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Chapter 32 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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Fair Contract

“So, you don't have a place to live?”

“...That’s right.”

To be honest, I didn't feel sorry for her at all.

She was the one who illegally occupied this house in the first place.

You could say I was the victim.

That being said, killing the woman in front of me right here and now bothered me.

Even though I’ve been through a lot in this other world for several years, I've never killed anyone before.

So I was a little hesitant to kill her recklessly.

Of course, if there was a situation where I had to kill her, I would have killed her immediately.

‘Then… I can do it this way.’

It would be a little bothersome, but if I did it the way I was thinking, I felt like I could catch two birds with one stone.

With that in mind, I made a suggestion.

“Then, if it’s okay with you to live in the basement, would you mind managing this house for me?”

There was something I had wondered about while using the [Purification] spell earlier.

It was that it was cleaner than I thought.

As if someone had cleaned it.

I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to scare Esily, but now I understood.

Why was this house so clean?

“...Um, if I manage it, can I keep living here?”

“Oh, well… Of course. I wasn’t planning on being home much anyway. You can stay comfortably and clean the entire place once a day.”

I didn't specifically tell her to protect the house if someone tried to break in.

Because I was going to defend it myself anyway.

It would take care of most attacks on its own.

As I was thinking about it, the woman asked cautiously.

“By any chance… is, is Ratty dead?”



One thing came to mind when she said Ratty.

So I took out the rat I had put in my pocket.

It didn’t seem like an ordinary rat, so I was going to dissect it.


The woman in front of me was looking at the rat in my hand with affection.

Maybe that's why I got curious.

What kind of relationship did they have?

I had a feeling it was going to be a long story.


How long did I talk to the woman?

I was able to find out a lot of information.

Her name is Basil.

She doesn’t know her age.

She mainly uses daggers and makes a living by stealing.

Or by begging.

Maybe it was because she was similar to my past self, but I felt a sense of camaraderie.

That doesn't mean I was going to look at her favorably.

I was going to use her to the fullest.

“Then, Basil. Don’t steal anymore. I'll give you a salary, so make a living from that. I think it would be better to stop stealing now.”

When I said that-


“Yes. But you have to do your job well.”

“Of course!!!!”

There was no reason why I was giving her money.

Because it would be much more motivating to give her money and make her work.

If she got caught stealing, she would come to where I was, and if I was considered an accomplice, I thought it would be a headache.

Thinking that, I used magic.

Just in case, I had to cast a special spell.


It was a spell I learned from Silvia a long time ago, and I learned that it was a very effective contract in special cases.

That's why I was using it now.

The effect is simple.

Set a condition, and if either party does not keep it, the party that does not keep it will suffer tremendous pain and the contract will be terminated.

‘The condition is…’

After thinking for a moment, I set the condition with Basil in mind.

[Condition: Do not harm each other]

It was a simple condition.

But it was just as powerful.

Of course, there was a loophole in this contract.

The contract would not be activated unless I directly harmed her.

And although it was a bit difficult, I adjusted the contract slightly so that even if I directly broke the contract, I would suffer almost no damage.

‘..It stings my conscience a little.’

So, in fact, you could say that I made an unfair contract.

But anyway, Basil was the one who attacked first.

It would be okay to make a contract like this.

With that in mind, I spoke.

“Give me some blood on your finger. Let’s make a contract.”

“...What kind of contract?”

Basil was still suspicious of me.

Of course, even if she was suspicious, she would never notice the loophole in this contract.

As time passed-

“...I’ll make a contract.”

“Ah, okay.”

And so we made a contract.

We made a contract using magic, and we also made a contract on paper.

Basil couldn't read, so I read the contents of the contract to her.

In all conscience, I didn't manipulate the contents of the contract.

It wasn’t something that was connected to my life.

“Then can I bring in my luggage outside now?”

“Ah, sure.”

I had taken out the items in the basement earlier, saying I was going to clean it up, and it seemed like she needed them.

To be honest, I was curious about what kind of items they were, but I didn't ask.

It wasn't that important.

And so began our cohabitation, or rather, our non-cohabitation.

“I’ll fix it.”

“Ah, you don’t have to.”

There was no need to fix it.

The materials used to build the house didn't look that luxurious, so I could just use magic to restore it to its original state.


I use magic to repair the broken floor and the hole in the ceiling.

Fortunately, I only used Inferno once, so the damage wasn't that great.

If I had used Inferno twice, the house I was standing in would definitely be gone.

I was relieved that the fight hadn't spread too much, and restored the house.

By the way, I was a little curious about the Ratty that Basil had.

I was curious about what kind of properties it had.

Of course, if I asked Basil, she would tell me, but I wasn't curious enough to ask her with my pride hurt.


The house began to regain its original form.

Its original antique appearance was revealed, and the restoration was complete.

Now there was only one thing left for me to do.

It was to create a magic circle to protect the house.

Actually, I've never done it before in my life.

Of course, I knew how to do it, but I had never experienced it in practice.

So I couldn't help but feel a little nervous.

“The magic circle materials…”

They were easier to obtain than I thought.

It wasn't like I was trying to create a very difficult magic circle.

Should I call it a magic circle that strengthens basic alarm magic?

With that in mind, I left the house for a moment to get the materials to create the magic circle.

I personally asked her not to cause any trouble while I was gone.

Just in case she caused trouble without knowing it.

“Then please stay here and guard the house.”


Should I consider that formal language, or informal language?

Her way of speaking was so ambiguous that I decided to think of it as formal.

So I went back to Amelia's general store.

“Do you by any chance have this, and this?”

“Ah… are you perhaps trying to make a magic circle..?”

I didn't know she would notice it right away.

Thinking it was amazing, I spoke.

“Ah, yes. I bought a house recently, and I thought it would be good to install an alarm spell throughout the house.”

Since I had been trading with Silvia for a long time, Amelia's credit could be considered guaranteed, which is why I was saying this.

Silvia was the type of person who really didn't trust people around her.

When I said that, Amelia smiled and said.

“Then, if it’s alright with you, instead of this magic circle, how about a different magic circle..?”

“What kind of magic circle?”

“Ah, I made this magic circle myself, and well… it has an alarm function, and it’s a magic that strongly shoots iron balls at unregistered people…”


Hearing that, I immediately understood.

At that time, I wondered why the iron ball suddenly flew at me, but now I knew the truth.

I also thought I knew why Amelia's voice suddenly became smaller.

“I didn’t really mind at the time, so you don’t have to apologize.”

“Ah… but I’m really sorry..!!”

“But this is my first time making a magic circle, so could I perhaps get the materials at a reasonable price…”

I subtly hinted at it.

Like people asking for service at a karaoke bar.

When I hinted at it like that, Amelia became noticeably flustered and said.

“Th-Then… I-I’ll give you the materials a little cheaper…”

“You don’t have to… but it wouldn’t be polite of me to refuse your kindness, so I’ll gratefully accept.”

“Y-Yes… Hehe…”

Amelia bowing her pink hair was somehow funny and cute.

Her reactions were so quick that it was amusing.

‘Well, Amelia was the one who made the mistake first.’

If I hadn't blocked it with my hand at the time, it probably would have been strong enough to break a bone.

It was fortunate that I had quick reflexes.

With that in mind, I purchased the magic circle materials at a low price and returned to the house that Basil was guarding.

She must be guarding the house well by now.

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