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Chapter 71 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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Among the students of the Imperial Academy who began to disembark from the carriage, I focused my gaze on a single figure.

My first target.

He was Besaha, an instructor at the Imperial Academy who had reached the 5th Circle realm.

A wind-type mage, who had green hair.

He wore a magnificent uniform with an eagle-shaped brooch symbolizing the Empire.

It was an outfit befitting an instructor of the Imperial Academy.

He was also that strong.

'The realm of the 5th circle.'

It was the highest realm that a talented mage could reach.

Only those who had achieved extreme enlightenment among talented mages could reach 6th Circle or higher.

And 8th Circle or higher,

Are those who left their mark on the history of magic.

Such mages only appeared in history or legends.

Of course, among the protagonist's party, there were monsters who broke through the wall of the 8th Circle.

Kyle's younger sister, Ray, who had been working as a spy, was a prime example.

However, in the current situation, there were only a handful of people who had reached the 8th Circle.

The head of one of the six families, the master of a famous magical family.

If there was Luzian, the headmaster of Sytan, in the Demon Realm, then her nemesis must also exist in the human world.

However, it would still be a long time before those two forces came to the forefront.

That also meant that the Imperial Academy was not yet strong enough to overwhelm Sytan's forces.

'It's also proof that I have a chance of winning.'

Besaha was a powerful wizard, but he was ultimately someone who had not overcome the wall of the 5th Circle.

On the other hand, I had a track record of defeating Kyle, a 3rd Circle wizard, as if he were nothing.

Of course, there was a gap between the 3rd Circle and the 5th Circle that was like the beginning and end of the continent.


'Besaha is not a mage specializing in combat, but a mage specializing in theory.'

For example.

It was similar to Robolt's constitution.

It was true that he was also a wizard who had reached a level that was second to none in the Demon Realm.


If I were to face him one-on-one right now, I wouldn't be able to guarantee a perfect victory.

It meant that I could win two or three times out of ten.

'If Besaha is one level higher than Robolt.'

Then, my chances of winning would be slim.

I had a reason to defeat Besaha, even at the risk of my own death.

The reason is...


I shifted my gaze.

Among the human students who had begun to disembark from the carriage, there was one who exuded an unusually strong presence.

With golden hair that seemed to hold the sun and copper-colored skin that contrasted with it,

The guy was laughing uproariously, flanked by female students on either side.

A giant hammer was strapped to his back.


My expression hardened with a feeling that made my insides tremble.

Was this excitement from seeing one of the main characters that I had written myself?

Or was it tension from knowing the strength of the guy I would be facing in the future?

I didn’t know exactly, but one thing was for sure.

He would be the strongest guy I had ever faced.


‘…In a way, you could say this guy is the enemy of this body.’

The male student with golden hair and copper-colored skin was a figure from the ‘Leon Duke Family,’ one of the six human world families.

He was also a member of the family that had dispatched the knights to kill me, the descendant of Arsene.

In a way, he was the starting point that made me decide to head to the Demon World.

I looked at him with eyes filled with mixed emotions.

‘Leon Terias.’

A member of the Leon Duke Family and one of the main characters, a figure who would proudly make his name known in the flow of the main scenario.

A guy stronger than the 5th Circle Magician Besaha at this point in time.

If he joined forces with Besaha to attack me or the students, everyone would die.

‘In the original, Leon Terias killed everyone by himself, actually.’

On the one hand, I thought it might be dangerous to leave my post to kill Besaha in that situation.

On the other hand, I also thought it was worth a try since I knew his personality.

Terias was late to join the ranks because he was making a bet with a female student in the original.

'It was about Terias, a womanizer and the class president, making a bet with the vice president to become his woman.'

A bet to see who could clear the Secret Realm first.

The vice president, who had always disliked Terias, accepted his bet.

She gave him a penalty of stepping down as class president and not talking to female students during his school years.

However, since Terias’s strength was far superior, so he received a penalty of having to start thirty minutes late.

And so, thirty minutes later, Terias saved the human students and the vice president, who had been cornered by the students of Sytan.

That became the reason why she joined the ranks of his harem.

It was like the typical story of a character who appears as a supporting character in a Shonen manga.

Thanks to that.

'I have thirty minutes to spare.'

To be exact, I had about forty minutes until Terias moved to the end of the Secret Realm.

During that time, I had to kill Besaha, obtain the elixir, and join up with Sytan's students.

Will the children be able to hold out until then...…

'It can't be helped.'

Even if I put the elixir aside, if Besaha joins Terias, something will happen that even Samuel and I can't handle if we join forces.

That was the moment.


Samuel raised his body.

As the students of the Imperial Academy gradually approached him, he was about to leave his seat.


Samuel had the ability to judge for himself without me having to tell him directly.

I sighed in relief and spoke to the students behind me.

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