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Chapter 2 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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Are you really a beggar?

“...Just call me mage, please.”

“Hey, don’t be like that. We’ll be seeing a lot of each other, so it’s good to know each other’s names, right?”

First of all, the person in front of me is from the Republic of Korea.

And, like me, someone who was dragged into this other world.

However, just because we are from the same place does not mean we can speak comfortably.

‘Forum’ is based on anonymity, so regardless of the power gap, we can communicate with each other on an equal footing.

To put it bluntly, even if a beggar and a king become friends through the forum, and even if they meet in real life, they are not friends.

Like this, it can be said that a friendship is maintained when they do not know each other.

That's why I was using honorifics right now.

At the first meeting, I thought that maybe I could use informal language, so I tried it once...

With that thought in mind, I let out a small laugh as I looked at the silver-haired mage staring at me.

“Silvia. Call me Silvia. I'm much older than you.”

“Ah, yes.”


I had a pretty good brain that never forgot what I heard once, so I saved the name in my head.

‘I don't think I've heard it anywhere.’

It was a name I had never heard of.

You have to say it's not famous.

There are five Archmages in this world, and she didn't seem to be one of them.

I was relieved.

‘I heard they have a terrible personality.’

At least it wasn't one of those people with a terrible personality.

But I shouldn't let my guard down.

There were so many mages with that kind of personality that it was said that mages were arrogant and nasty by nature.

Maybe it's because they're sensitive to research.

Thinking about that, I asked Silvia.

“Then where should I go…? I want to wash up.”

“There. Go to the room on the right, wash up, and change into the clothes I’ve prepared.”

I didn’t specifically ask how the clothes that fit me were prepared.

Well, she must have used magic somehow.

Thinking so, I followed Silvia’s words and entered the room on the right, and a room of a suitable size appeared.

There was also a bathroom made by magic on one side.

“...Oh, it’s state-of-the-art.”

It was very state-of-the-art.

Although this is another world, bathing culture was not very developed.

Of course, after we came to this other world, bathing culture developed very much.

As anyone who is a modern person knows, hygiene is paramount.

It seems like there is a ‘Forum user’ among the high-ranking government officials.

They don’t reveal themselves on the forum, but every now and then, when someone says something is too inconvenient, the country starts to fix it.

They must be in a high position.

“By the way, I'm a little sleepy.”

I couldn’t sleep because I was looking for bread all night, so I wanted to get some sleep.

But no way.

She called me to clean, and I'm going to sleep as soon as I get there?

Who would trust and hire someone so lazy?

I'm sure I would have cut them off right away.

With that in mind, I wiped the dirt off my body and got dressed.


Strangely, the clothes fit me perfectly.

As if someone had prepared it for me.

It was amazing, but it was too early to be surprised by this.

Originally, it was said that wizards use a lot of amazing features.

If I'm surprised here, I might even pass out later.

With that in mind, I opened the door and went out.

Then Silvia was standing in front of the door.

“...Have you eaten?”

“I ate a piece of bread, didn’t I?”

“Then go down to the 1st floor and eat. I’ve set the table.”

“Oh… Yes.”

Certainly, it seemed that the promise to provide room and board was not a lie.

She let me take a shower as soon as I came here and treated me to a meal.

Even if I was a servant at someone else’s house, it seemed better to work at a rich house.

Maybe because it was a mage’s house, there were all sorts of convenient tools.

Thinking such thoughts, I carefully went down to the 1st floor.

Silvia’s house consisted of 3 floors.

1st floor is the dining room.

2nd floor is the bedroom.

3rd floor is the laboratory.

Naturally, the 3rd floor was the biggest.

I wanted to go see it once… but first, eating comes first.

With that thought in mind, as I went down to the 1st floor—


A piece of bread and soup were placed on the table.

Maybe this is how Silvia eats her meals too.

Thinking that she was amazing, I slowly began to savor the bread and soup.


Honestly, I'm tired now.

I need someone to clean the house.

