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Chapter 56 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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“Gasp… gasp…!”

I ran through the forest, my lungs burning with each desperate breath.

The sound of clashing metal and heavy footsteps echoed behind us, a constant reminder of our pursuers.

I risked a glance over my shoulder and saw them – the black knights – gaining on us with terrifying speed.

“Damn it…!”

“How are they so fast?!”

This wasn’t part of the plan.

We’d chosen to run, assuming the Undead knights, weighed down by their heavy armor, would be slow and cumbersome.

We were wrong.

At this rate, they’d catch us in no time.


I clicked my tongue and increased my pace.

It had been 30 minutes since this deadly game of tag began.

My lungs were starting to burn, and breathing was becoming painful.

-Whoosh! Thunk!

The sound of a bowstring being pulled echoed again.

Another arrow whizzed past my ear, the sound of it embedding itself in a nearby tree sending a shiver down my spine.

As I was about to chant the incantation for Blink to dodge the flying arrow, a gust of wind blew.

"Crossing Wind!"


A green blade launched with a single-word incantation shot down the arrow that was rushing towards me.

With a swift motion, Margaret's magic sword sliced through the air, deflecting the arrow.

"I'll block the attacks, you just run!"

She said that and loaded mana into her fingertips again.

I nodded, trying my best.

Desperately, my legs were reaching their limit.

I was already extremely fatigued, and it was a miracle that I was even running without falling.

I clenched my teeth to try and regain my blurry vision.

This won't do.

It would take at least 30 minutes to reach the spot where the horses were tied up.

My stamina stat wasn't high enough to endure that time.

I'd probably fall around the 20-minute mark.

'And... at this distance, they'll catch us while we're riding.'

Plus, after the forest ends, the plains stretch out, making it easier for them to chase us.

Thanks to this shitty situation, I only had one option left.

To lose them in this forest.

But... I couldn't think of a way.

The enemies' speed exceeded my expectations, and our stamina was running out.

On the other hand, they were undead. They wouldn't get tired or fall unless their heads were cut off or purified.

'Damn... what should I...!'

As I was racking my brains, Margaret intercepted another volley of arrows.

It was probably because of her Wind Magic specialty, but the air was swirling like a typhoon around her.


Something caught my eye in the chaotic situation.

It was a map, fluttering in the wind, attached to the front of Margaret's outer garment.

It was a detailed map of this forest.

As I saw a corner of the paper passing by, I found a clue that might be a breakthrough for this situation.

'Mutan River Canyon...?'

There was a massive canyon with a large river running through it, about 200 meters from our current location.

It was 43 meters high, and the gap between the canyons was 11 meters.

'This is it...!'

If we reached this point and jumped over the canyon, we could lose the undead.

It was a long shot, but it was our only chance.

I shouted to Golden Boy, who was running ahead,

“Golden Boy! Take that side path! I’ll distract them!”

“What?! What about you and the Young Lady?!”

“I have a plan! Just go!”

“Damn it! Fine!”

Following my instructions, He quickly changed course.

I jumped around to make sure he didn't attract their attention.

"Over here! You dead bastards!"

As soon as Golden Boy disappeared into the thicket, the knights stepped up their pace.

I had no choice but to increase my speed as well.

My breath was getting tighter, and my lungs were burning like crazy.

I kept moving my legs, forcing my tear-filled eyes open, and the edge of the canyon came into view in the distance.

"Ah, it's a dead end!"

"I know."

Margaret screamed in surprise, seeing the cliff in front of us.

I grabbed her body tighter, making sure she didn't move.

"Wait, what are you trying to...!"

"I'm going to jump over it. This canyon."


"Hold on tight."

The edge of the canyon was getting closer.

Below the massive cliff was a bottomless abyss.

Was it 40 meters?

If we fell, death was guaranteed.

There was a river flowing below, but we would be turned into strawberry jam the moment we hit the surface.

A bead of sweat trickled down my forehead.

I took a deep breath, trying to control my rough breathing, and prepared to jump.

Five steps left to the jump point.

One chance.

'I can't die here.'

I took my last step and jumped powerfully into the air.


Margaret screamed shrilly in terror.

I ignored her and stared at the opposite side of the canyon.

Even though I was exhausted, my balance in the air didn't break. It was a perfect jump.

10 meters to the safe zone.

The perfect distance.

I let out a smug thought and moved my lips.

"Blink 10."


The scenery flickered, and my body moved.

Naturally, the ground on the opposite side of the canyon should be beneath my feet...


Why am I still floating in the air?

My Blink activated, but there was no ground beneath my feet.

What the...?

What caught my eye was the opposite side of the canyon, about 2 meters away.

The distance was insufficient.

My calculations were perfect...?

Just before my body, which had been bouncing upwards, stopped resisting gravity and started to fall.


[You are using the skill 'Short-Range Teleportation (Blink)' 10 times.]

[The remaining usable count for the skill 'Short-Range Teleportation (Blink)' is only 8 times.]

[The number of uses is changed from 10 times to 8 times.]

Blue windows flashed before my eyes.

Only then did I realize that I had used two stocks to block the arrows aimed at Margaret earlier.

Ah... shit.

My body had stopped floating and was falling.

I quickly threw Margaret's body towards the canyon.


Margaret looked at me as she flew.

"Run aw-!"

I couldn't answer her call to the end.

Because I was starting to plummet into the deep abyss.

The blue sky briefly came into view, then quickly disappeared.


I could hear Margaret's scream, but it quickly faded away.

The wind whipped against my face, and the chilling sense of speed made my body tremble.

I was falling towards death, cutting through the air.

I saw the river flowing peacefully far below.

My body would probably turn into mush the moment it hit the water.

They call it a life flashing before your eyes, and a brief memory of my previous life came to mind.

Come to think of it, I died falling like this back then too.

Will it hurt a lot this time...

The notification sound from the status window brought my panicked mind back.


[The skill 'Short-Range Teleportation (Blink)' has been charged once.]

[Remaining usable count (1/10)]

[Next charge in 1 hour 29 minutes 59 seconds]

I chuckled bitterly.

What good is it charging now?

In 3 seconds, I'll hit the water, and my body will be like a tomato thrown against a wall.

Even with such pessimistic thoughts, I moved my lips.


With the sound of sparks, my body moved to the edge of the cliff.

My hand had already pulled out Sorrow from subspace.

Using the shop would be too slow.

I needed to be as fast as possible to increase my chances of survival.

I clenched Sorrow tightly and plunged it into the cliff next to me.


The blunt scabbard pierced the rock.

Stone fragments flew out with a rough shattering sound.

It was a stupid method, but there was no other way.

I had to reduce my speed and lessen the impact on my body.

'Still... I'm still...!'

I was already going full speed.

Even if I did this, I might still die.

But I still had a reason to not give up.

-A person who doesn't know happiness.

-You, who have always wanted a happy life.

-System can grant your wish.

I wanted to know.

What form would happiness take if it came to my life?

What kind of world, with what kind of people, and what kind of daily life would I be living?

Could someone like me really be happy?

I wanted to know.


The water surface was looking up at me with a greedy gaze.

As if it would take my breath away the moment it had the chance.

I closed my eyes tightly, bracing for the impact that was about to come.

And at the same time...


A powerful aftershock swept over me, taking away my consciousness.

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