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Chapter 29 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

I became an adventurer in other world, still gotta browse through the forum. AWAF,Korean Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Begger,Forum,Master

Finding a Home

Thinking those thoughts, I sat down for a moment in the hastily prepared seat.

Rustle rustle-

I pretended to sleep, peeking through half-closed eyes to check the forum.

I couldn't let anyone see me browsing the forum in front of them.

But it would be even weirder to turn my back on Amelia, so I pretended to close my eyes for a moment and checked the forum.

[Koruntum Cleared in One Shot][13]

[Today's Battlefield Situation...jpg][12]

[Ice-Cold Beer <<< Anyone ever tried this?][8]

[Gif of a Necromancer Getting Brutally Owned..gif][9]

[Looking for Volunteers][10]

Countless posts were uploaded to the forum, so there weren't many with a lot of comments.

That's why I focused on checking posts with a lot of comments.

With that in mind, I checked the posts.

[Author: Ferus]

[Title: Koruntum Cleared in One Shot]

[Content: Actually, the title is clickbait, I didn't clear it in one shot. I just pushed the front line back, so I wrote this post. If you're coming to Koruntum, the more the merrier. It looks like the fight's going to be a long one.]

L: Yeah, no way I'm going lol

ㄴ: Seriously, who goes to Koruntum?

ㄴ: Are you a noble or something? If you're an adventurer, you go to Koruntum once in a while lol

ㄴ: Yeah, I'm not a lowly adventurer like you guys lol

ㄴ: Yep, just birthright privilege

ㄴ: Being born is also a talent, you childless fool lol

ㄴ: To be precise, shouldn't it be called reincarnation?

L Cthulhu*: I'm on my way there now, is there anything left to do if I go?

 ㄴFerus: Yeah, there's plenty to do

 ㄴCthulhu: Okay, I'm on my way right now

ㄴ: Like if you think it'd be sad af for Cthulhu to be a freaking slow-walking martial artist lol

 ㄴCthulhu: Giving a like with my big ol' hands

ㄴ: Why are you admitting it, you idiot lol You're so pathetic

[T/N: The username seems to be Cthulhu, not Kutulu as previously translated]

As shown in the comments on this post, the Travelers were people who had lived in the original Korea.

The souls of people who were about to die in Korea possessed the bodies of those who were about to die in this other world, and regained healthy bodies.

And from then on, the term "Traveler" was born.

Perhaps the people of this world could have rejected the "Travelers," but perhaps there was some important person in the upper echelons, because the attitude towards "Travelers" changed to a favorable one.

Of course, there were still some people who showed an uncomfortable attitude.

'It's fortunate, though.'

Thanks to that, the forum became even more interesting.

You could say it was fortunate.

Thinking that, I checked the next post.

[Author: HiddenExplosion]

[Title: Today's Battlefield Situation...jpg]

[Content: (Photo) It's just really exploding and chaotic, seriously intense]

L: Isn't that what a battlefield is usually like? This your first war?

ㄴ: Must be nice to have fought in so many wars lol

L: Wow, it's really messed up lol

ㄴ: Seriously, I didn't know it would be this bad, it's intense

ㄴ: Is this right? Is it okay for it to be like this?

ㄴ: I guess so

L Cthulhu: Worse than Koruntum? Then I'm going to help

ㄴ: Martial artists, please just stay out of it lol

 ㄴHeroOfOurTime: I have to question the intelligence of martial artists...

ㄴ: Stop bashing martial artists lol How much more are you going to beat them up?

ㄴ: They're sticking their butts out asking to be hit, gotta give them what they want lol

ㄴ: So true lol

L DieIllegally: As if you're any better lol

'...So you're alive.'

I was actually a little worried, but I was grateful that she let me know.

Maybe she wrote this post to let me know how she is doing.

If she contacted me personally, something unexpected could happen.

Thinking that, I checked the next post.

[Author: Cthulhu]

[Title: Ice-Cold Beer <<< Anyone ever tried this?]

[Content: I've never even tried it when I was in my original world, but what does ice-cold beer taste like?]

L: You've never tried that? lol

ㄴ: This is peak martial artist lol

 ㄴCthulhu: Stop with the martial artist jokes and tell me, I'm curious

ㄴ: It's good, what else? It's freaking delicious with the ice shards in it

ㄴ: You've missed out on a lot in life if you haven't tried this

L: But why are you asking this all of a sudden?