I can clean up dust and such with magic at once, but I can't just magically clean up all the trash, papers, and experimental results lying on the floor.

If I'm not careful, the research I'm working on could disappear.

To do it myself…

“It’s annoying.”

It was very annoying.

It couldn't be helped.

It’s not like the house is small, it’s a 3-story house.

‘That's why I was going to live in the basement…’

I couldn't help but buy a 3-story house because I heard that all kinds of bugs and animals would appear if I lived in the basement.

Thanks to that, I spent quite a bit of money.

Of course, it wasn't a huge amount of money because it was a house on the outskirts of town.

“...It’s a bit much to just post a job opening.”

Because of my personal reputation, it was a bit much to just post a job opening.

Publicly, I was known as the Archmage ‘Asil’.

That Archmage is looking for a job?

People would swarm to apply to become my disciple, and it would be a hassle to choose the right person among them.

So, the ‘bulletin board’ that I use whenever my research doesn’t go well.

That is, I decided to post a job opening on the forum.


“Hmm… this is a bit much.”

The state of my nickname, the state of the post I wrote, everything was… not it.

It looks like it was written by someone who’s out of their mind.

In reality, I'm a perfectly normal person.

So I started deleting each and every one of my posts by hand.

I don't know what the identity of the forum is, but it was impossible to make it automatically delete with magic.

It feels like you have to type it in your head, although you can see it in the air, but you can't click it.

Thinking such thoughts, I erased all the posts and changed my nickname.

To something that looks normal.


It’s a nickname I made because I personally like fire magic.

I changed my nickname like that and posted a job opening.

[Writer: HiddenExplosion]

[Subject: Looking for an assistant, first come first served]

[Content: As the title says, I’m looking for one person, I need it urgently.

Room and board provided.

All you have to do is what I tell you to do, but you won’t have to do much other than cleaning.]

“Well, that’s done.”

It was a job posting that didn’t look suspicious to anyone.

So I posted it without hesitation…



There weren’t many comments.

The conditions were so good that I expected dozens of comments, but only five were posted.

My pride was a little hurt, but I tried to think positively.

It means there are fewer people to sort through.

As I was checking the comments with that thought in mind.

[5 comments in total]


[4 comments in total]

They started to decrease one by one.

And the last comment left.

There was one comment that looked like it was written in a hurry.

L ReallyDirtPoor: Yes

Of course, I said first come first served, but I was going to look at the person before hiring them.

To be honest, if the first person to come was a necromancer, I had no intention of hiring them.

With that in mind, I started browsing through the posts of ‘ReallyDirtPoor’.

I speed up my thinking with magic and quickly check all the posts.

Then I could be sure.

“...He really is dirt poor.”

He really was dirt poor.

No matter how much they’re into roleplaying, it would be difficult for one person to keep up an act for a year.

For a year, they had been doing everything a beggar would do.

If there was a place where they were giving out free stuff, they would quickly find it, and they would even update the list of places beggars should avoid.

For a beggar, they were very hard working.

So I liked it.

“...He’ll work hard.”

Originally, I was going to pay them, but if this is the case, it seems like I could just provide room and board.

They would be grateful to work, right?

The facilities in the house are so good.

Thinking such thoughts, I left a comment on the old post.

L HiddenExplosion: Where are you now? I’ll pick you up.

Then a comment came running right away.

ㄴReallyReallyDirtPoor: I’m in Lukphelton, District 5, 4th Artillery Alley, next to the third sewer drain, by the trash can.


But the location was too detailed.

As if they knew every nook and cranny of Lukphelton.

But that couldn't be.

Lukphelton is famous for being a very complex city.

I don't know, but maybe that place is famous.

With that in mind, I commented.


ㄴReallyReallyDirtPoor: What

ㄴHiddenExplosion: Okay;

And then after a while.

I set the coordinates and cast teleport.

Then in front of my eyes—

“Are you ReallyDirtPoor?”

There was a real beggar, cherishing a piece of moldy bread.

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