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Chapter 58 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Sorrow and the Undead Knights (1)

“Ah… Fuck, this is so unfair…”

Rattle. At the rattling sound, I turned my head in disbelief.

As I’d feared, the situation I was worried about had just popped up.

I looked at the Undead Knights approaching me and broke out in a cold sweat.

“This… This is so fucked up…”

The moment our eyes met, I thought about running away.

But I had no choice but to give up.

I figured I’d collapse from exhaustion if I tried to run away from them in this state, like before.

I didn't think I could outrun those undead in the first place.

What the… Fast undead, seriously?

“Pyren… What the hell kind of chimera did this bastard create…?”

Does that senile old geezer think he’s a god just because he’s showing off his skills after a long time?

I spat out the blood that had pooled in my mouth, cursing their creator, who was nowhere to be seen.

“Ha… Hoo…”

I struggled to regain my balance with my wobbly legs.

I put Sorrow, which I had been using as a walking stick, into the subspace.

I bought a sword from the shop and quietly raised it.

The tip of the sword trembled as my arm muscles kept spasming.

I frowned at the pain that racked my entire body.

“My body is in a hell of a state…”

I think if I get hit once, I’ll die instantly.

Two days of sleep deprivation and minor injuries combined were driving me crazy.

Of course, those things in front of me wouldn't care about my condition and would point their swords at me.

-Thud, thud… Slash!

The Undead Knights, sensing that I had no intention of running away,

began to draw their swords and take their stances.

“...Isn't this too much?”

Thirteen swords were aiming for my neck.

After a brief standoff, the one who seemed to be the leader stepped forward.

It was the bastard with Professor Lucas’s head tied to the end of his spear.

“Your escape ends here.”

“You don't have to tell me… ”

I replied irritably, holding my sword with both hands.

Perhaps because I was exhausted, the sword felt particularly heavy.

To buy myself some time to rest, I pointed at the head hanging from his spear shaft and asked,

“Professor Lucas’s head… Why is it hanging like that?”

“It’s common on the battlefield. The head of the enemy general is hung in a visible place to demoralize the enemy troops.”

The Undead Knight raised his spear high.

Then, he lightly shook Professor Lucas’s head and laughed at me mockingly.

“And, it can also inflict psychological damage on the opponent.”


“I saw it clearly. The moment you first witnessed this, your eyes shook violently… I guess he was someone precious to you?”

“…You crazy bastard.”

“Don't be too angry. It’s all just part of the strategy.”

The knight acted up as if to provoke me.

I had to admit,

his strategy was working perfectly.

I was angrier now than I had ever been since I faced the Seekers.

I wanted to rip that disgusting mouth to shreds right away.

But I couldn’t show it.

Because that was a step towards defeat and death.

I tried to keep a straight face and concentrated on my sword.

“Oh… You’re no ordinary man. You should’ve lost your mind and jumped at me by now.”

“You think you’re the only one who’s good at trash-talking?”


“What you’re doing is… pathetic.”

Having grown up listening to my father’s verbal abuse every day, I wasn’t going to be swayed by such childish pranks.

I was too jaded to be fazed by emotional fluctuations.

Anger was just an explosive that boosted my performance.


“Haha…! Excellent!”

As I tilted my sword and took the basic stance of Kendo, the knight laughed out loud.

Then, he swung his spear shaft and quickly charged towards me.

The other undead followed him.

-Thump, thump, thud, thud!

Heavy footsteps echoed, and the next moment.

The terrible clang of metal clashing against metal began to flash among the maple-colored bushes.



At the entrance of the forest where the children were in danger.

“Giddy up!”


The sound of horses’ hooves pounding on the ground echoed through the air.

Two horses were running through the sea of red leaves, splitting the wind.

On top of them were none other than the tanned, bald professor and the platinum blonde girl.

Aron shook the reins incessantly and shouted at Lucy, who was speeding ahead of him.

“Your Highness! Please slow down! It's dangerous!”

“There’s no time to dawdle! You said Raiden might be in danger!”

Lucy ignored Aron’s cries and accelerated further. Aron let out a small groan at the sight of the girl who wouldn’t listen.

Originally, Aron was supposed to move alone to rescue the students.

However, the plan went awry when Lucy, who had overheard the professors’ conversation, insisted on going with him.

It was driving Aron crazy.

Unlike her younger sister, Neria, she was a student who was loved for her understanding and gentle nature despite being a royal.

She had changed completely as soon as the subject of Raiden came up.

Sharon explained the seriousness of the situation and even dared to scold her, but Lucy wouldn’t budge.

-Please… I beg you.

-I finally found him again, I can’t lose him again…

The girl just sobbed, saying things that made no sense.

She seemed to have lost her mind.

Not knowing what kind of trouble she would cause if he left her alone, Aron eventually had to allow her to accompany him.

Of course, the condition was that she would be accompanied by her knights.

-Calm down, Aron.

-It’ll be alright since you and the knights are with her.

-They're all skilled. It might even be safer than the base camp.

Aron looked back, chewing on the comfort Sharon had given him.

There, about ten escort knights were following on horseback.

Each one of them was a platoon made up of forces equivalent to the Academy professors.

Taking comfort in their presence, Aron shook the reins.

As Aron spurred his horse and pulled up alongside Lucy,

Lucy, who had been staring straight ahead, turned to him and asked,

“Where did you say Young Master Lishite’s signal was last detected?!”

“It’s in the middle of the forest! If we keep going like this, we’ll soon reach a large canyon. We should be fine if we follow the border!”

-Clack, clack…

The sound of horses’ hooves echoed roughly through the bushes.

The professor and the princess ran and ran in search of the missing children.


At the time when Lucy and Aron were continuing their chase.

In the heart of the forest, a boy was sitting down, breathing heavily.

“Haha… This is getting old…”

In front of the boy lay the wreckage of shattered trees and rock fragments.

The boy, who lightly pushed away the jet-black armor that touched his feet, let out a hollow laugh and brushed his bangs back.

“The silence after a battle is always so bland.”

Golden Boy muttered, dusting off his blackened right arm.

He withdrew the electricity remaining on his fingertips.

As the flickering blue light scattered, the boy’s hair began to turn from white back to blonde.

However, the atmosphere remained the same.

Instead of his usual goofy expression, a cold chill hung over the boy’s face.

Golden Boy, who had been silent as if reminiscing about something, suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood.


Golden Boy bowed his head and coughed up thick, bloody phlegm.

Perhaps because it was a power he hadn’t used in a while, the aftereffects hit him late.

Every time he retched, his white shirt became heavily stained with dark red marks.


Golden Boy wiped his mouth and clicked his tongue.

On his forearm was a gruesome lightning-shaped scar.

A wound he had inflicted on himself, vowing to avenge his clan.

The boy hid it under his sleeve with a faint sigh.

As the scar disappeared from sight, Golden Boy returned to his usual lighthearted demeanor.

He picked up a sword that was rolling on the ground.

It was the sword used by the undead that had just turned to ashes.

Golden Boy stabbed himself in the abdomen several times with it, deliberately inflicting wounds.

“Hua… It’s over. Shall we go back to base camp now~?”

Even with the blood gushing out, the boy’s expression looked relaxed.

Golden Boy lightly pressed his hand against the wound to stop the bleeding and started walking.

“Come to think of it… I wonder what happened to that maniac?”


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