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Chapter 19 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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“Um… are you alright? You were completely out of it last night.”

It was true; Violet didn’t look too good either.

Her head seemed to be spinning.

So I used magic.


Using magic, I moved a chair in the room under Violet.

She chuckled and sat down.

“Move me. I’m too lazy to walk.”

“Um… It's a bit difficult if you’re heavy, but I'll try.”

My head was still fuzzy, so it was tough. Adding more weight to the task made it even harder, but I had to try.

With that, I lifted both Violet and the chair and carried them into the room.

“Wow. This is fun.”

“..But it's a bit difficult. If you get heavier-”


Violet suddenly cut me off and began to speak her mind.

“Now that I think about it, you were on my back last night looking for someone… Who is Silvia?”


It seemed I had been calling out for Silvia in my drunken state.

I felt a pang of guilt.

I might be light for a man, but I still felt bad for burdening Violet.

“Ah, she's my master.”

“Your master? You have a master?”

To explain this, I had to tell her that I wasn't affiliated with the magic tower.

Adventurers from the magic tower didn't have masters; they learned magic from professors.

It was like an academy.

I had been meaning to visit someday.

I was curious about what kind of magic they had.

Pushing aside those irrelevant thoughts, I continued the conversation with Violet.

“Well… yes? I'm not actually from the magic tower. I'd appreciate it if you kept this a secret from others.”

“Ah… Of course. I know how people think about those not from the tower.”

“Thank you.”

In that case, it seemed like it was a good thing that I had told Violet I wasn't from the tower.

She offered to help me.

If anyone, Violet would be able to provide some assistance.

“By the way, how strong is your master?”

Silvia's strength…


“I think she could defeat a Legion Commander alone.”


“Yes, she's that strong.”

“I guess so… A Legion Commander alone…”

In this other world, besides the Demon King Baal, there were 72 other demons.

Each and every one of them was incredibly powerful.

And those demons were called Legion Commanders.

When a Legion Commander crossed over from hell to this world, they became significantly weaker.

Of course, even considering that, they were still monstrously strong.

That's why Legion Commanders usually hid their true forms and either created monsters to expand their influence or simply didn't leave hell.

Baal was the strongest among those monsters gathered in that place.

And Silvia possessed the power to defeat a Legion Commander.

“Well, they do become weaker when they come to this world. Maybe if we worked together, we could take one down?”

“Easy for you to say. Do you even know how much a Legion Commander's head is worth?”

“I heard it's one platinum coin… Is that right?”

“Yeah, one platinum coin.”

I wasn't very knowledgeable about currency, but I had heard that one platinum coin was worth a thousand gold coins.

The reason this was possible was probably due to the special process involved in creating a single platinum coin.

It was like a special kind of currency.

I heard that Archmages cast spells on each and every coin.

“One platinum coin… I could retire from adventuring and live comfortably somewhere quiet.”

“..That's true. But how are we supposed to catch a Legion Commander? We should just stick to our adventurer work, like yesterday, hunting orcs.”

“You're right.”

If we were lucky, we might be able to catch a Legion Commander.

But that was something we would have to see when the time came.

I had no intention of actively seeking one out.

With that thought, I expressed my gratitude to Violet once again.

“Seriously, thank you again. I could have ended up passed out on the street last night.”

“..If you’re that grateful, how about buying me a meal?”

“Ah, should we? I'll let you know when.”

“Yeah, well, I'm gonna get going.”

As if that was all she wanted to talk about, Violet stood up after finishing her thought.

She was a true adventurer.

With that in mind, I checked the comments on the post I had made yesterday.

[Author: ReallyDirtPoor]

[Title: Rate my homemade slushie beer?]

[Content: (Photo) I was bored so I made my party some slushie beer and they were going crazy over it lol Is it really that amazing??? The dwarf especially loved it]

L: Dwarves are weak to that stuff lol

 ㄴ: Of all the races, a dwarf? They drink beer like water lol

 ㄴ: I'm so jealous of that dwarf

 ㄴ: I'm a dwarf too and my one wish is to try slushie beer…

L: Wait, are you a mage?

 ㄴ: You think a warrior would be making slushie beer?

 ㄴ: True;

 ㄴKutulu: What’s wrong with warriors, you think you helped us get stronger? I can buy ice with money, not jealous at all.

 ㄴ: This dude saying he’s not jealous of ice when he’s probably at home clicking his mouse to make slushies lol

 ㄴKutulu: Nope, not jealous.

 ㄴ: Still denying it… Sad.

L: Wow, that looks freaking delicious

 ㄴ: Can I have just one sip?

L: I hate how good the quality is, makes me mad lol

 ㄴ: for real tho

 ㄴ: Ah, I want to greedily suck on that ice…

 ㄴ: Gross dude

“...Maybe I could do this when I have nothing better to do.”

It occurred to me that I could turn this into a business if I had the time.

There seemed to be a surprising demand for slushie beer.

But that was a problem for another day.

Now that I knew I had a talent for magic, there was no need to resort to manual labor for money.

I figured I could just whip up some slushie beer for my party and me whenever we had a drink together.

With that thought, I went downstairs, took a shower, and got dressed.

“Well… time to go see the lord.”

I had an appointment with the lord today.

So I had to look my best.

To be honest, I didn't know much about the lords of this world.

How could I, when I had never had the need to meet one?

I had seen one from a distance once before.

Of course, it wasn't the lord of Baruk District 3, but the lord of Lukphelton District 5.

Back then, I was brutally beaten by the guards for not bowing my head when the lord passed by.

Those were the good old days.

Lost in thought, I checked the map and headed towards the lord's residence.

“This is such a drag.”

I wished I could just teleport, but teleportation was only possible to places I had been to before, places within my line of sight, or places with known coordinates.

So I had no choice but to walk.

Besides, using teleportation within the territory was illegal.

As I quickened my pace, I thought,

“...I’m sleepy.”

Because I was sleepy.





I simultaneously activated the formulas for four different spells and poured mana into them.

Instantly, I felt lighter.

My body felt cool and refreshed.

And I got the feeling that even a slight jump would send me soaring.

With that, I followed the map and moved swiftly.

After what felt like a while,


A guard stood watch in front of the lord’s residence.

It was an enormous building.

It was like a small castle within a larger one.

Given the sheer size of Baruk District 3, it made sense for the lord’s residence to be this grand.

“State your business.”

The guard greeted me with an emotionless face.

He was different from the guards at the entrance of Baruk Sector 3.

He was probably a trained guard.

Impressed, I spoke,

“I am Eugene, here to see the lord.”

“...One moment please.”

As soon as I revealed my name, the guard abruptly switched to honorifics.

He must have heard the rumors about me.

I had caught wind of them on my way here. Apparently, my reputation had spread quite extensively.

The image people had of me was a deranged mage who mercilessly unleashed magic on the subdued while laughing maniacally.

Of course, the adventurers knew it was a load of bull.

It was no secret how much rumors got exaggerated among ordinary people.

As I was pondering this, the guard who had gone inside reappeared.

“This way, Master Eugene. Please, come in.”


Guided by the guard, I entered the lord’s residence.

The saying about a castle within a castle was quite accurate.

The place was incredibly magnificent.

Given that it was essentially the seat of power for an entire district in the modern sense, it made sense for it to be this lavish.

As I took in my surroundings, we eventually stopped in front of a door.

The guard stepped aside.

At that moment, I knew.

The lord was behind this door.

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