed alone if that was the only measure.

'Should it be called cowardice? Or should it be seen as mercy for not killing them?'

Kraken could have killed them, but he chose not to. That would have been simpler. The thoughts of a monster are incomprehensible.

Selena said,

"We have to kill them. Whether they're Indus or whatever, we are merely a calamity-"

Selena was about to say that when,

She raised her head at the tremendous momentum approaching the mansion.


Selena shouted, and everyone at the mansion's entrance tensed up.

"Lord Jei. Let's return to Manggot first."

Someone among them proposed a sensible opinion. Everyone seemed to agree as if it was the obvious choice.


Frondier was still here.

Without realizing it, Selena looked at Frondier, who was still tied to the chair.

Another person, guessing her thoughts upon seeing this, spoke up.

"It's regrettable about the ancient language, but it's not worth risking Lord Jei's life and ours. Moreover, even if we risked our lives, we wouldn't be able to save him."


Selena's eyes wavered. Frondier saw this.

With his eyes cold as ever, Frondier spoke.

─Do I have to instruct you on every little thing?


Frondier was hidden behind Selena, close enough that only she could see his lips move.

It was hard to guess what Frondier was thinking.

But his words deeply penetrated Selena's heart.

─Get lost.

If she stayed, Selena would be suspected by Manggot. Of course, she knew that.

But what was Frondier thinking? Without mana, and while being tied up, did he believe he could oppose Renzo? Or did he believe he could possibly escape?

Or else, thinking everything was over, did he tell Selena to,

─Get lost.

Frondier's lips moved again.

Selena clenched her teeth internally and looked back at the people of Yeolgot.

She managed to compose a stern expression and said,

"Let's go back."


Following Selena's command, she and Yeolgot disappeared from the mansion.


"Ah, so you were here."

Renzo entered the mansion with his fearsome aura still intact.



With a single leap, Renzo reached in front of Frondier.

Frondier, still tied to the chair, looked at Renzo.

"Hey, Renzo."

He spoke as if calling a close friend.

"Sorry about earlier. An intruder came in."

Renzo laughed at Frondier's words.

"It was our intruder. The apology should come from me. Though it's odd to say sorry, but I just killed that leader guy."

"…Is that so."

Frondier responded calmly. Renzo grinned.

"There will be no more interruptions. Let's do this again, Frondier. This time I'll end you,"

"It's impossible, Renzo."

Frondier cut off Renzo's words. He gave a small laugh.

"I'm out of mana now."


"After coming through the portal, I felt something strange affecting my body. It seems like my mana has been drained."

"...Is this Heldre's doing?"


Renzo's expression turned fierce. Tsk, clicking his tongue, his eyes filled with murderous intent turned towards the mansion's exterior. Though his gaze was likely aimed at the distant Heldre, displaying his killing intent was futile. Heldre was already dead by his hand.

"Kill me, Renzo."


"Here lies the life you've so desperately wanted. Tied to a chair, unable to move a muscle. You can beat, cut, chew, tear, and taste as much as you want."

At Frondier's words, Renzo's clenched fist trembled, and then he turned and walked away.


Bang! Crash! Crack!

And he began to smash everything in sight. Expensive artworks and paintings, even the chandeliers on the ceiling, were all destroyed.

He stomped on the shattered objects until they were completely obliterated. Not satisfied, he repeatedly smashed the walls and floor as well, until finally, Renzo took a deep breath.

"I'll postpone it."


"I'll postpone our duel. Killing you like this wouldn't be fun."


"Besides, had you not been kidnapped through the portal, I surely would have been in danger."

Just before Cain kidnapped Frondier, Renzo was destined to be struck by sword energy flying from all directions. The paralysis hadn't worn off, and he had no defense with just a shield.

"Well, even so, I would have survived that too!"

Renzo was making baseless claims.

"So consider this paying off that debt. Maintain your best condition until we meet again. I'll kill you with all my strength, after you've given your all."

After saying that, Renzo turned and walked towards the mansion's door again.

Frondier watched his somewhat dejected figure for a moment, then said,

"Hey, Renzo."

"What is it."

"As you're leaving, untie this as well."

"You figure that out yourself!"

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