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Chapter 42 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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A Suspiciously Stacked Team Composition

This is a story of a certain connection that has now disappeared.

"Hey, Naru."

Naru was taking a break after finishing his national team training.

Someone called out to him.

Naru, who was fiddling with his bamboo sword while sitting on the bench, slightly raised his head and responded to the call.


It was Seo Changho, a senior on the national team, who had called Naru.

Changho trudged over to Naru's side and offered him a bottle of sports drink.

"You doing alright?"


Naru tilted his head in confusion at Changho's question.

Changho let out a deep sigh at Naru's appearance and said,

"You haven't slept for even four hours in two days. How can you train in that condition?"


Naru only nodded silently.

Changho stared at the dark circles etched under Naru's eyes for a moment.

Then, he clicked his tongue and scratched his head in frustration.

"......That damn bastard. What is he doing to a sixteen-year-old kid?"


Naru didn't react to Changho's muttering.

Changho's face hardened at Naru's indifference.

"I'm telling you again if you can't handle it, let me know anytime. I'll help you."


"I'm your senior, after all."


Naru weakly nodded at Changho's words.

Changho let out another long sigh as he looked at Naru.

No matter how painful it was, Naru wouldn't ask for help.

He was far too accustomed to this insane situation.

He probably didn't even realize how unreasonable his surroundings were.

'And also...'

This kid probably truly believed his father loved him.

Changho groaned inwardly.

'Poor guy...'

Changho suppressed the tightness in his chest and gazed at Naru.


Naru kept his mouth shut and sipped the drink Changho had given him.

He had a truly youthful appearance.

He looked young enough to be mistaken for a 13-year-old child.

To think that such a delicate child was going through such a torturous daily life...



As Changho pondered his complicated emotions and stared at Naru intently,

Naru, seemingly feeling his gaze, met Changho's eyes with a questioning look.

It was as if he was asking, "What's wrong, hyung?"

Changho shook his head as if it was nothing.

"Speaking of which, Naru."


"You know that book I lent you? 'Sorrow-erasing heroes,' volume 4, was it? Did you finish it?"

-Nod, nod.

As soon as the title 'Sorrow-erasing heroes' left Changho's lips,

a glimmer of light appeared in Naru's dull eyes.

"You finished it? Want me to lend you volume 5? It goes up to volume 10."

-Nod, nod, nod!

Naru nodded vigorously.

Changho smiled faintly at Naru's rare display of innocence.

"You know your dad can't find out about this, right? I'll sneak it into your locker like last time."

Naru flapped his arms in gratitude at Changho's words.

Changho burst into laughter and ruffled Naru's hair affectionately.

They truly seemed like a loving pair of brothers.

"Phew...! Puhaha!"

In the future, Naru would look down at Changho's empty space and recall this moment in his mind.

And then, with bitter tears, he would sob inwardly.

I'm sorry.

My fault, because of someone like me...

Thank you, and I'm sorry...

My brother.



I woke up from my sleep with those words.

The first thing I saw upon opening my eyes was the ceiling of the Academy dormitory.

Gazing at the ornately decorated sky, I belatedly realized that the scenes from moments ago were all a dream.


I clutched my head in the rising emptiness.

Why did I have such a dream?

I had finally fallen asleep comfortably without suffering from insomnia after a long time.

Why did I have such a dream?

I quietly recited the name of the person who appeared in my dream, trying to untangle my complicated feelings.

"Changho hyung......"

The echo of the three syllables that escaped my lips returned to me through my ears.

And the returning echo ripped through me.

My chest tightened.

My heart, feeling a familiar pain, pounded loudly as if to announce that it was still alive.

With all its might.



I clutched my chest and let out a sigh.

It had been a while.

Since the misfortune of the past had visited me.

The uninvited guest who had suddenly barged in after a long time was not a welcome one.


I wiped my moistening eyes and reached out towards the ceiling.

The connections from a time I could no longer grasp seemed to shimmer before my eyes.

"Changho hyung, I'm sorry... Me, because of me..."

I muttered as I recalled the contents of the dream.

As if to ensure that no one would hear my monologue, I pulled the blanket over my head.


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