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Chapter 160 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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"Oh, it's over with this. From the next model, we'll attach an original naming!"

Binkis said, puffing out his chest. She appeared truly confident. Borrowing someone else's name so lightly was inappropriate. Ah, is this considered safe in this world?

"It has changed quite elegantly."

"Right? This golem has become fully autonomous this time."

"Wasn’t it originally like that?"

Frondier tilted his head. Even when he fought the golem controlled by Edwin for the first time, and during the midterm exam, the golem seemed quite autonomous.

Binkis raised her finger and shook her head. It was a subtly annoyed gesture.

"No, no! The first golem we made only responded to the owner's will and commands. It didn't move otherwise."

Upon hearing that, Frondier recalled the golem from that time. Indeed, even Frondier could sense that the golem was moving according to a simple program back then. That was why he could win.

After that, it moved on its own, but that was possible because Hephaestus was controlling it.

"The golem I tested during the midterm was one I manipulated directly. I had automated it to some extent so that it could control multiple golems at the same time, but it was still a clumsy level."

"Multiple golems at the same time..."

Frondier thought for a moment.

She had managed to move several golems at once. Indeed, that was the feeling during the midterm. The multitude of golems felt threatening, but their movements became simpler. If Frondier didn't have a brute weapon like 'Gram' that could smash a golem in one hit, it would have been quite difficult.

Multiple golems..., simultaneous attack, simplification.

...Multiple units.

"By the way, teacher."


"Is the method of controlling those multiple golems something like, if you track the golems appearing on the screen in squares, they get selected at the same time, and if you click on a designated enemy with another button, they automatically attack, that kind of mechanism?"

To help understand, Frondier raised his right hand and drew a diagonal with his fingers, trying to mimic the action of dragging a mouse.

...Binkis's eyes shook so noticeably that it was easy to tell.

"You, how did you know that? Hacking? Did you hack me?"

"How could I hack into the teacher's research materials, given the formidable security that must be in place?"

"He did it, though?"

Binkis pointed at Edwin with his finger. Edwin avoided eye contact, having nothing to say.

"...I'm not senior Edwin. I just thought it might be more efficient that way."

"You caught on to that? Are you a genius? A genius even beyond me?"

No. I just knew because I saw it first.

Feeling a bit guilty, Frondier slightly changed the subject.

"So, this new golem isn't either of those two methods?"

"Mm-hmm, exactly. It's completely autonomous! It makes its own decisions to protect its master, annihilate enemies, and assist with various chores that the master desires."

"...So, you don't have to give it orders?"

"That's right! Of course, if you do give it orders, it will prioritize those orders. But if an order puts the master in danger, it might refuse or find a workaround. We've got all those bases covered."

Frondier listened to Binkis's almost boastful explanation and looked at the golem.

Thoughts inadvertently spilled out as words.

"...With this capability, it could easily be my 'weapon,'"

"Hm? What?"

"Oh, nothing. It's a splendid golem. So, what do I need to do?"

At Frondier's question, Binkis grinned and walked over to the golem. She pressed a power button connected to the golem, disconnecting it, and the golem's eyes lit up.

With each heavy step, Frondier felt a shiver run down his spine. The sound was undoubtedly heavy, yet eerily similar to that of a human.

"Frondier, you can use 'Falling Edge,' right?"


How did she know? Frondier's response seemed to surprise Quinie and Edwin even more.

"Falling Edge... really? Frondier?"

"Yes. I can't use it as freely as my brother, and I need to be prepared."

"Need to be prepared, you say. Over the past few years, countless spearfighters have tried to replicate that technique developed by Azier."

At Quinie's admiration, Frondier gave an awkward smile.

Honestly, 'Falling Edge' requires a certain innate talent. For starters, one's muscles and joints need to be flexible and strong.

And one must have a certain understanding of aura. Although Frondier's skill level was far from Azier's, his body structure was similar due to them being brothers.

Frondier had succeeded more or less by chance, but the first time he tried it was during a life-or-death fight, the duel against Renzo. Also, Frondier had the skill "Weaving," so he had a grasp on the sensation of using his energy. It would be difficult to comprehend quickly unless several conditions like these were met.

"Alright. Then try using that Falling Edge on this golem."


Binkis smiled confidently at Frondier's surprised question.

"This golem is designed so that Falling Edge won't work on it."


Binkis's words piqued Frondier's curiosity. If the golem's design alone could block Falling Edge, then the enemy might be able to block it as well. Knowing this possibility in advance was more important than anything else.

"Now, the golem will be ready. Use Falling Edge properly. That's the condition."

"Very well, let's test it out."

Binkis stepped back and the golem took out a spear and readied itself without Frondier having to tell it to. It was in a fearsome stance, as if it were going to thrust its spear at any moment, but it remained still.

Frondier took out his short sword and lightly touched the tip of the spear's blade.

'If it really does block Falling Edge, I'll need to come up with a countermeasure.'

With that thought, Frondier performed Falling Edge, and—


The golem's spear flew through the air without making a sound.


Frondier tilted his head at the unexpected success of Falling Edge.

He considered the possibility that something else would happen, but the golem remained still even after the spear hit the ground.

A glitch? A bug? Frondier looked at Binkis with a questioning gaze, expecting her to give him an explanation.

And Binkis's supplementary explanation was this.


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