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Chapter 61 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

“Why do you keep provoking that kid……?”

It seemed that she had heard the argument I had just had with Samuel.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Samuel was the one who started it. I have no reason to be gentle in my response."

I emphasized Samuel’s fault.

To begin with, I had no intention of getting along with Samuel.

Rather, I wanted to form a close relationship with him because he was one of the descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins.


“From the first time we met until now, he’s been consistently showing that he hates me, so how could I possibly say anything nice?”

Up until now, Samuel had not given me a good impression.

So, it was inevitable that our relationship would go awry.


Fron sighed again at my answer and said,

"Of course, he was in wrong. In the end, it's like he belittled the results of your hard work..."

“Then what’s the problem?”

“……Didn’t I tell you once when you and him fought?”

She had already warned me.

I searched my memory carefully.

Come to think of it, right after Samuel and I had fought, Fron had come over and asked me why I was bringing up his family.

Could this be it?

“Are you talking about insulting his family?”

“Yes. It’s true that he is being rude to you, but I don’t understand why you keep bringing up his family.”

It wasn’t a very grand reason.

Just because of that.

If you think about it, Samuel also criticized me for being half-demon.

Samuel’s words were vicious, but I didn’t think I was being malicious.

When I made a clueless expression, Fron furrowed her brow.

“Oh, looking at your expression, it seems like you really didn’t know……”

Fron trailed off and continued in a gloomy voice.

“He is the Lord of the House of Gluttony.”


For a moment, my thoughts stopped.

The word Lord meant,

‘If a freshman is the Lord…….’

It meant that a child who hadn’t even graduated yet had taken on that role.

……It meant that there was no one to succeed the family except for Samuel.

“No way.”

“It’s as you think. His family was already exterminated.”


A sigh escaped my lips.

Now I understood why she had been reprimanding me whenever I brought up family matters with Samuel.

‘So that was why.’

Samuel had taken on the role of Lord.

“During the Human-Demon War, all of his blood relatives were killed by humans, and he was the only one who survived……”

Fron continued in a bitter tone.

For a moment, I was speechless.

Even though I had no good feelings towards Samuel, I couldn’t help but remain silent about his past.

‘I’m in the same boat, having been exterminated.’

Unlike me, who couldn’t feel the sorrow of the original owner of the body, Samuel must have witnessed the scene of all his blood relatives being killed.

More than anything, it left a bitter taste in my mouth.

This, too, must have been a setting that I had written into the story.

Of course, it wasn’t something that I could entirely blame on myself.

I, too, had never dreamed that the characters in the novel I had written would come to life and breathe like this.

Even so, it was true that I felt a sense of compassion.

So I spoke to Fron in a slightly more serious tone.

“I’ll be careful from now on.”

“Please do. I’m going now.”

“Yes, good luck on your exam.”

"It's a piece of cake for me. Just watch from there."

Fron arrogantly rose from her seat when Ares called her name.

I watched her back intently.

‘I guess I’ve seen a pretty serious side of her.’

I had always thought of her as a frivolous woman.

But I was able to see a series of aspects that I hadn’t seen before.

I guess I can revise my evaluation of Fron a little.

As soon as I thought that.


……She started screaming as she was hit by Ares.

Not long after, Fron returned in a tattered state.


“P, please spare me!”

The same was true for Luna…….

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