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Chapter 60 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

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Childhood Friend – Phylas Tertan

The bustling atmosphere of the lord's castle gradually subsided as the preparations to welcome the distinguished guests neared completion.

However, this didn't translate to a noticeable decrease in workload for the maids. The head maid, her face perpetually etched with a severe expression, summoned five maids, lining them up horizontally.

"You will be serving Lady Harriet Gaidan, so keep your wits about you," she commanded.

She had spent a month observing and selecting the most intelligent and diligent maids. Yet, the thought of entrusting these inexperienced girls with serving a noble filled her with anxiety.

Why had the Lady chosen to bring only two maids with her?

The head maid threatened them with dire consequences should any mishap occur, her words draining the color from their faces.

Serving a noble – of all the tasks they could have been assigned! While the generous compensation was enticing, the prospect of being flogged and chased out for the slightest error was a fate they all wished to avoid.

Amidst the head maid's stern lectures and occasional whacks with a switch, only Lena's eyes sparkled with anticipation. Fear mingled with excitement within her.

'A noble! And a Lady, no less!'

She was consumed by curiosity about the glamorous lives of nobles. What did their days entail?

She had heard they were heartless creatures, but her recent observation suggested otherwise. And their skin – so flawlessly fair! They hailed from the capital. What wonders awaited in that grand city?

Fueled by the prospect of glimpsing into the world of nobility, Lena immersed herself in the training. The head maid, in turn, took note of her enthusiasm.

It wasn't long before Lena found herself appointed as Harriet Gaidan's personal maid.

The two maids accompanying the Lady Gaidan were on the verge of collapse from overwork, necessitating an immediate replacement. Lena, known for her quick wit, was the first choice.

There was hardly any time for proper training, but there was no other option. They had to mobilize the fastest learner...

Early the next morning, Lena cautiously knocked on the door and announced, "My lady, I have brought water for washing."

"You may come in."

As she opened the door and entered, Lena found Harriet Gaidan stretching languidly on the bed, seemingly having just woken up.

"Oh my. Nobles do wear gowns to bed. I haven't tried washing that one yet... Did you bring it from the water source?" Lena wondered aloud, her eyes darting around the room.

As Lena observed her with wide, curious eyes, she placed the warm water on the bedside table and stood quietly, holding a towel. Harriet chuckled, amused by the unfamiliar maid's blatant curiosity.

‘She seems to think I won't notice…’

Maids, trained in the art of subtle observation, were adept at picking up on even the smallest gestures.

Harriet Gaidan wasn't one to torment her subordinates, but seeing the young maid trying to absorb her surroundings with her eyes alone sparked a mischievous impulse.

She rose from the bed and casually shrugged off her gown.

"Oh? My lady, you usually only wash your face in the morning..."

"I washed last night, but I must have perspired overnight. I feel rather sticky. Would you assist me in washing?"

Taken aback, Lena stared at Harriet, who had settled onto a stool (a small, Western-style chair without a backrest or armrests), beads of perspiration dotting her skin.

Oh no! I've never learned how to wash someone's body!

"Um, do I just wet the towel and wipe? Where should I start? And how far should I go?"

As Lena hurriedly began wiping her body, a wide smile spread across Harriet's face.


Up close, the maid looked quite endearing, awkwardly tending to her with flushed cheeks. The slight baby fat between her chin and cheeks was so tempting, it made Harriet want to reach out and pinch them.

‘Was I too harsh? Look at her sweating.’

Feeling a pang of guilt, Harriet calmly began explaining the tasks.

"There's perfume on the table. Could you pick the yellow one and dissolve it in water? And..."

Fortunately, even in her flustered state, Lena understood her instructions well. Harriet found herself growing rather fond of the maid before her.

* * *

As autumn painted the landscape in warm hues, a guest from the Conrad Kingdom arrived in Bospo.

A carriage, adorned with the red shield of the Tertan Duchy on both sides, pulled up, and a young man alighted, accepting the governor's greetings.

With neatly combed, deep brown hair reminiscent of aged tree bark, and eyes of a similar shade that shone with youthful vigor, the guest was none other than Phylas Tertan, the heir to the Tertan family.

He was a remarkably young heir, being the grandson of Rupert Tertan, the man who held the political power of the Conrad Kingdom in his grasp. Phylas had yet to come of age.