 ㄴCthulhu: I saw it on the forum the other day

ㄴ: Ah, that did look good lol

'...Who could this person be?'

Contrary to their image as a clumsy martial artist, this forum user was very careful about revealing their personal information on the forum.

It wasn't easy to find out who they were.

For a martial artist, they were very cunning.

If they were that smart, they shouldn't be a martial artist.

Thinking that, I checked the next post.

[Author: HeroOfOurTime]

[Title: Gif of a Necromancer Getting Brutally Owned..gif]

[Content: (Photo of a skeleton looking on pathetically) What were you expecting?]

L MayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: Do you really want to die?

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: The Goddess does not

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: approve of such pranks

ㄴ: Wow, immediately bringing up the Goddess lol

ㄴ: What the hell is this guy on about?

ㄴ: This is peak religious zealot lol

ㄴ: Seriously, what the hell is this guy? lol

L: Honestly, I wasn't expecting much

ㄴ: I was expecting people to have a meltdown in the comments

The comments were living up to expectations.

I expected this kind of reaction.


The pictures this user posted were usually of wholesome animals.

Despite claiming to post lewd pictures, they rarely actually did.

[Author: MayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace]

[Title: Looking for Volunteers]

[Content: As the title says, we're looking for volunteers to come to Koruntum. Koruntum is in dire need of manpower, so we would be grateful for any help you can provide.]

L CocoNenne: No thanks, old fart, do it yourself lol

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: You should be quiet

 ㄴCocoNenne: No thanks

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: That's why you have a job like Necromancer, isn't it?

 ㄴCocoNenne: It's better than touching all those old geezers' bodies while reeking of old man smell lol

ㄴ: They're both the same lol Whether you're begging for nudes on the forum or groping corpses

ㄴ: So true lol

L: Volunteering is a pain...

L Cthulhu: I'll go for now hehe

 ㄴMayTheUnfaithfulFindPeace: We would be grateful for your help.

Why did they speak so well when asking for favors, but so strangely in their usual posts?

As I was thinking about this, Amelia spoke.

"Ah..! Then I'll pay you like this!"


Amelia smiled and placed 17 gold coins in my hand.

"Oh, that's more than I expected?"

"I gave you a little extra because you brought the head back in such perfect condition..!"

"Ah, thank you."

I had cauterized the severed part with flame magic just in case it regenerated, and it seemed to have had an effect.

It was in good condition.

So I received the 17 gold coins from Amelia and left the general store.


I quickly walked to the adventurer's inn using Haste.

Running would make me sweat, so walking was better.

I hated sweating.

These days, I was always using a weak [Freeze] spell like an air conditioner.


As the door to my room opened, a dagger flew at me from inside.


Of course, it bounced off my barrier.

I was somewhat expecting it, so I wasn't surprised.

I just thought, 'Another attack today.'

[Lightning Chain]

I used the magic I've been favoring lately to shock the enemy and was about to interrogate them, but I stopped.

These people all had the same goal anyway.

Somehow, the rumor that I had a subspace pouch had spread.

I had been hiding it from others so they wouldn't find out.

I was a needle in a haystack, but I didn't think it would be found so easily.

Sighing, I grabbed the unconscious culprit by the neck and used magic.



I teleported to the front of the lord's castle and handed over the unconscious person.

"Ah, isn't that Mr. Eugene? Is this another one..?"

"Ahaha.. Yes, it seems so. Please take care of it."

Using Teleport within the territory was an offense that required a fine, but I figured it was okay to use it occasionally in situations like this.

Honestly, I was nervous about what the guard would say, but they didn't say anything.

As I was about to turn around and leave,

"Um.. Mr. Eugene. You have to pay the fine."

"Ah, right."

...It seemed the guard was waiting for me to offer it myself.

I should have just paid it upfront.

Thinking that, I paid the fine for using Teleport and returned to the inn.

"Haah.. I need to buy a house or something."

I couldn't keep living under the threat of intrusion like this.

No matter how strong I was, there was no guarantee that I wouldn't be caught off guard.

It's always better to be safe than sorry.

So buying a house seemed like a good idea.

Thinking that, I made a post on the forum.

[Author: ReallyDirtPoor]

[Title: Thinking of buying a house in Baluk, any recommendations?]

[Content: What size would be good for a single guy?]

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