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Chapter 21 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

I became an adventurer in other world, still gotta browse through the forum. AWAF,Korean Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Begger,Forum,Master

Academy's Condition

After waking up with my eyes open, I start my day.

I go down to the first floor, have some magic soup, and luxuriously bake some bread.

Ah, this is life.

A life of bread and soup in the morning.

Of course, it wasn't as delicious as when I was with Sylvia, but honestly, there wasn't a huge difference.

It was a very subjective judgment.

My taste buds weren't that refined.

As I enjoyed my bread and soup, I checked the community forum.

I was curious to see what interesting posts there were today.

‘Hmm… not many posts are making it to the front page.’

To reach the front page, you need a lot of upvotes, and it seemed like the standard for upvotes had increased.

Maybe it's because the Demon King has been resurrected recently and the number of posts on the forum has exploded.

As public sentiment became a little more sensitive, the usage rate of the forum, where people could talk without seeing each other's faces, seemed to have increased significantly.

[So, how's the front line these days?][13]

[Ah, I want to make a corpse bomb lol][0]

[Mages who haven’t come out of their towers recently <<< What’s up with that?][9]

[Mages are so freaking rude, I swear I want to bash their heads in][14]

[I have a date with my crush, any recommendations for lunch? (100 points)][6]

I check out each noticeable post.

[Author: HeroOfOurTime]

[Title: So, how's the front line these days?]

[Content: I've been stuck in my room lately, so how are things going? Is it okay?]

L: It's so-so? Seems alright.

 ㄴ: Where are you stationed that you can say it's so-so lol It's a living hell here.

 ㄴ: I feel bad for you being in a living hell.

L: I don't know about other places, but the unit I'm in is fine. Looks like it's okay on the Lukphelton side.

 ㄴ: It would be strange if Lukphelton wasn't okay lol.

 ㄴ: It's Lukphelton, not any other place. They have so many mages and knights, it would be weirder if they couldn't hold the line.

L: Koruntum is a living hell these days.

 ㄴFerus: Koruntum is a living hell these days.

 ㄴFerus: Those damn monsters keep swarming in non-stop, it's a struggle just to hold the line.

 ㄴ: Why would you go to such a shithole countryside lol It's a real dump.

 ㄴFerus: It's my hometown.

 ㄴ: Ah.

 ㄴ: Sorry…



It was a rural area where many monsters appeared and the land was barren, so not many people lived there.

However, since there were many monsters, there were also many adventurers, so it was safe to say that there were almost no monster attacks.

‘Though I heard there were occasional robberies…’

It wasn't that there were no monster attacks, but the security wasn't that good, so robberies happened occasionally.

Looking at the post, it seemed that the monsters in Koruntum had increased recently, so the security situation was a mess, and the monsters weren't being dealt with properly.

Well, it wasn't like I had any reason to go there.

It was a place completely unrelated to me.

Unless I got a request.

If it was urgent, a request would come all the way to Baruk.

With that thought, I checked the next post.

[Author: CocoNenne]

[Title: Ahhh I want to make a corpse explosion bomb!!!]

[Content: Ahhh ingredients are so plentiful these days hehehehehe]


This was the kind of person I’d rather not meet face-to-face.

If I remember correctly, this person was a Necromancer.

Necromancers were a completely ostracized profession in this world.

But how in the world did they become a Necromancer?

It was beyond my comprehension.

Well, I’m sure they have their reasons… though I was curious about the process.

What kind of circumstances could lead someone down that path?

Pushing aside such useless thoughts, I moved on to the next post.

[Author: Kutulu]

[Title: Mages who haven’t come out of their towers recently <<< What’s up with that?]

[Content: Is it just me, or is there something wrong with this? lol]

L: This is just the average martial artist lol

 ㄴKutulu: What’s wrong with martial artists? Why are you only picking on them?

 ㄴ: You know why

 ㄴKutulu: F*ck

L: Stop bothering them, they’re trying their best

 ㄴ: Does a beast become human just because it trains? lol

 ㄴ: Damn lol That’s harsh

L Ferus: There are actually a lot of strong mages who haven’t come out of their towers.

 ㄴFerus: I almost got done in by a mage who hadn’t come out of their tower once.

I finished my soup and got up from my seat to head to the bathhouse.

After paying the fee, I entered the bathhouse and enjoyed the warmth.