Despite his youth, his impeccable manners spoke volumes about the thoroughness of his upbringing.

"Nice to meet you. I am Phylas Tertan. Please take care of me during my stay," he greeted the governor with a polite bow.

"I will ensure your every need is met. Are you not weary from your journey? If not, would you like to meet Lady Gaidan first?" the governor inquired. "Understood. Allow me to escort you to your chambers."

After Phylas expressed his wish to freshen up from his long journey before meeting the young noblewoman, the governor led him to his designated room.

Fifteen knights had accompanied Phylas Tertan, but only two remained by his side, taking their positions as guards outside the door once Phylas indicated his need for a moment of rest.

Alone in his chambers, Phylas settled by the window, placing a small, ornate jewelry box on the table before him. He exhaled, a sigh escaping his lips. A faint, mischievous smile played on his lips, a testament to his boyish charm, as he pressed his straight nose thoughtfully.

'Why did Grandfather make such a request?' he pondered.

His grandfather, Duke Rupert Tertan, was known for his gentle nature.

To think that the man who held the reins of power in the Conrad Kingdom, the supreme authority with only his grandson, Eric de Yeriel, as the prince, could be so kind was almost unfathomable.

He doted on Phylas to the point where he wanted to keep him close at all times.

This was the reason why Phylas's father, Midian, had been unable to move out of the Duke's mansion even after marriage.

While it was customary for nobles to establish their own households after marriage, even if they were the heir, the Duke's stubbornness on this matter remained unshaken.

For Phylas, it was a blessing. While being born into a high-ranking noble family guaranteed material wealth and a top-notch education, nothing could replace the love and care of one's family.

He had grown up surrounded by the constant affection of his grandparents and parents.

Phylas considered himself incredibly fortunate. Born into one of the most powerful families in the Conrad Kingdom, second only to the Yeriel Royal Family, and blessed with a loving and harmonious family, he had every reason to feel grateful.

However, his grandfather's recent request had left him baffled and slightly apprehensive.

Phylas recalled the moment Duke Rupert Tertan had summoned him to his study.

+ + +

It was late in the evening when Phylas received his grandfather's summons. The sun had long set, and even the Duke's sprawling mansion was cloaked in shadows, save for the areas illuminated by strategically placed lanterns.

'What could it be at this hour?' Phylas wondered as he made his way to the study. 'We just had dinner together. Did he forget to tell me something?'

Upon entering the study, Phylas found his grandfather lost in thought, his gaze fixed on some distant point in the room while he absently swirled a glass of chilled water.

It was a habit the Duke had whenever he was deep in contemplation. The flickering candlelight cast deep shadows on his face, making his wrinkles appear more pronounced than usual.

"Grandfather, you called for me?" Phylas announced his arrival.

"Ah, Phylas, come in. My apologies for summoning you at such a late hour. There's a matter I need to discuss with you," the Duke said, a warm smile gracing his features as he gestured for Phylas to take a seat on the plush armchair beside him.

"I've received a marriage proposal on your behalf," the Duke revealed, his voice laced with amusement.

"A marriage proposal? But Grandfather, I'm not of marriageable age yet," Phylas pointed out, his brow furrowed in confusion.

The Duke chuckled, his wrinkles deepening as if to emphasize the truth in his words. "Indeed, you're still too young. But do you know who proposed this union? It's none other than the Gaidan Marquis family from the Ohrun Kingdom."

"The Gaidan Marquis family? You mean... the family that shares our border?"

The Tertan Duchy occupied a vast territory in the southern part of the Conrad Kingdom. Additionally, as Midian Tertan, Phylas's father, was the Marquis of the Western frontier, they held another territory. This meant that the Tertan Duchy, situated in the southeast of the continent, and the Gaidan Marquisate, located in the northeast of the Ohrun Kingdom, shared a border.

"Precisely," the Duke confirmed. "They've expressed their desire to have Lady Harriet Gaidan as your bride."

"Hmm..." Phylas hesitated, his mind racing.

The duty of a noble.

Even though he hadn't come of age yet, Phylas was well aware of the responsibilities that came with his lineage.

No matter how powerful a family might be, prolonged isolation inevitably led to their downfall. Therefore, it was common practice for noble families to forge alliances through marriages, and this duty often fell upon the shoulders of their young heirs.

