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Chapter 7 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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God of Soccer

I've been wandering around looking at the map to find a candy store.

Finally, I was able to find a store that sells candy.

‘She told me to buy honey candy here…’

To be honest, I don't like candy.

Should I say I don't really like sweets?

That's why, even when I was a beggar, I didn't have much attachment to food.

If there’s food, I’ll eat. If not, I’ll starve. What’s the big deal?

With that in mind, I went into the store.

Just in case, I went in prepared to use magic.

I let my guard down a little at the grocery store earlier, and my hand turned red and swelled up.


As I carefully opened the door to the candy store and entered, a very sweet smell wafted from all over the place.

It's a smell that certainly proves that this is a candy store.

Smelling the sweet scent, I greeted the store owner.



As I entered the candy store, a very prosperous-looking man greeted me.

Should I say he looks a little likable?

With that thought in mind, I asked the man.

"Do you have any honey candy?"

"Ah, of course. I have everything except what I don't have."

"Then, please give me some honey candy."

"Honey candy is 1 gold for 10 pieces. How many would you like?"

"... 1 gold for 10 pieces?"


My head was a little confused.

1 gold for 10 pieces.

So, does that mean one of those candies cost 10,000 won?

But thinking about it, it didn't seem that expensive.

Sugar is precious in this world.

Of course, sugar could be obtained if you wanted to, but that didn't mean it could be used recklessly.

With that in mind, I purchased 100 honey candies.

"Thank you, please come again next time."


So I carefully put the honey candy in my bag and checked the remaining money.

The remaining money is 26 gold.

Actually, it was impossible to use all this money.

Of course, I could use it if I wanted to, but it's a bit burdensome for me, should I say?

So I opened the door of the candy store, came out, and started walking around a bit.

Taking a walk like this makes me feel better.

As I was enjoying this feeling, I saw children from the neighborhood playing soccer in the distance.

So I watched for a while.

"He should've passed it from there, what a greedy bastard."

Soccer didn't originally exist in this world.

But as people crossed over to this world, soccer came to be, and so did all sorts of things.

Actually, it's easier to think of it as a mix of medieval times and Korea.

People who came from Korea to this other world developed all sorts of facilities for their own convenience.

As a result, this world has changed a lot.

The people who came from Korea to this other world…

They are commonly called "travelers."

The key event was when one of these travelers made a connection with a high-ranking nobleman.

It's said that he saved the nobleman's life and found a gold mine nearby.

Thanks to that, this world has been able to pick and choose only the positive aspects from the unfamiliar culture called Earth and graft them onto itself without any significant issues.

The result of that was the soccer I was watching.

As I was thinking about that, I thought about what had happened this morning.

"Ugh… the test is going to be tough."

I needlessly showed off by researching magic at dawn, incurring Silvia's wrath.

Feeling a deep sigh escaping me, I sat down for a bit.

And popped a honey candy into my mouth.

It was an extravagant luxury for me, but Silvia hadn't said anything about not eating them, so it should be fine.

As I unwrapped it and put it in my mouth, an intense sweetness spread throughout my mouth.

"This is too sweet."

It was sweet enough to rot my teeth.

You could say it was similar to the tanghulu that's now spread all over the Empire.

With that thought, I got up from my seat and went back to the mansion.


"I'm home."

I said that as soon as I came in, without even considering that Silvia might be within earshot, but she was standing right by the door.

And she held out her hand.

As if asking for something I was sent to fetch.

"Ah, here you go."

There was no particular reason not to give it to her, so I placed the pouch containing the medicinal herbs, candy, and change I had bought today onto Silvia's hand.

Silvia immediately opened the pouch and checked the contents.

And then she grinned.

“Ah, good job. Then study a bit while I do some research.”

It seemed that buying the honey candy had put her in a very good mood.

She had secretly popped a piece of honey candy into her mouth from the moment she received the pouch.

Of course, I saw everything.

She’s probably going to go up to her lab and devour those honey candies.

With that thought, I went up to my room.

And then I started reading the Fundamentals of Magic II.

“Hmm, I was right.”

Basic magic, like Barrier, was in the second volume.

