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Chapter 74 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Preparing for Chaos

The invasion of Reynolds Academy.

This event took place in Volume 3 of "Sorrow-erasing heroes."

It was the episode where the Demon King's army, which had not shown its true colors until then, finally took the stage.

Powerful enemies began to appear before Allen, who had been unrivaled within the Academy.

In the original story, the attack was brought to an end thanks to Allen's efforts.

However, a significant number of students were injured or lost their lives.

"The Academy invasion, huh..."

Sitting alone on a bench in the training hall, I muttered to myself, resting my chin on my hand.

The invasion was like a grand finale to the academic year.

In other words, once we got past this incident, nothing else would happen until the end of winter break.

I absentmindedly fiddled with the wooden sword in my hand.

It was because the contents of the main quest I had received a few days ago came to mind.

I quietly parted my lips and called out to the status window.

"Status window."


The familiar mechanical sound rang out, and a blue screen materialized in front of me.

I casually manipulated the screen and brought up the information about the main quest.


[Main Quest Pending]

Title: Unbreakable


The Demon King's army is attacking the Academy.

Protect the Academy from the cruel shadows.

Enemy Scale: To be revealed in 5 days, 4 hours, and 27 minutes.

[Penalties Upon Failure]

1. Weakening of Reynolds Academy's Forces

2. 328 Deaths

"Well... I guess things are going similar to the original story so far."

I let out a low whistle as I looked at the text box labeled "Penalties Upon Failure."

In the original story, the number of casualties from the Academy invasion had reached 300.

It seemed that this incident would unfold in a similar manner unless I intervened.

It's a grimdark novel for a reason, I guess.

To think that they'd kill off this many students in an early-game event.

A fleeting thought crossed my mind, complaining about how excessive it was, but I quickly brushed it aside.

"Well... it's my job to stop it."

The deaths of countless students.

Such a tragedy would not come to pass.

Because I had made up my mind to alter the fate of the Academy.

After briefly pondering the penalties with a sigh, I scrolled up the screen to the next section.

This time, it was a text box labeled "Rewards Upon Success."


[Rewards Upon Success]

1. +1500 Favorability with Academy Students

2. 3000 Points

3. Acquire Title: 'Hero of ■■'

4. Acquire Skill: 'Sanctuary'

"The rewards are insane."

As expected, the quality of the rewards matched the difficulty of the penalties.

A massive amount of favorability, points, a title, and a skill?

It was like a comprehensive gift set, overflowing with goodies.

"The skill is pretty good for an early-game quest reward."

The 'Sanctuary' skill offered as a reward upon success was an A-rank buff skill.

It was a skill that Allen had frequently used even in the latter half of the story.

It created a domain infused with purifying energy around the caster, healing their allies. You could think of it as a kind of healing barrier.

"It's one of the best buff skills out there."

If I could get my hands on this skill, I'd be able to handle future dangers much more smoothly.

Of course, I had to succeed in the quest first...

"Haa... there's a lot to prepare for..."

I guess I'll be busy for a while.

I muttered to myself as I stood up from the bench.

Three days until the invasion.

I set out to prevent the impending tragedy.




If I remembered correctly, two mid-boss enemies would appear in this invasion.

Twin demons with crimson skin.

The Left Hand, Rakious, and the Right Hand, Tenebrious.

Both of them held mid-rank positions in the Demon King's army.

According to the descriptions, they were supposed to be quite powerful.

I briefly closed my eyes, visualizing the twin demons in my mind.

In the original story, Allen had dealt with Rakious.

Professor Aron and the other instructors had subdued Tenebrious.

There had been casualties during the battle back then, but...

"This time, it'll be different."

Unlike the original story, Korn was present at the Academy.

Originally, Korn should have been banished from the Empire for failing to prevent the princess's death.

However, because I had saved Lucy from the Seekers, she was still able to maintain her position as the headmistress of the Academy.

Korn Ronezia is known as the strongest woman in humanity.

She would be able to control the situation and prevent any harm from coming to the students, even in the midst of a chaotic battle.

"The twins shouldn't be a problem."

With Korn on our side, what could a couple of mid-rank demons possibly do?

They might put up a fight, but it was almost a foregone conclusion that Korn would crush them.

"In that case, the real problem lies elsewhere."

I pushed aside my worries about the twins and shifted my focus to a new concern.

This event was literally an "invasion."

It wouldn't just be the twins. A wave of thousands of monsters would be crashing against the Academy.

It would be utter chaos.

"The key is how to stop the monsters..."

I stroked my chin, lost in thought.

Would it be best for me to step up in this situation?

The twins would be causing a ruckus at the main gate, while the monsters would be swarming in from the rear gate.

I could leave the main gate to Allen and Korn.

If I took care of the rear gate, it would be a perfect plan.


As I was lost in thought, tapping my fingers on the desk, I heard a knock on the door.

*—Knock, knock...*

*—Young Master, may I come in?*

It was Rachel.

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