But marriage?!

Having grown up sheltered within the loving embrace of his large family, Phylas had yet to experience any significant interactions with young noblewomen. He had only just begun to contemplate making his debut in society.

And now, marriage was being thrust upon him!

The thought filled Phylas with a strange mix of apprehension and excitement. The idea that somewhere out there, a young woman was destined to become his wife, even though he had never met her, sent a flutter through his chest.

He was, after all, a young man on the cusp of adulthood, his heart susceptible to the stirrings of youth.

Clearing his throat and reminding himself of his noble duty, Phylas replied with a hint of shyness, "I... I have no objections, Grandfather. If it benefits our family, I am honored to fulfill my duty."

However, his grandfather's response caught him off guard.

"I have no intention of marrying you off just yet, Phylas," the Duke stated calmly. "While the Gaidan Marquis family is indeed a prestigious one, they are, ultimately, a foreign house. This proposal will be declined."

"Then why tell me about it at all, Grandfather?" Phylas asked, a flicker of disappointment in his voice.

If the marriage proposal was going to be rejected anyway, why not simply decline it without involving him?

Surely, there was no shortage of families eager to form an alliance with the Tertans.

In fact, Phylas wouldn't be surprised if numerous proposals had already been politely turned down.

Rising from his chair, Duke Rupert Tertan walked over to a nearby desk and retrieved a beautifully crafted jewelry box.

"I want you to deliver this to Lady Harriet personally," the Duke explained, handing the box to Phylas.

"We can't very well reject a proposal from a family as esteemed as the Gaidans without a gesture of goodwill, can we? I'm not asking you to deliver the rejection personally. Simply present her with this gift and inform her that we will be in touch regarding the matter. I will handle the official rejection myself. Consider it an opportunity for you to embark on a short journey."

Inside the box lay a magnificent necklace, a large, crimson gemstone gleaming ominously even in the dim light of the study.

'Is there really a need for such an elaborate rejection?' Phylas wondered to himself as he accepted the box.

+ + +

Standing by the window, Phylas felt the cool breeze from a foreign land caress his face as he continued to ponder his grandfather's motives. He had unconsciously taken out the necklace and was now holding it in his hand.

'Wait a minute! Wasn't I told not to handle gemstones like this?'

Depending on the type of gemstone, some were susceptible to damage from the oils on one's skin.

Startled, Phylas carefully examined the necklace, but to his relief, there were no visible marks.

'What a strange stone...' he thought.

The crimson gemstone appeared incredibly hard and durable, yet its surface seemed to shimmer and shift, reflecting light at constantly changing angles.

During his long journey, Phylas had found himself strangely drawn to the stone, often losing himself in its mesmerizing depths.

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.

"Master Phylas! It is almost time for you to meet Lady Gaidan. Shall I summon the maids to assist you with your attire?" a voice called from behind the door.

"Yes, send them in."

As soon as Phylas gave his permission, the door opened, and three maids entered, their arms laden with garments.

These maids had accompanied him from the Tertan Duchy and were well-versed in the art of attending to his needs.

With swift, practiced movements, they helped him out of his travel-worn clothes and into a more formal attire, adding a few carefully chosen accessories, including a scarf, to complete the look.

They combed his hair, applied a light powder to his face, and meticulously checked for any stray hairs before bowing respectfully and exiting the room.

Phylas was accustomed to such pampering, but lately, he had begun to feel a strange sense of unease about it.

As he matured, he had become increasingly aware of his own burgeoning sexuality, and the maids, with their youthful beauty, were no longer merely servants in his eyes.

Furthermore, a recent conversation with a young noble had left him both intrigued and slightly scandalized.

To think that some nobles engaged in illicit affairs with their maids!

For Phylas, who had grown up in a close-knit family, such a notion was unfathomable. How could anyone even contemplate such an act, especially within the walls of his grandfather's own mansion?


'They're commoners, for heaven's sake!' he reminded himself.

The Tertan family prided itself on its noble lineage, and engaging in scandalous relationships with commoners was simply unthinkable.

With a mental shake of his head, Phylas suppressed his inappropriate thoughts and exited his chambers, his mind now firmly focused on the task at hand. He was to meet the young noblewoman who had been offered as his bride, even though the proposal was destined to be declined.

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