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Chapter 44 Part 2 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

War had broken out.

The Kingdom of Astin had declared war and mobilized its army.

In response, the Kingdom of Bellita's capital, Orville, also saw its army depart.

Thousands of soldiers, recruited and trained by the Bellitan royal family throughout the winter, marched proudly through Orville, met with enthusiastic cheers from the citizens.

"Come back safely!"

"Teach those arrogant barbarians a lesson!"

Straw rained down from above, showered by the citizens onto the marching soldiers.

It was just the end of winter, so there were no flowers to scatter instead.

"Wow! It's the Knights!"

Among the procession was the 3rd Knight Order. They rode their horses, their shining armor on full display, sending the citizens' cheers into a frenzy.

However, despite the seemingly relaxed send-off, the situation at the front lines was far from reassuring.

The Astin army, boasting a large number of barbarian warriors, had minimized their 'new recruit training' and was rapidly advancing south.

The soldiers departing now were expected to arrive at the front lines only after a considerable amount of time had passed. In the meantime, the 'Margrave of the Northern Frontier' had to gather troops from various military posts along the front lines and engage in preliminary battles with the Astin forces.

With the urgent need to reinforce their forces, the 3rd Knight Order, currently engaged in their grand march, would have to urge their horses forward as soon as the send-off ceremony ended, leaving the soldiers to follow behind as best they could.

Meanwhile, the 1st and 2nd Knight Orders had not yet been deployed. They remained in the capital, awaiting the orders of Count Hermann Forte.

Many questioned why even the Swordmaster himself hadn't joined the war effort. Count Forte, however, declared, "We will observe the movements of the other kingdoms before deploying," and no one dared to challenge his decision.

The march came to an end.

The soldiers and knights disappeared, and the citizens returned to their respective workplaces. Only straw tumbled desolately across the empty streets.

From his hidden vantage point within a small shop, Leo carefully observed his surroundings.

The carriage would be arriving soon.

As he waited, he recalled his meeting with the Marquis a few days prior.


"Carry out the contract."

Marquis Benard Tatian summoned Leo and confirmed the assassination.

Tothan Tatian had ultimately refused to participate in the war. The father, faced with a disobedient son, bluntly informed Leo of his son's whereabouts.

"He frequents the royal palace these days, so it shouldn't be difficult."


The Marquis insisted that the assassination take place outside the mansion.

If he had wanted his son killed within the confines of his own home, he wouldn't have hired a gangster in the first place.

The mansion was as much a part of him as his own flesh and blood.

Leo bowed deeply and paused for a moment, prompting the Marquis to observe him with a scrutinizing gaze.

'A strange young man.'

A gangster well-versed in imperial etiquette, strikingly handsome, with eyes of gold.

None of these traits seemed to fit together.

'A fallen noble, perhaps. Or perhaps exiled.'

Marquis Tatian easily saw through Leo's fabricated background. While the Marquis continued to assess the young man before him, Leo, having finished his contemplation, spoke.

"I will execute the contract on the day the soldiers depart for war."

Leo believed that day presented the optimal opportunity.

The commotion of the send-off ceremony would provide cover for the assassination. Furthermore, it would send a clear political message.

That he had silenced his son for refusing to answer the call to arms.

The Marquis nodded in satisfaction.


And now, Leo lay in wait, concealed within a small shop, his hand gripping a weapon well-suited for assassination—a short, single-edged sword.

The poisoned blade gleamed ominously.

"Hoo... Haa... Heup..."

Leo glanced sideways at the shopkeeper.

The merchant, drenched in a cold sweat brought on by anxiety, had readily agreed to the Family's request for assistance, having previously benefited from their aid.

However, the shopkeeper couldn't help but fidget, nervously rubbing his thighs.

Just as Leo considered offering a few words of reassurance, a magnificent carriage came into view in the distance.

It was Tothan Tatian's carriage.

Leo tapped the back of the elderly woman beside him, signaling the disguised member of their organization. The woman, disguised as an old peddler, began to slowly cross the street.

- Crack!

The coachman whipped the ground, the sharp sound splitting the air.

It was an angry command to get out of the way, but the old woman, seemingly oblivious, continued her slow, measured steps.

"Oh, that old woman must have a death wish... Tsk!"

The coachman clicked his tongue and brought the carriage to a halt.

While it wouldn't have been a problem to simply trample over an insignificant old woman, he had elderly parents of his own. Moreover, he feared the scolding he would receive from the head servant if the horses were to injure themselves.

It was a decision made possible because Tothan Tatian was not the type of unreasonable noble to become enraged over a delayed carriage.

However, little did the coachman know that this act of consideration for his master would inadvertently tighten the noose around his gentle employer's neck.


The moment the carriage stopped, Leo sprang into action.

He knew which side of the carriage his target was seated in, and he had been told the door would be left unlocked.

All he had to do was fling open the door, strike with his blade, and then escape through the back door of the shop.

A knight tasked with protecting Tothan Tatian was accompanying him, but that knight was acting under the Marquis's orders. He would not intervene to save Tothan Tatian.

Leo lunged towards the carriage, murderous intent surging within him, and grasped the door handle with all his might.

But then,

- Click.

The door was locked.

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