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Chapter 46 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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While Raiden was busy playing a death march on the back of Golden Boy's head, their group arrived at the 'Garden of Purity' Margaret had mentioned.

As they had seen earlier, a considerable number of students were milling about.

Margaret muttered as she observed them.

"Hmm... What could be here that's drawing everyone's attention?"

"Well... It's called the Garden of Purity, but the name doesn't tell us much..."

At first glance, it looked no different from an ordinary meadow.

The group members looked around, their eyes searching for something interesting.

Just as they were starting to get impatient, Golden Boy exclaimed.

"Hey, look over there! There's something!"

"What is it?"

"Oh my god, those are..."

Following Golden Boy's gaze, the group members laid eyes on a sight that made them gasp.

Several horses with pure white coats stood gracefully in the meadow.

But what set them apart from ordinary horses were the golden horns that adorned their heads.


Margaret's voice, barely a whisper, gave a name to the majestic creatures.

Their white coats seemed to shimmer with an ethereal glow, and their horns were held high with an air of nobility.

An aura of mystique surrounded them, giving them an almost spiritual presence.

The legendary Guardians of Purity, creatures they had only read about in books, were casually strolling through the meadow.

"Wow... I've never seen one in person before."

"Me neither. To think that such rare creatures like unicorns would be here... It's incredible."

The students gazed in awe at the unicorns, which snorted softly, their breath misting in the air.

These were endangered creatures, protected by Imperial law, and they were right there before their very eyes.



I leaned against one of the trees in the center of the garden.

The other group members had excitedly run off to get a closer look at the unicorns as soon as they spotted them.

I had a feeling Violet was practically dragged along by Margaret...

But well, at least it wasn't me this time.

I settled into a more comfortable position, enjoying the scent of autumn in the air.

As my body relaxed and my gaze drifted towards the sky, I noticed the gentle swaying of the branches above me.

The leaves had turned a vibrant shade of red, embracing the colors of the season.

The cool shade of the tree provided a welcome respite from the sun, casting a soft shadow over my face.

I could feel the rough bark of the tree against my back.


I stretched, savoring the moment of peace.

Perhaps it was the accumulated fatigue from my insomnia, but my eyelids felt heavy.

I let out a soft groan as my eyes fluttered shut.

I couldn't fall asleep here. I might get a crick in my neck.

Well... maybe not in this weather. It was pretty chilly.


I tried to stay awake, but a yawn escaped my lips.

A wave of exhaustion washed over me, weighing me down.

It felt as if gravity had increased fivefold.

Come to think of it... I hadn't slept a wink last night, either, stuck on that ship...

I was beyond exhausted.

But I couldn't fall asleep...


As I shifted my position, fighting against the encroaching drowsiness, I sensed something moving beside me.



At first, I thought it might be Golden Boy, but then I reconsidered.

He wouldn't have been this quiet. He would have made a big entrance, as always.

I opened my heavy eyelids and turned my head.

The first things that came into focus were pure white fur and a golden horn.

"What the... A unicorn?"

-Neigh! Snort...

One of the unicorns that had been frolicking in the meadow earlier was standing right before me.

It let out a soft nicker and lowered its head towards me.

Its magnificent horn, gleaming in the sunlight, was pointed directly at me.

I flinched instinctively, trying to appease the creature.

"Hey, I heard you guys are docile towards virgins...? I'm a virgin too, so please don't attack...?"

Unicorns were known as the Guardians of Purity.

They protected the innocent and punished the impure.

Both as Kim Naru and as Raiden, I was a virgin. I had no reason to incur their wrath.

Yet, despite knowing this, I couldn't help but feel intimidated by that smooth, iridescent horn.

What would happen if I got stabbed by that thing...?

I'd probably end up with a nice, big hole in my chest.


As I cowered before its menacing horn, the unicorn lowered its head further and began rubbing its face against me.



A soft, warm sensation spread across my cheek.

I couldn't help but twitch at the ticklish feeling.

"Wh-what's this...? What are you doing?"

The unicorn's sudden display of affection, as if it were a well-trained puppy, caught me off guard.

It ignored my bewilderment and continued to nuzzle me, letting out a happy snort.

"Uh, um..."

Flustered, I instinctively reached out and began stroking its back.

Were unicorns usually this affectionate towards humans?

I had only ever read about them in books. Now that I was actually facing one, I had no idea what to do.

Confused, I continued to stroke the unicorn's neck.

Its soft fur felt comforting beneath my hand.

The unicorn nuzzled my hand and licked it with its warm tongue.

I stared at it blankly for a moment before muttering under my breath.


It was like petting a giant white dog.

A smile tugged at the corners of my lips.

As I continued to pet the creature, my face undoubtedly a mess of emotions, I heard Golden Boy's voice behind me.

"Woohoo www! Everyone's out there having fun, and you're here all alone, acting like a total loner... Huh?"

Golden Boy, who had been sauntering towards me, stopped dead in his tracks as he spotted the unicorn beside me.

He stared at me with an incredulous expression.



"How is there a unicorn...? Wait, don't tell me... you were actually a virgin?!"

Golden Boy pointed at the unicorn with a trembling finger.

I frowned at him and replied.

"Didn't I tell you before?"

"Dude, I thought you were lying!"

"Why don't you believe anything I say..."

I sighed inwardly, understanding his reaction.

Considering the rumors that circulated about me at the Academy, it wasn't that surprising.

"Anyway, what are you doing here?"

"What else? I came to check on our lonely little maniac Young Master."

"Well, you're here now, so sit down. What are you standing around for?"

"Ahaha... about that..."

Golden Boy chuckled nervously, scratching his head.

His gaze was fixed on the unicorn beside me.

I smirked and stood up.

"Come to think of it... you said you were a virgin too, right?"

"Uh, yeah... why?"

"Let's put that to the test, shall we?"

"What are you talking about...? W-wait, hey!"

Before he could react, I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him closer.

He struggled against my grip, his eyes wide with panic.

I smiled sweetly and dragged him towards the unicorn.

"Time for a little truth serum."

"L-let go of me...!!"

I grabbed Golden Boy's hand and guided it towards the unicorn.

If he had been lying to me, his hand would be pierced by that horn in an instant.

I grinned at him.

"Go on, prove your purity."

Golden Boy's blue eyes trembled.

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