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Chapter 43 Part 1 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

Beggar Siblings - A Tale of Two Dreams

“Brother. What are you wearing?”

“What do you think? Don’t I look great?”

Her brother had come back wearing fine clothes.

The perfectly tailored fit, the luxurious neckerchief, and the golden brooch all suited his golden eyes.

Lena frowned, imagining how many women would swoon over his looks if he went out on the street right now.

“Ugh~ You look like a stuck-up nobleman.”

“Is that any way to talk to your brother? I’m off.”

“Yeah, yeah. Bring back something tasty.”

Leo left the mansion in high spirits.

His little sister was doing well at the mansion. She’d brightened up a lot being around kids her own age, and she, who used to hardly speak, had even initiated a conversation.

It was just small talk, but seeing Lena so full of life had him shouting, “Life is good!” these days.

Leo generously hailed a carriage.

“To Eralin Avenue, please.”

Eralin Avenue was where the nobles’ mansions were concentrated.

The avenue was wide enough for three carriages to pass side by side, and guards patrolled among the servants of noble families walking the street.

Leo stopped the carriage at a mansion. The mansion of Marquis Tatian.

From the outside, it didn’t look much different from the surrounding mansions, but one difference was that it was surrounded by high bars instead of a stone wall, giving a clear view of the garden inside.

To think they’d use such expensive iron just for a fence… and just to show off their garden.

Leo knew full well how extravagant an act that was in this world, even if it was nothing special in modern society.

He clicked his tongue and approached the guard guarding the mansion, holding out an envelope.

As soon as the guard checked the seal on the envelope, Leo was greeted by a stern-looking butler who escorted him inside.

The interior of the mansion was unexpectedly subdued.

Despite being filled with all sorts of decorations, murals, paintings, chandeliers, carpets, antique furniture, sculptures, stairs, drapes, and curtains, the overall atmosphere was cold and heavy.

Even the expressions and demeanors of the servants moving about seemed to be a part of the decor, their faces carefully composed.

The butler led Leo to a drawing-room and served him light refreshments, explaining that the Marquis was not yet finished with his schedule.

The butler stood stiffly, not even bothering to take a seat. Leo tried to make small talk, but the only responses he received were “Yes,” and “That is correct,” and the conversation went nowhere.

After a while, the butler, checking his pocket watch, led Leo to another room.

“Master, a guest with the seal has arrived.”

The butler, having confirmed that Leo was not a noble, announced him plainly. If Leo had been a noble, he would have said something like, “has come to visit.”

A slightly tired voice came from inside.

“Show him in.”

The butler ushered Leo in, handed the envelope to a middle-aged man with his arm resting on a massive desk, and then politely backed out.

Leo stood before the man who appeared to be the Marquis.

Looking at him, Leo understood why the atmosphere of the mansion, while luxurious, felt so subdued.

It resembled this prudent-looking man.

Even though the Marquis was dressed in finery, his thin but dark eyebrows, his icy blue eyes, and his bloodless lips exuded a restrained charm.

He glanced at the envelope, then gestured to the knight beside him to leave. Only then did Leo offer a respectful bow.

The Marquis flinched and rose from his seat.

“You are no mere thug. My apologies.”

He returned Leo’s archaic Akaian Empire greeting with one of the same empire.

Thanks to the {Noble Society} information, Leo was able to set foot in the world of nobles.

Through etiquette, nobles established relationships that commoners could never understand. They exchanged messages through gestures of decorum, confirming each other’s positions.

The Marquis offered Leo a plush seat and sat down opposite him.

“Your etiquette is impeccable. Which noble family are you from?”

“I am but an insignificant bastard.”

Leo lied. Bastards were common among promiscuous nobles, making it a convenient excuse, but the Marquis raised a thin eyebrow.

“Hmm? This envelope is clearly for a request… I heard the Rauno Family had no patron noble?”

“That is correct.”

So the Rauno Family has no noble backing. Now he knew.

Leo continued to feign ignorance.

“I was born into a humble family and sought refuge with the Rauno Family with my meager swordsmanship skills. There was no particular connection between the family and my own.”

“I see. I wondered why someone so young would come here.”

The Marquis seemed convinced at last and nodded. He then rose and retrieved a luxurious decanter and glasses from a cabinet behind him.

“I would offer you tea… but I believe this would be more appropriate.”

Leo was grateful for that. He silently wished it was something very strong.

“A toast. Did you have any trouble on your way here?”

“Thank you. What trouble could I possibly have? Ah! The flowers were in bloom on my way here. Even though it’s winter. They must have been artificial.”

Leo began to steer the conversation towards the princess.

The nobles enjoyed exchanging subtle words to gauge each other’s interests, avoiding direct conversations.

That wasn’t to say it was always necessary. They spoke their minds when they had urgent matters to discuss or when they were emotional. Just like how the Marquis, surprised by the thug’s etiquette, had directly asked about Leo’s identity.

Leo could have directly asked why the Marquis wanted to cut off his lineage, but since the Marquis had offered him a drink and suggested they get to know each other, he decided to play along.

The Marquis took a sip of the strong liquor and spoke.

“You have a keen eye. Those artificial flowers are…”

Although their conversation was filled with metaphors, Leo gleaned a great deal.

The Marquis was clearly bewildered by the situation. This man also didn't know why the princess had acted so rashly. It was clear that the Marquis was not in communication with the king.

However, Leo avoided touching on sensitive areas. The Marquis seemed to want the same, as the topic passed smoothly, and as the light alcohol took effect, their conversation gradually took on a more amicable tone.

Marquis Benard Tatian pressed the ice into his drink with a teaspoon and said,

“Imagine trying to weather a storm, only to find your sailor fearless. A captain has no choice but to keep the ship from sinking.”

“Wise words, but… wouldn’t losing the first mate hinder the voyage?”

It seemed that Torton Tatian had refused the Marquis’s proposal.

The Swordmaster’s son followed his father’s words, but the Marquis’s son was being stubborn for some reason.

Could it be that he was so smitten with the princess?

The Marquis briefly considered the captain’s predicament.

“I have no choice but to hire a sailor from another ship.”

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