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Chapter 69 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,AssassinBonus chapter thanks to '@Talosfanboy' for subscription to 'Sword Lacquer' tier on Ko-fi.

“Let's assign roles.”

Right after escaping from the secret realm.

I gathered Fron and Samuel in one place and brought up the subject.

“I would like for Mr. Samuel to take on the role of scout.”

“Why should I do that?”

Samuel looked displeased.

That was understandable since the role of the scout was both dangerous and annoying.

The role of the scout was to hover around the vicinity of the Imperial Academy alone and check when the humans would arrive.


“You are the only suitable candidate.”

“Why? Isn't that something you should do?”

“No. Mr. Samuel should take on the role.”

I remained firm.

There was one reason why I insisted on Samuel taking on the role of scout.

As the class president, I needed to observe the situation and command the students from their side during the initial stages of the battle.

Other than me, Samuel was the only one who could perfectly utilize the art of stealth.

His magical talent was superior to anyone else's, and the art of stealth was no exception.

Samuel was the most suitable candidate for the role of scout more than anyone else.

“Please. I trust in your abilities.”


At my earnest request, Samuel reluctantly nodded his head as a sign of acceptance.

With this, Samuel would be in charge of both scouting and combat.

Somehow, he seemed to be in a good mood.

The corners of his mouth were slightly raised without a trace.

‘Did he want to take on the role of scout?’

It wasn't unreasonable to think that.

Samuel, who had never shown me anything but a sneer before.

That was why his appearance was so unfamiliar.

It's not a bad sign.

I put my curiosity behind me and spoke softly to Samuel.

“That doesn't mean you'll be taking on the role of scout alone.”

“Then, are other students going besides me?”


There was someone else who would take on the role of scout.

It just wasn't a student.

I rummaged through my backpack and pulled out something wrapped in cloth.


Samuel’s eyebrows furrowed slightly as it wriggled.

“This is…….”

“It’s something I’ve worked very hard to tame.”

I said with pride.

That’s right.

The fruit of my labor had finally come to fruition.

― Chirp?

A single bird emerged from the cloth.

It looked around blankly as if it didn’t understand what was going on.

Fron, who had been staring at the bird, exclaimed in surprise.

“Isn’t that a falcon! And it’s an information falcon that’s known for its excellent information-gathering abilities!”

“I think you’re right.”

I don’t know the exact species of this bird, but judging from the word ‘information’ in front of it, I think you’re right.

― Chirp?

The information falcon cried out in confusion as the three of us stared at it.

The guy was a bird that Ares had sent to spy on me.

I noticed that Ares had sent it and given it candy and snacks little by little, and before I knew it, it had become like this.

― Chirp, chirp……!

The guy rubbed his cheek against the back of my hand when I reached out my hand.

After several months of feeding it finely crushed candies, it had come to completely follow me like a friend.

Now, it didn’t feel any resistance to my touch and even acted friendly, so I had grabbed the opportunity and brought it all the way to the human world.

However, it wasn’t completely mine.

“It’s a bird that Instructor Ares raised, but I borrowed it this time. We became quite close, so I even gave it a name.”

The name is Sijo (Vision Bird).

It meant ‘bird that sees.’

“I don’t think Instructor Ares has any reason to be nice to you……”

Samuel presented a sharp deduction, but I ignored it neatly.

And I spread my mana to check who the information falcon was connected to.

‘As expected, the line has been cut off.’

Before, I could confirm that it was connected to Ares, but now it wasn’t connected to anyone.

It wasn’t that Sijo had betrayed Ares or anything like that.

The connection was simply severed because we had crossed from the Demon Realm to the human world.

So, I could use it for now.


I manifested my mana and slowly poured it into Sijo.

The guy, who seemed to be in a state of confusion for a moment, looked up at me.

It felt like it was assessing me.

Whether it was okay to help me, whether I was worthy of being acknowledged as its master, even for a short while…….

It was probably considering such things.

‘Like master, like bird, I guess.’

Sijo also seemed to be quite suspicious.

If it were an ordinary animal, it would have been very easy to tame.

Even after becoming this friendly, it still didn’t recognize me as its ‘master.’

It was at that moment that I felt like giving up.


At the same time, as something felt like it was being stabbed, my mind was struck.

My vision began to expand.

It’s clear that my eyes can only perceive one scene.


Another scene was added on top of it.

I realized that the scene was the view that the Sijo was seeing.


The Sijo flapped its wings.

It seemed to be trying to comfort me, thinking that I was upset.

I wasn’t particularly angry.

Rather, I felt grateful that it was trying to help me even now.

However, I can’t just accept its nonsense.

The Sijo should accompany Samuel for the time being, not me.

“Sijo, you should go with that man for the time being.”


The Sijo glanced at Samuel.

The guy growled as if he was displeased with something, but at my resolute appearance, it settled on top of Samuel’s head.

At this, Samuel frowned.

“Get down, you little pest…….”

As befitting the descendant of the Seven Deadly Sins, Samuel doesn’t tolerate anything on his head, even if it’s an animal.

However, the Sijo seemed to like being on Samuel’s head.


“……This guy.”

Samuel made a ferocious expression, but he didn’t kick the Sijo off.

He just reluctantly lowered his head and let out a deep sigh.


Then, as if he was going to stroke the Sijo, he reached out his arm.




The Sijo dodged Samuel’s hand by taking a step back.

It was at that moment that Samuel’s expression froze in surprise.


The Sijo pecked at the top of Samuel’s head with its beak.

Since the Sijo specializes in gathering information, there’s no way it would hurt Samuel’s body.


Samuel seemed to have suffered a mental wound.

Wow, they’re getting along well.

Samuel and the Sijo seemed to be a good match, so it seemed like the right choice to put the two of them together.

I don’t know if they’ll think that way, though.

I said, a smile playing on my lips.

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