Of course, I had left my subspace pouch back at the inn.

Just in case, I even cast an anti-theft spell on it.

[Author: MayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace]

[Title: Mages are so freaking rude lol I want to smash their heads in]

[Content: The title is just to get your attention. I’m currently volunteering in Koruntum, and we’re short-handed, so we need a lot of support. Please consider offering your support.]

L: I think this guy just wanted to rant lol

 ㄴ: For real lol

LDieIllegally: Dude, you just wanted to rant

 ㄴTranscendence: lol

 ㄴ: For real, what’s with suddenly asking for support after ranting

LPerus: What’s up, you here?

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: I am offering my humble services as a volunteer here.

 ㄴFerus: Then don’t take any money, you jerk! You call yourself a volunteer and then charge 10 gold per heal?

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: It’s usually 50 gold, I’m giving you a discount.

 ㄴFerus: 50 gold my ass. If I ever see you, I’ll rip your head off, so don’t let me catch you.

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: Don’t worry, I won’t be caught by a weakling like you.

 ㄴ: Lol what are these guys doing

L: Anyway, Koruntum is in a bad way right now

 ㄴ: Seriously, Koruntum is messed up


I soaked my body in the hot water and checked the last post.

[Author: MasterAssassin]

[Title: Have a date with my crush, need lunch recommendations (100 points)]

[Content: As the title says, I have a date, need lunch menu recommendations? My crush’s taste buds seem to be completely fried, want to open their eyes with something delicious. Recommendations in Baruk, please.]

L: I don’t know about Baruk, never been there. If they have chain restaurants there, Harang Restaurant is pretty good

 ㄴMasterAssassin: Okay okay, I’ll check it out

 ㄴ: Harang Restaurant is delicious

 ㄴ: I’ve been there, it’s pretty decent

L: How bad can their taste buds be that you say they’re fried lol

 ㄴMasterAssassin: No, seriously, it’s bad;

How bad could their crush’s taste buds be for them to say something like that?

Normally, people wouldn't talk about their crush like that.

It seemed serious.

There was no way they would say something like that otherwise.

With that thought, I closed the forum and warmed up a little more.

I didn't have the opportunity to do this at the inn.

After enjoying the bath, I got up, dried myself off, got dressed, and went outside.

My necklace was, of course, still on.

Just in case something unexpected happened.

“Koruntum… it sounds pretty bad.”

I had decided to take a break today, so I thought it would be a good idea to go to the Adventurers' Guild tomorrow and check it out.

With that thought, I headed to Amelia's General Store in Baruk.

The last time I was here, I didn’t know Asil was Silvia, so I said she wasn’t my disciple.

Thinking about it now, it was a good thing.

Thinking about this and that, I opened the door.

This time, just in case, I had several layers of barriers up.


“Oh, hello…!”

Amelia emerged, brushing back her messy pink hair.

There was a reason I came looking for her.

If a general store was this big, it was likely to have magic books as well.

“Do you happen to have any books on Spatial Magic? That’s what I’m looking for.”

Spatial Magic wasn't covered in the magic book Silvia gave me.

That’s why I had to look for it separately.

And that was the reason I came to find Amelia.

“Ah… I’m afraid we don’t carry Spatial Magic books…”

“Ah, I see… Then do you know how to acquire Spatial Magic? I need it, but I don't know how to get it.”

Amelia looked at me and thought for a moment before speaking.

“Spatial Magic is usually taught at academies run by Magic Towers. Or you can learn it from extremely rare magic books related to Spatial Magic.”

“Hmm… So, how do you enter an academy?”

Going to an academy to learn Spatial Magic seemed a bit absurd.

I wasn’t skilled enough yet.

Besides, I’ve always hated studying.

But Spatial Magic seemed so convenient that I was willing to consider it.

I figured if I just learned it once, I could make good use of it in the future.

“Well, for a mage who’s not affiliated with a Magic Tower to enter an academy, you need a letter of recommendation… and it’ll probably cost around two platinum coins…?”

“Ah, I see.”

At that moment, I cleanly gave up.

Going to an academy to learn Spatial Magic seemed out of the question.

I wasn’t exactly rolling in money like some people.

Two platinum coins were a whopping 2,000 gold.

It meant you couldn’t attend an academy unless you were rich.

So, giving up was the right choice.

Unless I suddenly started making a ton of money, that is.

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