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Chapter 67 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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『 The Imperial Academy is a building that ranks among the top ten largest structures in human history.

Floating high above the vast expanse, it was given the alias, the Heavenly Island.

A fusion of human magic and technology.

That was the Imperial Academy.

In order to ascend to the Imperial Academy, one must ride a flying carriage, otherwise the barrier will reject the intruder.

That barrier boasts a strength so formidable that not even a dragon's teeth could break it. 』

Other students and I stared at the Imperial Academy beyond the mountain with our mouths agape.

The grandeur of that colossal heavenly island left us not just surprised, but overwhelmed.

'How magnificent.'

It was incomparable to Sytan.

Of course, Sytan also boasts a formidable size, befitting the Demon Realm's one and only elite training institute.


'It absolutely does not reach the level of the Imperial Academy….'

Indeed, it does not.

Its lofty and majestic form that filled the sky was deeply etched into my mind.

As I let out a gasp of admiration, other students also dropped their jaws one by one.

― That island floating in the sky is a school? No, wait, how can an island even float in the sky in the first place?

― Compared to that, Sytan is like a sandcastle…….

A scene that vividly demonstrated the gap between the Demon Realm and the Human Realm.

Human technology had long since surpassed that of the Demons.

Even Fron, a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, couldn't help but be impressed, so any further explanation would be unnecessary.

"W, what in the world is that?"

I could sense the trembling in Fron's voice.

I answered her simply.

"It's a school. A school that teaches humans, the complete opposite of Sytan."

"Ugh, I can't believe it."

Fron looked as if she couldn't quite believe my words.

Well, if I were her, I'd have a hard time believing it too.

Even I, the one who had personally described it, felt a sense of foreignness as I looked at the Imperial Academy…….

As I blankly looked up at the Imperial Academy,

"Do we have to go in there?"

Luna asked, tilting her head, and I shook my head excitedly.

"There's no need to go in, and we can't even if we wanted to."

“Why can’t you go in?”

“Look at the Imperial Academy again.”


When I pointed at the Imperial Academy, Luna narrowed her eyes and looked up again.

I added an explanation.

“If you look closely, you’ll see a barrier.”

“Yeah, I see it.”

There was a transparent dome-shaped barrier around the Imperial Academy.

“That’s a kind of defensive barrier created by human mages, and it has a durability that even dragons can’t destroy. No matter how much we combine our strength, we won’t be able to make a single scratch on it.”

In addition, if we can’t ride a flying carriage to the Imperial Academy, we can’t even approach the barrier.

It meant that for us now, it was impossible to attack the Imperial Academy no matter what method we used.

‘I could go in if I used Position Exchange, but…….’

What would I do if I entered the Imperial Academy alone?

I would immediately be slaughtered by the protagonist’s party.

So we have to wait for the target to come down to the ground.

Luna’s expression turned pale at my explanation.

“Even dragons can’t destroy it…….”

“Just because the Imperial Academy’s barrier is strong doesn’t mean their skin is tough too.”

“T, that’s right.”

Luna looked terrified.

I said that to try to ease her tension in my own way……


“Let’s move for now.”

I called the students together.

And I gave them a brief explanation of the plan going forward.

“On the map, we are here.”

I spread out the map Idea had given me and pointed to ‘◎’.

And diagonally from that was ‘▽’.

I pointed to the ‘▽’ symbol.

“This means the Imperial Academy, so ‘▽’ is to the right based on ‘◎’. And…….”

The most important outdoor class location for the Imperial Academy students.

The ‘Ⅹ’ symbol, which meant the target, was to the left of ‘◎’.

It meant that we just had to walk to the opposite side of the Imperial Academy.

“The destination is this way. Do you all understand?”

“Yeah, I understand.”

“Let’s go.”

In fact, there was nothing to understand because all we had to do was walk in the direction.

There’s no need for any further explanation.

“Then let’s depart.”


I hoisted my bag and took the lead.

The students began to follow behind me.

* * *

As I and the students walked towards the ‘X’ on the map-.

I felt a piercing gaze from behind.

‘An enemy?’

Surely an enemy wouldn’t send such an obvious gaze, but just in case, I looked back warily.

I glanced back subtly, trying not to show it, and easily noticed the identity of the gaze.


I clicked my tongue without realizing it.

It wasn’t an enemy, but it wasn’t exactly an ally either. That guy was glaring at me.


Samuel followed behind me with a very displeased look.

‘Why did that guy come all the way here with such a sharp expression?’


I clicked my tongue inwardly.

I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t help it.

For now, I had no choice but to flatter him and stroke his ego.

‘……I’ll just endure it this time.’

I barely managed to suppress my anger.

Samuel had to play the most important role in this operation.

There was quite a lot that he had to do in the plan I had set up.

Search, reconnaissance, and even combat.

And he even had to take care of combat.

I was originally going to do it myself…….

But I quickly changed my mind and decided to leave it to Samuel.

‘I have to admit what I have to admit.’

Samuel has outstanding talent in magic and handling mana.

His talent easily surpasses mine.

In fact, it would be difficult to find a student in Sytan who is more talented than Samuel when it comes to magic.

If I had to name one, it would be the next Demon King, Diana.

‘That’s how high-ranking he is.’

Whether I like it or not, I can’t stop Samuel.

At least not in the current situation.

That’s why.


I stopped walking and turned around to extend my hand out to Samuel.


Samuel narrowed his brow thinly at my actions.

His gaze seemed to be asking what I was up to.

I shrugged.

“I know that Mr. Samuel hates me. I don’t like you either.”


Samuel looked bewildered.

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