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Chapter 61 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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What Must Not Be Forgotten

[Rachel's Diary]

Hello, it's Rachel!

It's already been four days since the young master left the dormitory for his school trip.

It's strange, it feels like it's been four years.

Life without the young master is so boring...

I hope he comes back soon!

Today, I went to the shopping district inside the Academy.

You know, the marketplace that's a short walk from the academy building!

It was a feast for the eyes, with fascinating things to see every step of the way.

I looked around and bought the things I needed.

First, I bought some tea leaves that the young master likes.

A tie and coat for the young master.

I ordered some fish to be served when the young master returned.

Two wooden swords that he asked for before the trip, and...

Oh my! I forgot about dinner tonight!

I was so caught up in picking out things for the young master that I completely forgot.

I guess I'll have to skip dinner...

Meals are no fun without the young master anyway.

Hmm... I'm writing in my diary, but I feel like I've only written about the young master again.

I really am quite smitten.

Speaking of which, I wonder how the young master is doing.

I hope he's not losing sleep without me and Lady Ariel. Hehe...

......Actually, now that I think about it, I'm worried.

Isn't he lonely in a strange place?

How is he sleeping?

What if something happens and he gets hurt?

My mind is so full of worries about the young master that I can't think of anything else...

Of course, I don't hate it!

I really, really like the young master!

Hmm, I'm sure he's doing well.

That's what I'll choose to believe. I trust him!

Wherever he is, I know he'll be strong and doing well.


Please, come back safe and sound.


- Whoosh...

A cool breeze stirred the air.

The trees, adorned with autumn foliage, swayed gracefully, releasing their leaves in response to the call of the season.

Beneath the gently falling leaves, someone sat slumped against a tree.

"Haa... Haa..."

A black-haired boy gasped for breath, his face etched with exhaustion.

His name was Raiden Lishite.

It was me.

"...It's finally over."

I muttered, wiping the sticky, dark blood from my hands.

With a numb arm, I sheathed Sorrow, which had fallen to the ground.


As Sorrow was sealed, the blue aura that had been flickering around me dissipated into the air.

I watched as the remnants of light faded away, leaving behind faint afterimages, and then I looked around.

At my feet lay the mangled corpses of the black knights.

Only then did the reality of the situation fully sink in.

The battle was over.

My tense muscles relaxed, and I leaned back against the tree.

"That was close..."

I had managed to finish the fight with just seconds to spare before my Extrasensory ran out.

If those bastards had stalled for even a little longer...

I would be the one lying dead on the ground right now.

I shuddered at the thought.

I let out a small sigh and knocked on the tree trunk behind me.

"I survived again, huh?"

Two sleepless nights.

My mind and body were pushed to their absolute limits, and I had just gone through a grueling battle against a horde of undead.

Every muscle in my body ached.

No, it wasn't just my muscles.

My entire body was a mess.


I groaned as I struggled to my feet.

A wave of pain shot through my body, making me want to collapse again.

But I had to keep going.

It wasn't over yet.

I had counted twenty undead knights earlier.

I had just taken care of thirteen, which meant seven remained.

"Those remaining bastards are probably..."

Chasing after Golden Boy and Violet.

Damn it, I hope those guys managed to get away safely.

I limped forward, my leg throbbing with pain.

I wasn't sure what I could even do in this state...

But I couldn't just sit here and wait for death.


I took a shallow breath and started walking.

That's when I heard it.


The sound of powerful hooves pounding against the ground reached my ears from behind.


I tilted my head, turning around at the sound.

Horses? What the...?

The undead wouldn't be riding horses, and Golden Boy and Violet should be heading towards the camp...

Reinforcements? But that's too soon...

Even if one of my party members had managed to get back to camp and call for help, it should have taken them at least another hour to get here.

This place was on the opposite side of the forest from the base camp.

Unless the professors had sensed something was wrong and decided to investigate...

I frowned, my eyes fixed on the approaching horses.

At the front, leading the charge, were two girls.

Their platinum blonde and silver hair fluttered in the wind as their horses galloped towards me.

I recognized them instantly.

"Lucy and Margaret? And is that Aron and the escort knights behind them...?"

I stared at them in disbelief.

What were they doing here?

Reinforcements had arrived already?

My confusion quickly gave way to relief.

"Thank goodness..."

With that kind of firepower, they could wipe out the remaining undead in seconds.


Lucy, her voice filled with urgency, called out to me as they rode through the undergrowth.

Her blue eyes were wide with worry, and I could see tear stains on her cheeks.

Wait, who made our little princess cry?

I swear, when I get my hands on them...

I muttered darkly to myself, raising a hand in greeting as they approached.

I was about to take another step when...


A whistling sound pierced the air behind me.


I turned around just in time to see a spear flying straight towards me.

My deactivated Extrasensory must have failed to detect the attack in time.

"You've gotta be kidding me...!"


The spear plunged into my abdomen before I could react.

A searing pain ripped through me, and I tasted blood in my throat as I coughed up a mouthful of crimson.


What the...? Where did that come from?

I frantically searched for the source of the attack.

Through my blurry vision, I saw an undead knight stumbling, barely able to stand.

It seemed like that last attack had taken everything it had.

'But I crushed its head...!'

Wait a second... I can't get hurt right now!

The 'Iron Body' effect should be wearing off any minute now...


A familiar mechanical sound rang in my ears.

The perfectly timed notification filled me with dread.


[The duration of the special effect 'Iron Body' has ended.]

[Calculating effect penalty.]

[※Penalty will be applied immediately.※]


[You will receive 3 times the accumulated damage taken while the effect was active.]

[Penalty applied.]


Fuck my life.

-Thud! Slash!! Rip!!!

The last things I heard were the sounds of two more holes being ripped through my abdomen and the sickening tearing of flesh as my body was riddled with wounds.


And Lucy's scream.

My vision went black before I could even react.


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