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Chapter 166 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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The only place Laurie could think of to have a secret conversation was her own house.

This made it seem like she had really seduced him and brought him here, but there was no other suitable place.

With a flushed face, she opened her door and invited Frondier inside.

"You live alone?"

"Ye, yes. My parents are in the central region."

"Hmm, I see."

Frondier said, looking around the house with curiosity. Then, slowly, he closed the door.


As the door closed, something in Frondier seemed to close as well. His eyes told her so.

"Shall we talk?"


Unable to affirm or deny, Laurie opened her mouth slightly.

Laurie had always found the members of the Roach family intimidating. Both Lord Enfer and his eldest son, Azier.

They both exuded a similar charisma. Enfer had a dignity and weight that came with age, while Azier gave off a sharp and cold feeling.

However, both Enfer and Azier, despite being intimidating, had clear images. If Enfer was a shield, Azier was a single sword. The fear she felt was understandable.

But Frondier, who stood before her...

She sensed a sticky darkness within his harmless face. His everyday expression hadn't changed at all, but his shadow, elongated by the setting sun, stretched endlessly, swallowing Laurie whole.

What was this? An unknown fear. A fear born from the unknown.

"First, I want to ask about your daily routine."

Unaware of Laurie's feelings, Frondier spoke.

Laurie nodded and answered honestly.

After all, she didn't want to upset Frondier right now.

...After a long question and answer session.

"Hmm. There's nothing particularly special."

Frondier put his hand on his chin after hearing her entire story.

Laurie looked out the window. The sun was already on the verge of ending its descent. In a few minutes, it would disappear completely beyond the horizon, and a long night would arrive.

'...When will this end?'

Laurie thought blankly.

She knew Frondier's purpose was to gather information, but even after bringing him home, a considerable amount of time had passed. Frondier continued to bombard her with endless questions.

Whether they were all meaningful or meaningless, Laurie couldn't tell.

"Then I want to ask about you."


"Yes. How did you end up in Yeranhes? Although it's said to be impenetrable, this is still before the barrier, don't you think it's dangerous?"

"...I wanted to be of help to the Roach Knights..."

"A noble aspiration. But your parents must be worried."

"My father was a former soldier, so he actually praised me, saying it was a wonderful thing."

"I see."

Frondier nodded sincerely at Laurie's words.

Well, was that a meaningful question? Laurie looked out the window again.

It was completely dark now. When the red glow of the sunset had completely faded, a thought crossed Laurie's mind, and her eyes changed.

'...Wait a minute.'

Why is he asking these questions? Are these really questions to gather information?

Could he be stalling for time?

'Yes, information gathering wouldn't take this long.'

If he wanted information, it would be faster to ask several people besides her. It was strange that he would spend his entire precious evening with her.

'Could my initial thought be right? He wants my body...!'

No, it's worse than my initial thought.

Frondier's earlier actions were just a man flirting with a woman, but he lied to enter a woman's house, waited until nightfall... Whatever he's planning to do now, it sends shivers down my spine.

"Then the next question is,"

"How long is this going to take?"

Laurie asked Frondier. She intended to ask normally, but her voice came out sharp.

Frondier looked at her for a moment. Languid eyes, pupils that revealed nothing.

"...The next question is,"

"Answer my question."

"What did you do before coming here?"



Laurie kicked off the ground and jumped out the window. The door was on Frondier's side, so she couldn't escape that way. She broke the window, rolled lightly on the ground, then quickly got up and ran with all her might.

'I have to escape!'

But where to?

A place to escape. A place to get away from Frondier, who would be chasing after her.

'Yes, I have to go there.'

Her sprint headed towards one place without hesitation. The night was deep, and the surroundings were dark, but Laurie's run didn't stop.

I have to hurry. It's already too late. I, I'm heading towards that place.

Laurie ran into the forest. She pushed through the trees, heading towards a deeper and darker place in the night.

Even through her glasses, her eyes could be seen shining. Like a cat, her irises dilated, absorbing the moonlight.


And at the end of Laurie's destination...

"As expected, you came here."

Frondier was already standing there, one step ahead.

Laurie trembled in surprise.

"Ho, how did you get here first...?"

"You ran here and there to avoid my pursuit, but since I knew your destination, I could come straight here."

No, that wasn't what Laurie was curious about.

She already knew how he had gotten ahead of her. As Frondier said, she had taken a troublesome route to avoid being tracked.

What she was curious about wasn't that, but...

"How did you know I would come here...?"

"I've been wondering."


Frondier took a step closer.

"How you could act so perfectly. As if you didn't even know you were the culprit. No matter how much method acting you do, it's excessive, isn't it? I observed you for days, and I wondered how you could perfectly maintain that expression, gesture, and demeanor. Even your occasional mistakes seemed natural, not like acting. Is that really possible? Not just for a day or two, but until the mission is complete?"

"Wh, what are you talking about...?"

"So I'm making a guess."

Frondier raised his wrist. He checked his watch and spoke.

"You have a routine, don't you?"


"Isn't it about time? That's why you came here, right? You subconsciously created a suitable reason to come."

What is he saying?

What nonsense is this man spouting?

I don't understand. He was the one who tried to attack me!


Suddenly, Laurie grimaced at the sudden change in her body.

"I, itchy..."


Frondier's expression brightened with interest as he faced the seemingly distressed woman.

"I see, so this is the final mechanism. Truly impressive. They've set up multiple layers to ensure the fake personality follows the routine."

"Itchy, ugh...!"

Itchy! Why is this happening! What is that man thinking?! Did he do this to me?

No, I have to report this. No, itchy. There's no time to go back. I have to contact the knights, no. To Father, Father will surely...

Help me, Father...

"My face is itchy...!"

Her whimpering voice soon turned harsh and rough as Laurie scratched under her chin.

Or rather, she thought she was 'scratching'.

Laurie's hand grabbed the skin under her chin and ripped off her entire face.

The 'mask' was removed.

"Haa, haa...!"

The force of removing the mask also pulled off her wig, revealing her shimmering blonde hair.

Brilliant and radiant golden hair, green eyes. A clean and delicate face. Yet, her eyes and the corners of her mouth held the strength and dignity of a loyal knight.


Frondier greeted her as he watched.

Facing the completely transformed Laurie, Frondier said,

"We finally meet, spy."

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