I don’t know why it wasn’t in the first volume, but the person who wrote the book must have had their reasons.

Thinking that, I deployed the magic formula in my room.

Deploying a magic formula in the corner of my room made me feel like I needed to cover my eyes.

With that thought, I poured mana into the Barrier formula.

Then, a barrier formed around me.

“This is basic magic.”

This can’t be the end, right?

There’s probably a higher level of magic than Barrier.

The only thing I know is Mana Shield.

I heard that for something like Mana Shield, you need to understand the formula itself, not just pour mana into it.

‘..It wasn't that difficult though.’

Of course, the level of that and the level of the book I'm reading now are different, but understanding the formula wasn't that difficult.

I feel like I would know even if I did it roughly.

But I didn't say this out loud.

It felt like bragging.

And if I said it and failed, it would be really embarrassing.

With that in mind, I accessed the Forum.

You can post all sorts of things on the Forum.

You can even post pictures.

The way to post a picture is simple.

Think about taking a picture of what you are looking at and concentrate for 5 seconds, and it will be taken as a picture and uploaded to the Forum.

You can add text to it separately.

That’s why many users used the Forum as their diary.

It was inevitable.

However, if the ratio of users using it as a diary becomes too high, someone will regulate it.

I don't know who regulates it.

Perhaps an omnipotent being is responsible.

With that thought in mind, I checked the trending posts.

"Anything interesting?"

I wish there was something interesting.

There were a lot of posts on the forum, but the percentage that made it to the trending section was extremely low.

Should I say people are stingy with their recommendations?

As I thought that, I checked the trending posts.

[Author: NewsFlash]

[Title: They finally built a soccer field in Lukphelton…jpg]

[Content: (Photo) They're building it right now lol A modern soccer field at that]

L: What the hell is the world going crazy? Why are they building a soccer field in the middle ages?

 ㄴ: Medieval times (with gunpowder)

 ㄴ: Ah, this is really messing with my head.

 ㄴ: This isn't what I imagined when I read fantasy novels.

L: These crazy bastards... Do I have to watch the World Cup here too?

L: You again... G O A T

 ㄴ: Ah.. The Soccer God, there is no one but you

 ㄴ: What does Ronaldo have to do with the main post?

 ㄴ: He is everywhere and nowhere...

 ㄴ: Isn't that just a ghost?

 ㄴ: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L: But changing the world like this in a year is crazy.

 ㄴ: The high-ranking nobles are suspiciously pro-people.

 ㄴ: But it's a win for us.

"...They're even building a soccer field. At this rate, they'll be forming clubs by region and competing."

It was truly absurd.

This wasn't the medieval period I had imagined.

It felt like things were changing little by little, in a strange way.

I wondered if I was right.

But well… It's not like it's developing in a bad way.

Thinking that, I looked at one more post.

[Author: Sleepyhead]

[Title: Today's Archmage Atrocity…jpg]

[Content: (Photo) He wiped out all the monsters around him because he was pissed ㄷㄷ]

L: ? Isn't he just a nice guy?

 ㄴ: Right lol

 ㄴ: He seems like a really nice guy.

 ㄴ: Ahem, it's not 'guy,' it's 'sir.'

L: What, why is he nice?

 ㄴ: I thought he burned down a house or something.

L: The title is clickbait. I want to strangle him.

 ㄴ: Strictly speaking, it's not clickbait.

 ㄴ: He calls it a good deed? What a load of bullshit.

“..He must’ve needed test subjects.”

There’s no way that Archmage would do something that only benefits others.

He’s doing this because it benefits him too.

But there was no reason to argue.

It helps everyone after all.

With that in mind, I wrote a post too.

[Author: ReallyDirtPoor]

[Title: Finished the basics of magic in a day, am I good or what?]

[Content: For reference, it’s my first time learning magic, is this normal?]

I wrote the post because I was genuinely curious.

But a moment later.

L: This bragging bastard wants to die so badly

 ㄴ: Such a braggart lol

L: You bragging bastard, just die.

L: Press upvote if you want to strangle this braggart lol

 ㄴ: Upvoting eagerly

 ㄴ: I hate braggarts the most in the world

Negative comments poured in.

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