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Chapter 176 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

Sacrifice (2)

The people on the barrier saw it.

Suddenly, spears appeared from the sky, piercing the approaching monsters. The blades did not stop at one monster but skewered them like kebabs until their momentum was exhausted.

The flying monsters that had been approaching earlier retreated slowly after plummeting from the sky for a while.

They had come with enough force to overwhelm the humans who were struggling to respond to aerial combat, but...

Thud, thud, thud-

As their audacity resulted in a gruesome display of death, they flapped their wings and turned back. Of course, they continued to die even as they retreated.

"Wh-what... is that...?"

Soldiers and knights watched the scene speechless. At first, they couldn't tell if the suddenly appearing spears were allies or enemies. They just believed them to be allies since they were currently slaughtering the monsters, but...

If those spears turned and flew towards the soldiers, it would be a hell more terrifying than the horde of monsters they were facing now.

"Is that Commander Sylvain's ability...?"

The knights soon focused their attention on Sylvain. Certainly, those spears were being created around him. While everyone was surprised, he alone was calmly observing the situation.

At his reliable and composed demeanor, the knights' expressions brightened.

"It's the Commander's power! Don't be afraid, everyone, and hold your positions!"

Eventually, someone shouted these words to boost the morale of the soldiers, and...


Just like that, the barrier erupted with tremendous morale, and cheers soared above the battlefield.


However, Sylvain's calm expression was literally just an expression.

He couldn't understand the situation unfolding before his eyes.

The flying monsters were also colored black like the other monsters.

In other words, they would be much tougher than the other monsters outside, and their strength had been clearly felt earlier from the archers' fire.

But those spears were killing them one by one as if it were nothing. And as if that wasn't enough, they rushed at any nearby monster and pierced them again.

'Each of those spears isn't just some roughly made thing. They're high-quality weapons that would be traded at a high price. To use dozens of them like that, and without a user...'


At that moment, Frondier spoke cautiously.

The flying monsters that had fled and the ground monsters that were advancing.

The two were aligning their front lines and approaching. In other words, a full-fledged clash was imminent.

"Give instructions to the archers."

Only after hearing Frondier's words did Sylvain grasp the current situation. Until just now, the best he could do was pretend not to be surprised according to Frondier's words. Even that wasn't easy.

"Archers! Prepare to fire!"

Click, clack

At Sylvain's command, the archers aimed their bows in unison. Their movements were agile and precise, even considering they were experienced soldiers.

The sortie of the spears that were dropping the flying monsters like sparrows. All of them believed that Sylvain had accomplished this miraculous sight.

Sylvain, who had remained calm and unwavering without panicking or being surprised. The first order from his mouth. The soldiers' morale could only be at its peak.

And with such morale, the aura they generated, the power and accuracy of their arrowheads were different from before.


Swish, swish, swish!

Thud, thud, thud, thud!!!

The same archers shot the same arrows, but the sight was clearly different from yesterday. The number of arrows bouncing off the black parts was significantly reduced, and the archers were avoiding the black parts and accurately hitting the monsters' weak points in the first place.

In this world with aura, morale literally changes the quality of soldiers.

After confirming this, Frondier said,

"I will continue to target the flying monsters. The ones on the ground, please block them even if it's difficult."

Frondier retreated without waiting for a response. Why is he suddenly moving from his position? This location would be good for observing the situation. Such a question arose but was quickly resolved.


After Frondier disappeared, Enfer approached him.

"The spear technique flying in the sky, was that really your doing?"

Enfer looked at Sylvain with suspicion. I see, he left his position because of Enfer. He's quick-witted, that's for sure.

"Sylvain, I once watched the final exams at Constel."


"There, I saw something very similar to the spears flying around now."

There's no mistaking it. Enfer had almost figured out that the flying spears were Frondier's doing. The reason why he was asking Sylvain despite that...

'He's asking if I'm trying to hide Frondier.'

If Sylvain lied here, there would be no turning back. He would have participated in Frondier's plan and disobeyed Enfer's orders. Enfer would never tolerate it.

Then should he just tell the truth? Enfer had almost figured it out anyway, and what would be the point of lying now?

Frondier wasn't someone Sylvain absolutely had to protect. More than anything, if he really wanted to protect Frondier, it would be better to inform Enfer right away and have him protected.

"Sylvain, are those spears your doing?"

Therefore, Sylvain's answer to this chilling voice was predetermined.

-You'll be crying with gratitude soon. To me, and to Frondier.



Sylvain was surprised by his own answer. Why? Why am I trying to hide Frondier? I knew the answer!

But even though he was surprised, his heart became calm instead. Thanks to that, it didn't show on his face.

"Using a Rune, I devised a way to levitate and launch weapons into the air. It's an application of 'telekinesis'."

He should be honest now, but Sylvain's mouth amazingly continued to lie. The lies flowed out very fluently.

"...The range of this Rune, it extends far beyond the barrier, doesn't it?"

"Didn't we go to the enemy's base with the Roach Knights? I started working on it then."

It was nonsense.

Only two days had passed since the end of that first battle. It was impossible to draw a Rune of this scale in such a short time.

More than anything, Sylvain had been constantly participating in meetings and training.

Even while telling lies that were bound to be exposed, Sylvain's expression remained unwavering.

Sylvain finally realized his own feelings.

'...Frondier is...'

Needed in this war right now.

A large-scale horde of monsters that exceeded expectations.

To deal with them, they had to minimize the enemy's variables as much as possible. The only one who could make that possible right now was Frondier, who was instantly eliminating the flying monsters.

He was the most useful warrior in this battlefield, an excellent watchman who could read the entire situation, and a knight who could implement tactics through individual operations.

He could not be removed from the battlefield.


Enfer's eyes pierced through Sylvain. The killing intent, close to hostility, filled Sylvain's skin from head to toe, and gradually tightened around his entire body. Sylvain just stood still, his face as if it were covered with a rag instead of skin.

Enfer, who had been watching him silently,


Soon closed his eyes and softened his expression. Sylvain was rather surprised by that face.

"I see."

Just those two words.

Leaving behind a voice that seemed like it could be carried away by a single gust of wind, Enfer turned and walked away from Sylvain.

Instead of climbing the barrier, he jumped over it and stood in front of it. It was the same position as the first day.

Sylvain understood his intention. Originally, Enfer was supposed to fight on top of the barrier in this battle. It was in consideration of the flying monsters.

Until the barrier was breached, the real threat lay with the flying monsters, so it was best for Enfer, who could cut down monsters regardless of distance, to fight on top of the barrier.

However, Enfer went down. It meant only one thing.

'He entrusted the flying monsters to Frondier!'

Sylvain, understanding his meaning, shouted.

"Archers, aim for the black monsters! Pierce their filthy hides!"

Eliminating the black monsters, the next variable after the flying monsters.

That was his role.

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