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Chapter 45 Part 2 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

He arrived at the Family's estate.

Leo acknowledged the greetings of his subordinates with a distracted nod and made his way to Lena's room. He hesitated at the door, unable to bring himself to knock.

A wave of inferiority washed over him.

‘Lena, what am I supposed to do…?’

He wanted to cry.

He was exhausted, alone.

Should he just tell his sister everything? She might think he was crazy, but in the end, she would believe him.

Leo shook his head, burying his face in his hands.

‘No, I can’t tell her that.’

It would be the same as admitting that he wasn't her real brother.

He was Leo, yet not Leo. Only he could understand this strange duality. His sister wouldn't comprehend; she would only be devastated.

If only Chaeha were here!

‘…No, I’m relying on Chaeha again.’

He was pathetic. It hadn’t been long since he had resolved to be strong, yet he instinctively sought her out.

Leo closed his eyes, forcing himself to think of his childhood friend, Lena. She had comforted him even after being cast out of the church.

He thought of Lena Einar. She had lost an arm, yet she strived to stand on her own.

And his sister…


Leo's head shot up in surprise. Lena was rushing towards him from the end of the hallway.

"Huff, huff, brother! You're back early?"

His sister was drenched in sweat.

Seeing her like that, Leo's heart skipped a beat. He was reminded of Lena, bedridden and frail.

"Lena! Why are you so sweaty?"

"I was training in the yard with Tian. I’m going to wash up now."

Her nonchalant answer calmed his racing heart.

"Don’t scare me like that. What kind of training were you doing?"

"I'm not telling!"

Lena disappeared into her room. The door, the one Leo had been hesitant to knock on, was left ajar.

He stared at the open doorway, lost in thought. Even though his sister had gone inside, her radiant face lingered in his mind.

His beloved sister.

The crushing weight of his helplessness lifted, replaced by a steely sense of responsibility.

Leo straightened his back, his resolve solidifying. He couldn't afford to crumble, not when he had his sister to protect.

‘Right. It’s not over yet.’

He had made contact with the Marquis in this scenario, had even secured a pass to see him.

That was a huge accomplishment.

One more step, just one more step, and he could bridge the gap.

Leo thought of a way to take that final step and left the estate once more.

* * *

A month later, Leo helped Lena into a carriage.

Marquis Benard Tatian hadn’t pressed him for another attempt.

The Swordmaster faction was casting wary glances at the Marquis, but he had at least sent a message: he was willing to harm his own son for defying him, and was using his recovery as an excuse to prevent him from seeing the princess.

Further action would be required once the boy recovered, but for now, it was enough.

However, Leo wasn’t satisfied with this development. He had scraped together every last silver coin he could find, borrowing from his family and even taking an advance on his wages.

And with that money, he bought a dress. The most beautiful dress he could find.

Lena deserved to be adorned in finery.

Her background would inevitably overshadow her appearance, so there was no such thing as being too extravagant.

He borrowed accessories from a young woman named Soyi, whom he had befriended recently.

When Leo winked and asked her to keep it a secret, she blushed and agreed.

The gamble was on. Leo had dressed his sister in her finest, maximizing the stakes, and was now escorting her to the Marquis’ estate.

“Hmph… I was supposed to play with Tian today.”


Lena grumbled, but Leo had been firm in clearing her schedule. This was the moment he needed her captivating beauty.

‘With my current abilities, piquing the Marquis’ curiosity is the best I can do. But if he sees Lena…’

This was the final step, the key to bridging the gap. Once the Marquis laid eyes on Lena… he would be eager to welcome them both, brother and sister, with open arms.

He wasn’t worried about the worst-case scenario.

Marquis Benard Tatian was a high noble. He wasn't some crude thug who would resort to exploiting or taking advantage of Lena's beauty. Leo's concerns lay elsewhere.

Lena, forgetting her earlier complaints, was engrossed in the passing scenery.

She pointed out various sights to Leo, but he was too busy wetting his dry mouth to pay attention.

The moment of truth was approaching. Once they entered the estate, there would be no turning back.

He hesitated briefly before offering his arm to Lena. Side by side, they stood before the imposing gates of the Marquis' estate.

It was just a thought, but the intricate ironwork resembled the teeth of a carnivorous flower.

Leo presented his pass to the butler. The butler, aware that Leo possessed a pass, usually didn't ask for it. It was an unnecessary formality, as he would have to return it anyway.

Therefore, Leo's gesture was a subtle request for an audience. Even if it meant forfeiting the pass, he was pleading for a chance to speak with the Marquis.

However, the butler, his attention captivated by something else entirely, barely glanced at the proffered pass before greeting them.

"Welcome… Miss.”

He seemed unable to tear his gaze away from the dazzlingly beautiful Lena. Finally, as if realizing the impropriety of his stare, he cleared his throat and accepted the pass.

Leo wasn't offended in the slightest.

It was a natural reaction. Even in her usual attire, with her face devoid of makeup, her beauty was breathtaking. Now, adorned in fine clothes and adorned with elegant makeup, she was radiant.

Even Princess Chloe de Tartalia, hailed as the Bellita Kingdom’s flower, wouldn't hold a candle to Lena.

He hadn’t met the princess personally, but Leo was certain.

His sister was the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, no, in the entire continent.

The siblings were escorted to the Marquis' study. It seemed the location of his study changed from time to time, as Leo was always led to a different room.

The Marquis, seemingly in the middle of his work, greeted them with a slightly bothered expression before trailing off.

"Welcome. What brings you…"

His eyes fell upon Lena.

- Gulp

Leo swallowed nervously. The die was cast, but the time it took for it to settle felt like an eternity.

The Marquis… bowed slightly.

Success! He would have to wait and see what this cunning fox had up his sleeve, but now that he had shown them such courtesy, there was no chance he would harm Lena.

Marquis Tatian addressed Lena with the decorum befitting a young noblewoman.

"You must be his younger sister. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Benard Tatian.”

Lena curtsied slightly, her hand brushing against the fabric of her skirt.

"It's Lena. Pleased to meet you."

Though she had tried to be polite, a flicker of confusion crossed the Marquis' face.

Lena was unfamiliar with noble etiquette.

Leo had wanted to teach her, but the intricacies of noble etiquette for young ladies were far more complex and nuanced than those for men.

A slight gesture could completely alter the meaning, so teaching her a half-baked version would be more detrimental than leaving her ignorant.

He had easily taught Lena Einar the Akaia Empire's military salutes, as they were simple and universal, but this was an entirely different beast.

Noticing the Marquis' puzzled expression, Leo shrugged. The Marquis seemed to understand, offering Lena a gentle smile.

"It's almost lunchtime. Would you both care to join me for a meal?"

His words were directed at Leo, but it was Lena he was inviting. Leo couldn't help but tremble slightly with excitement.

His gamble had paid off. The Marquis was clearly taken with Lena, and had extended the invitation to "both" of them.

His greatest fear, the possibility of the Marquis dismissing him and taking Lena for himself, had been averted.

Only then did Leo allow himself to relax, releasing a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding.

Finally, he could breathe easy…

"Of course. Brother told me we'd be having lunch here."

Lena's confident reply caught both Leo and the Marquis off guard.

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