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Chapter 154 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Esther still seemed dubious as she asked, "If you had the skills to kill everyone here, why didn't you just escape on your own?"

If that were possible, I would have done it already.

'I probably recovered some mana while I was asleep.'

Even though not much time had passed since I fell asleep, my mana recovery is faster than others since I frequently deplete it.

However, my hands were completely bound, so I needed to use void weaving to cut the thread.

Which means I'd have to activate Menosorpo.

'I might be suspected again for no reason.'

If Esther decides not to untie me and leaves, I might try then.

I should also practice making Menosorpo very small.

"Besides, how can you trust me enough to turn your back on me?" Esther asked. It was our first meeting today, and we knew nothing about each other. It must seem strange to her that I trust her.

But to me, it was the most natural thing.

Esther is not just a protagonist; she is the most faithful person I know.

She believes in the goddess Justitia and chases criminals as an agent of justice. If this were an old comic, she would definitely be the main character.

"I told you. I involved you because I trust you."

"You're not telling me the reason. I'm asking how that trust came to be."

"You're the warden of the Morion Prison. That's enough."

Despite my words, Esther still seemed unconvinced, but soon she sighed and approached me.

Considering the circumstances, it was clear that I had killed these people, or at least, it was clear that I was an enemy of Indus.

Esther moved behind me. A small metallic sound was heard. Though I couldn't see it, it seemed she had drawn a knife.

Scrape, scrape, I heard the sound of Esther cutting through the spider silk. While she was untying my arms, I said, "Speaking of what happened here."

"You mean how you killed all of Indus?"

So she's fully convinced of that now.

"Yeah, that. Can you keep it hidden if possible?"

"Hidden? You mean pretend like you didn't do it?"

Esther asked. I nodded.

However, Esther firmly said, "I refuse. I don't tell meaningless lies."

"That's what I mean. It has meaning."

From Constel's perspective, I'm currently kidnapped by Renzo, on behalf of the passengers on the train.

For me to have killed all of Indus and even Heldre while tied up inside Heldre's mansion? That's absurd.

It's better to be treated as if it never happened than to be suspected and caught by Manggot.

"I don't know what you're thinking, but I have no intention of lying."

"I'm not asking you to lie. You also don't know exactly what happened here, right?"

"Blatant nonsense."

Esther's face crinkled in annoyance. To her eyes, it must seem as though I've taken care of everything and am now pretending to be ignorant.

But in reality, I've done nothing 'inside' the mansion. Being tied to this chair was all there was to it.

I said,

"To claim that I did it would also be 'false.'"

"False? But clearly, you—"

"I've answered already. 'Who knows?' I've never once said I did it."

Judging by Esther's expression and words, she believes more than half-heartedly that I'm responsible for all this mess.

If that's what she thinks, now's the time to deny it. From here on, it's relatively easy.

All I have to do is tell the truth that I've done nothing, and since Esther doesn't believe my truth...

I spoke again,

"There's no need to say that Morion took care of everything. But stop making baseless accusations that I did everything. You think I subdued them all and took care of Heldre while tied to a chair? You haven't seen it yourself. Such 'fake facts' are for you to keep. Just stay quiet, and the world will know what the truth is."

Esther's current misunderstanding about me could be useful depending on the situation. For now, this is enough.

And Esther knows it too. That she shouldn't recklessly claim I did it. I never admitted to it, and like she said herself, Esther doesn't lie.

If Esther refrains from making unnecessary remarks, the public will naturally recognize that 'Morion caught Indus.' My existence, as well as the existence of 'Manggot,' tied to me, will vanish from sight.

"What's your angle? What's the point of hiding your merit to such an extent?"

"It's not about hiding."

I said, smiling.

"I'm just not interested in that sort of thing."

At my answer, Esther's eyes seemed to widen a bit.

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