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Chapter 73 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin


The wind swirling around Besaha’s body is getting stronger.

The moment I use Position Exchange to move a short distance, I’ll be swept away by the wind and thrown up.

I was looking down at Besaha with a hardened expression.

“Come out, you bastard!”

Besaha shouted.

He looked very excited.

Prey consumed by emotion can’t make proper judgments.

The odds are in my favor.

……At least that’s what I thought.

That was my mistake.


Among the faint traces of wind that were sweeping through the forest, a few became concentrated enough to be clearly perceived.

A change for attack, not search.

‘I’ve been caught.’

The moment I realized it, it was too late to dodge.

The concentrated wind struck me as I climbed up a tree.

As dizziness echoed through my head, Besaha’s leaping figure entered my sight.

‘This is bad.’

Position Exchange, my only means of moving and escaping, has been sealed.

Besaha was creating countless whirlwinds everywhere in my sight.

No matter where I move, I won’t be able to avoid those whirlwinds.

That’s why.


I used telekinesis to press down on my body.

The power to lift or press down on objects.

That was telekinesis.

Fortunately, thanks to Besaha spreading the wind so widely.

‘……I survived.’

I was able to land on the ground relatively safely.

However, I couldn’t deny that my insides were shaken up after being caught in Besaha’s wind.


Blood mixed with the acidic taste of vomit flowed from the corner of my mouth.


I wiped it away.

Then I closed my eyes for a moment and relaxed my body.

It was to push my ‘Five Senses’ to the limit.

The battle that will unfold from now on.

It won’t be a battle fought with thorough plans and reason, but one based on instincts and movements that my body makes directly.

Immediately after-.


Besaha's gusty wind collided with my dagger.

* * *

The darkness pouring out of Adel’s body and Besaha’s wind mixed together, creating a dazzling spectacle.

Besaha threatened Adel by freely manipulating the wind, and Adel dodged the gales as if dancing by using his quick movements and telekinesis.

However, Adel couldn’t pierce through the gale and land a meaningful blow on Besaha, and Besaha couldn’t hit Adel with magic either, so all that was happening was a battle of attrition.

“This damn half-breed bastard!”

Besaha figured out Adel’s race after a few clashes.

As a 5th-circle high-ranking mage, he could easily figure out Adel’s identity.

However, there was something he couldn’t understand.

‘Why is he after me?’

The note the spy had sent.

It clearly said that Sytan’s demons would attack the third-year dormitory, so be prepared.


What is this?

‘Why are they attacking me instead of the third-year dormitory!?’

The timing was perfect.

They attacked while most of the Imperial Academy instructors were focused on the third-year dormitory.

This meant that they had intentionally diverted attention before attacking.

Otherwise, there was no way an assassin would be sent this far away from the Imperial Academy.


If that’s the case?

‘The children are in danger too!’

Besaha thought of the students who would be conquering the Secret Realm by now.

However, he realized that there was a ‘monster’ there who had already surpassed him, and he smiled faintly.

“I see now. You guys think that if you just get rid of me, you can beat the students too?!”

Besaha burst into laughter.

‘Hahaha, poor bastard. You’re digging your own grave.’

That half-breed assassin must have planned to kill him, the instructor, and then assassinate the other students.

However, Terias, one of the students, was an unparalleled genius who had surpassed countless instructors, and he was not someone Besaha could defeat.

“Arrogant bastard!”

Besaha revealed his true power.


Nine whirlwinds swept towards Adel.

Besaha was certain of his victory.

No matter how fast or agile that half-breed demon was, there was no way he could defeat him.

The moment Besaha thought that.

“……I didn’t want to use this skill.”

The half-breed assassin muttered something self-deprecatingly.


He was erased from this world.

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