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Chapter 78 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Love and Hate


The incomplete spell pulsed erratically, flashes of emerald light illuminating the arena. A massive ball of unstable mana hovered before her, on the verge of detonation.

《W-wait! It’s too dangerous…!!》

The announcer’s panicked voice reached my ears.

And then, a soft sigh escaped Margaret's lips from the eye of the storm.


It all happened in a flash.

Even before I could fully grasp the situation, my body was moving on its own.

“Blink x 10.”

I chanted under my breath, my lips moving rapidly.

As my breath quickened, a blue window appeared before my eyes.


[Using the skill ‘Short-Range Teleportation (Blink)’ 10 times.]

[Remaining Uses: (0/20)]

[Time Until Next Recharge: 1 Hour 29 Minutes 58 Seconds]

With a crackle and a spark, my consciousness blinked, and in the next instant—

I stood right beside Margaret.

She had braced herself for the impact, her body curled inward, her eyes squeezed shut. Her silver hair whipped around her, tossed by the violent currents of mana.

I didn't hesitate.

I swept my arms around Margaret's trembling form and pulled her close, shielding her with my own body. At the same time, I reached into my subspace, my fingers closing around the hilt of Sorrow.

The slumbering blade vibrated in response to my call, a low hum resonating through my very being. A thrill shot through me as I whispered the activation words.

“Sorrow, rend them asunder.”

—Mana Dispel—

The moment I issued the command, Sorrow responded with an earsplitting shriek.


The bizarre cry ripped through the air, silencing the chaos as if by force.

Sorrow, the embodiment of grief, devoured the mana explosion, severing its roots before it could fully bloom. What was once a chaotic maelstrom of energy now dissipated into harmless motes of light.

A brief, mechanical chime sounded in my ears.


[The Divine Weapon 'Sorrow’s' unique skill, ‘Mana Dispel,’ has been activated.]

I had made it in time.

Relief washed over me as I watched the remnants of the mana explosion fade away.

As I calmed my still-racing heart, I heard a soft groan coming from the girl in my arms.

“Uh… Hmm…?”

Margaret slowly lifted her head, her crimson eyes gazing up at me with a dazed expression.

Our eyes met, hers wide and uncertain, mine calm and reassuring.

A small smile touched my lips as I spoke.

“Are you alright?”


She stared at me blankly, struggling to comprehend the situation. I gently steadied her, my hand resting on her back as she swayed unsteadily.

“H-How…? I… My spell… It went out of control…”

she stammered, her voice trembling with confusion.

Margaret slowly lifted her head to look at me, her expression bewildered.

“Did… Did you save me…?”

“Who else would be here but me?”

I replied matter-of-factly.

A wave of complex emotions crossed her face, her gaze dropping to my cheek.

“…You’re bleeding.”

“Bleeding…? Ah, you’re right.”

I brought my hand up to my cheek, my fingers coming away stained with blood. It stung a little. A stray shard of mana must have grazed me during the dispel.

“Why did you save me…? You could’ve been caught in the explosion…”

She murmured, her voice filled with concern.

I shrugged nonchalantly.

“I couldn’t just stand by and watch as you put yourself in harm’s way, could I?”


Margaret was speechless, her red lips parting and closing soundlessly.

Meanwhile, the announcer's excited voice filled the arena.

《What a heroic rescue by Young Master Lishite! He saved Lady Phyler from certain disaster!》

《He completely neutralized a potentially catastrophic situation!!》


A wave of cheers and applause erupted from the audience.

The announcer's next words, however, were spoken in a teasing tone that sent a shiver down my spine.

《My, my, don’t they look cozy together~?》



We both blinked, suddenly aware of our compromising position. I was still holding Margaret close, her body pressed against mine.


Margaret’s eyes widened in realization, and she scrambled out of my arms, her face flushing crimson.

She glanced around the arena, avoiding my gaze as the announcer continued his commentary.

《Well, then! I think we have a clear winner!》

《The victor of the fourth match is… Raiden Lishite!》

A chorus of cheers and whistles filled the arena. The audience was clearly impressed by the intensity of our match and its dramatic conclusion.

—That was incredible! I learned so much just from watching!

—That rescue was amazing!

—What was that last technique? Mana Dispel? That’s a rare one!

I shifted uncomfortably under the weight of their attention, my gaze darting around the arena.

My eyes fell on Margaret, who was making her way towards the exit, her steps slow and uncertain.

I watched her go, a strange ache in my chest. Her usually confident stride was gone, replaced by a fragility that tugged at my heartstrings.


A confusing mix of emotions swirled within me.

I kept my eyes on her retreating figure until her silver hair disappeared from view.

And with that, the fourth match came to an end.


Margaret stumbled out of the arena, her legs feeling like lead.

She didn’t know where she was going. She just let her feet carry her, her mind a chaotic mess of emotions.

—Are you alright?

His words echoed in her ears, his low, gentle voice replaying over and over in her mind.

She covered her ears with her hands, desperate to shut out the sound of his voice.

—I’m merely concerned for your well-being…

Shut up… she thought bitterly. Don’t say things you don’t mean.

Her chest ached, and a lump formed in her throat, threatening to choke her.

She felt a wave of nausea wash over her, her vision blurring at the edges.

But what bothered her most of all was…

—Thump… Thump…

…the frantic beating of her own heart.

She pressed her hand against her chest, trying in vain to calm its frantic rhythm.


Once again, Raiden had saved her.

Her own stubborn pride, her desperate need to defeat him, had backfired spectacularly.

I should’ve just… surrendered… she thought miserably.

A weary sigh escaped her lips.

She closed her eyes, her head pounding.

“Get a hold of yourself, Margaret”

She muttered to herself.

What had she been thinking? She knew she couldn’t beat him. And yet, she had let her pride cloud her judgment.

Being around Raiden always made her lose control.

Is it because… I hate him so much…? she wondered.

The truth was, Margaret was still young.

Too young to understand the complexities of her own emotions.

The overwhelming feelings that consumed her whenever she was near Raiden… she had mistaken them for hatred.

She was oblivious to the possibility that beneath the surface of her anger and resentment, a different kind of emotion was taking root.

“…. ”

She looked up at the sky, her crimson eyes reflecting the dull gray of the overcast heavens.

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