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Chapter 31 Part 2 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

Lena did not visit the library. She had been talking with Daniel for too long.

"Let's see, the next class is... the etiquette of the Akaia Empire."

The monastery not only taught theology but also a variety of disciplines. Although she didn't learn as deeply as theology, she had to acquire a broad range of knowledge.

Lena chose this class to learn about the world of nobility, as she had no knowledge of etiquette.

The class took place in a small hall. The elderly monk demonstrated etiquette, and the apprentices clumsily imitated his posture.

Lena also struggled with her arms and legs.

"The way to greet a king and a duke is different from how you greet a viscount or a baron."

"Do I have to learn these basics again? I've probably never even seen these nobles in person... Ridiculous."

Gilbert muttered discontentedly as he half-listened to the etiquette class. Since Gilbert Forte had come here, he had to attend the classes. He just had to endure it for two years. After studying for two years, the Holy Cross Church educational institution issued a certificate that was only given to nobles.

He reluctantly came, but he had to take something back. With the Holy Cross Church certificate as an excuse, he endured this stifling life with the intention of mingling with the quiet noble youths.

There were quite a few classes to complete, and the attendance and grades had to be high, so Gilbert only chose the classes he was familiar with. Etiquette was as easy to him as breathing.

"No one uses these greetings nowadays. They only teach outdated and tedious etiquette."

The etiquette of the Akaia Empire was still being used. The Kingdom of Bellita, being a kingdom that inherited the legitimacy of the Akaia Empire, always used this etiquette in official settings. However, it was rarely used in everyday life. It was only used by elderly people or household heads, and most nobles enjoyed more sophisticated modern etiquette.

Gilbert looked around with a smirk. Everyone was diligently following the etiquette while dressed plainly.

Boring things.

"Huh? Isn't she a bit different?"

A pretty apprentice caught his eye. Despite wearing plain and loose clothes, the girl carried herself neatly, fluttering around without knowing what to do.

Gilbert approached the apprentice fearlessly after class.

"Miss, hello."

As she turned around, she looked pretty.

"Hello. Did you call me?"

A moment of silence passed.

Afraid of missing out on the girl he liked, he quickly approached her. But when their eyes met, he was struck speechless by her clear gaze.

However, his body moved on its own. As his movement came to an end, his tongue smoothly rolled out a sentence a half beat late.

"If it's not too much trouble, would you like to have a meal together? I'm Gilbert Forte. I come from the Kingdom of Bellita."

He greeted her elegantly and extended his hand. Although it seemed like a gesture to hold her hand, it was also a subtle suggestion. It carried a finesse that wouldn't make it awkward even if rejected.

"Uh? I-I'm Lena from the Kingdom of Orville."

She shook hands with the man she just met. It was because she had only been exchanging formal greetings during the etiquette class.

Lena awkwardly followed the formal etiquette of the Akaia Empire.

‘Got it!’

As she shook hands, Gilbert silently celebrated a pleasant encounter.

Once hands were held, at least half was done. Among nobles, extending a hand to a lady held a meaning of asserting dominance. Noblewomen were accustomed to regaining control with graceful words without breaking the atmosphere, but Lena was not like that at all.

"But, um, isn't it a bit early for dinner?"

"No. It's just the right time if we go now. If we want to go to the restaurant in the capital rather than here, we should leave now. Won't we be back before it gets dark if we leave early?"

Gilbert's words were smooth. He had calculated that he could push a little harder with this woman. He still held Lena's hand, and Lena, who was holding hands and listening to a request for the first time, didn't know what to do.

The hand he held was warm.

"I, um... but I just met you..."

"I also just met you. Won't you give me the chance to have a meal together?"

With her hand held, she couldn't muster the courage to refuse the request. Feeling like she had no choice but to accept, Lena hesitated for a while and eventually agreed.

"Um... oh, okay. Can I go to my room for a moment to get ready?"

"Of course. If it's not a bother, I will escort you."

Saying so, Gilbert stuck close to her. Lena, without a clue, simply followed his lead. Even though the gesture seemed like a courtesy, it was actually a scheme to maintain control until they parted ways.

Returning to her room, Lena changed into her only casual outfit.

‘Why did I agree to go? I have so much to review today…’

A simple apology would have been enough. But from the moment she unexpectedly held his hand, it was hard to refuse. Joining hands and refusing seemed too aggressive.

When Lena came out, Gilbert casually reached out his hand, and she awkwardly took it.

"I don't have a lot of money, so the expensive places..."

"Don't worry. I know a cheap and delicious place."

Gilbert replied with a broad smile. Of course, it was a lie. They were going to a very expensive and classy place.

Just a month after arriving at the capital church, he had already conquered Lutetia. It was a dilemma not being able to mingle with the nobles of the Holy Kingdom who needed to be pious.

But someone like this commoner…

"Since you've given me the choice of picking the restaurant, let me cover the bill."

Gilbert held her hand and opened the carriage door. Lena seemed to have no way to refuse this carriage.

This carriage was heading straight to Lutetia Fortress outside the capital church, and she had never been outside before.

With no choice, Lena boarded the cramped carriage, and Gilbert swiftly sat opposite her. She could feel their hips touching.

In the end, Lena was led by his hand to have a meal at an expensive restaurant.

The meal was the best she had ever had, and Gilbert politely explained the dishes, skillfully leading the conversation. By the time they finished the meal, the bill was already settled. Before she knew it, the next appointment was already set.

She didn't know how they made it back to the accommodation.

Caught up in the flowing atmosphere like water, she exchanged names with a man she had just met, received an escort, had a long conversation in the cramped carriage, enjoyed a fine meal, had another long conversation in the cramped carriage, and was escorted back to the accommodation.

Lying on the bed, Lena tossed and turned, feeling bewildered.

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