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Chapter 33 Part 1 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

Childhood Friend - Departure

Leo quickly grew fond of the innocent and honest Euta siblings.

He would often take Euta into the forest, and Euta, eager to learn, quickly picked up hunting.

"Hey, your sister's going there again."

Euta's younger sister, Enen, was about to head into the forest again. Preoccupied with trying to replicate a new trap, Euta didn't notice, so Leo grabbed Enen and sat her down next to her brother.

Enen whined with a sullen expression.

"Hmph, my butterfly..."

Enen would sometimes follow her brother and play nearby while he struggled to set traps. She seemed to like insects, often rummaging through the bushes.

"Stay close to your brother."

"But that's boring."

Meanwhile, Leo had acquired a dagger while hunting in the village and used it to tightly fill the gaps in the walls of their home, making it less drafty.

He didn't put too much effort into it since they wouldn't be staying long.

"By the way, the villagers have been busy since yesterday. What's going on?"

Enen replied to his question in her childish way.

"Mushrooms gathering."


"To sell."

It seemed like they sold their produce here, just like in Demos Village.

"You don't have to work?"

"Grandma and I did everything. Big brother didn't help at all."

"Just you wait. Once I learn how to hunt properly, I'll make you meat dishes."

"Hmph. I don't like meat."

"You've never even tried it."

"I have!"

"No, you haven't!"

"I have!"

The siblings bickered as usual, and Leo watched them with a smile.

The next day, Leo didn't go hunting but went into the village to observe the Uena tribe busily working.

He saw members of other village tribes he hadn't seen before. In the village square, a mountain of mushrooms, seemingly gathered from all the villages in the tribe, stood tall, a spectacular sight.

Euta waved to him from afar. He and Enen were helping their grandmother carry mushrooms.

'This village seems nice too.'

Like Demos Village, a warm and friendly atmosphere permeated this village as well.

Still an outsider, Leo was met with wary gazes and couldn't quite blend into the lively atmosphere.

The mark on his forehead remained. It had faded somewhat, but it seemed like it would only disappear completely around winter.

'It seems like it'll be gone in a few months... But I can't travel in winter, so I'll have to leave next spring.'

Meeting Lena was taking much longer than he had anticipated, but she still had a long way to go before becoming a priest.

According to Monk Lesley, it would take at least three years, and only one year had passed. There was no need to rush.

Around noon, as the young men of the village began carrying the mushrooms outside, Leo slipped out to watch.

Merchants with large wagons had arrived outside the village, creating a bustling scene.

'Oh no! This is bad.'

He quickly hid himself. It seemed they didn't sell the mushrooms directly but had merchants come and buy them.

If people from the Holy Kingdom were to see his mark, it would cause a huge commotion. Leo couldn't move an inch from the village that day.

He grumbled to himself, 'I wasted my time coming out to look around.' That's when he felt the villagers' gazes change.

Just then, Euta's grandmother approached him.

"Did you do something wrong outside?"

He had been caught. As luck would have it, someone must have seen the mark when he briefly showed his face. Or perhaps someone in the village had inquired about him.


Leo confessed everything to the grandmother.

Well, except for killing Hans. He told her about his childhood friend going to the Holy Church, about fighting bandits to earn travel money, and about the things that happened while crossing the border.

Surprisingly, Euta's grandmother reacted differently to the part about killing the bandits.

"Hmm, you seem to be a more formidable warrior than you look."

"Will I be able to stay here? I plan to leave in the spring when the mark disappears."

"If you explain it well to the villagers, it should be fine."

Leo's face lit up, but his hope was short-lived as the grandmother continued with a disappointing tone.

"But those merchants might report you. It's probably best if you leave."

"I see..."

Leo was disheartened.

Where else could he go?

As he pondered his options, the grandmother offered him something.

"Here, take this. Go northeast, and you'll see a mountain called Bomer. It's a volcano, so you'll recognize it."

She handed him a headband.

"South of Mount Bomer, you'll find the Hatata tribe. They're my daughter-in-law's tribe. Show them this, and they'll let you stay."

Euta's parents had both passed away from illness. This headband was their keepsake.

"But if you give this to me..."

"It's alright. I need to return it anyway, but it's too far. Consider it a favor for taking it."

"Thank you. I won't forget your kindness."

"Kindness, my foot. Just get ready and go. And don't tell the kids. I don't want to see them whine."

With that, the grandmother abruptly left.

Leo's heart swelled with emotion as he saw her approaching the villagers, seemingly defending him with gestures and words.

In the early hours, Leo left behind the makeshift house and set out on his journey.

He traveled light. A small dagger and a bundle of rope were all he carried.

He also had the headband and a lunchbox, both given to him by Euta's grandmother. Last night, she had even snuck in some roasted sweet potatoes for him to eat on his journey. She was such a kind woman.

As he walked along the dark mountain path, Leo couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt for not saying goodbye to Euta and Enen.

'Will I ever have the chance to come back here?'

He pushed aside his regret as he made his way through the forest.

After a week of forced marching, Leo found the Hatata tribe.

When he showed them the headband, some of them let out soft sighs. The chieftain offered him a small shed next to the village, where he spent two seasons, autumn and winter.

One cold morning, as the snow fell heavily, Leo woke up to find the mark on his forehead gone.

Before the cold subsided, he left the village and headed for Lena, who should be studying at the Holy Church.


A cold wave swept through the Holy Church.

Lena had been expelled from the Holy Church.

Stripped of her trainee robes, she stood trembling in the cold at the main gate, clad only in the single outfit she had arrived in autumn.

"Sob... sob... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry..."

Tears streamed down her face, freezing on her chin.

She still couldn't believe she had been expelled.

Lena had drunk alcohol with Gilbert yesterday. It was during their usual mealtime that Gilbert offered her a drink, and after a moment's hesitation, she accepted. She wanted to try alcohol at least once.

Perhaps it was strong, because she became drunk after just one glass. She struggled to keep her balance.

When Gilbert suggested they rest somewhere, Lena declined, saying she wanted to return to her quarters quickly. She supposed her voice was louder than intended due to the alcohol.

Flustered, Gilbert offered her a ride back to the Holy Church in his carriage. That was all well and good.

As she stumbled towards her quarters, Gilbert grabbed her arm. She thought he was helping her because she was drunk and unsteady.

Through her hazy vision, she saw Gilbert's face.

'What is this? He's too close.'

Lena flailed her arms, pushing away his polished face.

'Nobles are nothing special,' she thought.

That's when Daniel appeared.

Alcohol was a strange thing. It made people pop out of nowhere.

Led by Daniel's hand, Lena was taken to some room. It wasn't her room, but she collapsed onto a table and fell asleep.

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