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Chapter 78 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin


The Sytan students, who had already sensed the defeat of the battle, immediately followed Fron’s words.

Luna looked at Samuel with a worried look as she prepared to retreat.

He said with his own mouth that he would follow us after we escaped.

But even as Luna, she couldn’t judge whether it was possible.

“Hurry and go.”

Samuel pushed Luna’s back.


In the end, Luna followed Fron and entered the secret passage with the cadets.


Luna, who was worried about Samuel until the end, looked back.

But Samuel cast magic without giving her even a glance.

“You have to come quickly……!!”

Luna shouted at Samuel as she entered the secret passage.

And as if in response, Samuel unfolded his magic again.

Hundreds of thorns began to sprout on Samuel’s arm.

Finally, when all of Sytan’s cadets had entered the secret passage.


“What the, they’re all gone.”

“They probably went over there. They popped out of there when they attacked us too.”

The two figures who had destroyed all of Samuel’s thorns walked over.

Sylvia was pointing exactly at the secret passage where the Sytan cadets had escaped.

If Samuel had escaped with the cadets, Terias would have pursued him right away.

Samuel staying here was the best option.



Terias loosened his neck as he faced Samuel.

Then he took a step forward, sending out a fierce aura.

“Let’s see what you’re capable of.”

“……I’ll show you enough.”

With that conversation.

Terias pulled out his hammer.

Samuel unleashed his Gluttony.


Countless thorns shot out in a circle, aiming to devour Terius.

It was like a typhoon sweeping through the area.


Terius swung his hammer to defend against Samuel's storm of thorns.

However, he couldn't completely nullify the power contained in Samuel's storm, and Terius' forearm was wounded by the thorns of Gluttony.

Terius looked at the blood dripping from his arm and smiled coldly.

"Is that all you've got?"

"That's not something you should say after seeing blood."

"Haha, it seems you've underestimated me."

Terius burst out laughing.

His expression turned cold.

And countless ice crystals began to cling to Terius' hammer.

Soon, Terius' hammer became an iceberg.

A large chunk of ice had grown on the back of the hammer.

The hammer emitted a thick chill that was visible to the naked eye.


The moment Terius swung it.


All of Samuel's thorns shattered.


The hammer struck Samuel's abdomen.


A crimson stream of blood flowed from the corner of Samuel's mouth.

It was a single exchange.

The moment when the victor between Samuel and Terius was decided.

Samuel had already realized that he couldn't defeat Terius.

But even so, Samuel stood up.

His ribs were already broken, and even breathing was difficult.

He spread his trembling arms and blocked Terius and Sylvia.

“……You can't pass."


Terius tilted his head.

In an instant.

Terius' hammer disappeared from Samuel's sight.



He tore off Samuel's left leg.

The leg, torn off with muscle and sinew, rolled on the ground.


Samuel's body collapsed.


"Not yet……"

Samuel supported his body with his arms and glared at Terius with a fierce look.


This time, Terius' hammer struck Samuel's right arm.

As his right arm was torn off, Samuel's body collapsed limply.

Even so.

"He's tenacious for a bug."

Terius clicked his tongue as he watched Samuel repeatedly pick himself up and collapse.

He had to admit that his tenacity was admirable.

What had made this demon like this?

Terius couldn't understand Samuel's emotions.

“I'll kill you painfully. Hmm, should I just tear your flesh off this time?”

Terius's words were sincere.

All he wanted to do was tear apart Samuel, who had touched Sylvia, the woman who was going to be his lover.

And so, Terius's hammer was lifted high into the air.


Samuel's eyes grew dim.

His vitality was gradually fading.

If that hammer were to strike his body, he would die.

Samuel reproached himself for his weakness.

If only.

If he had been that guy.

Would he have been able to break through this situation?

‘……Who was it?’


Perhaps because his mind was clouded, he couldn't remember the guy's face or name.

Had that guy even existed in the first place?

Before Samuel could even feel the absence in his memory.


It was the moment when Terius's hammer swung down to cut off Samuel's breath.


A strange sense of stability and buoyancy made Samuel's eyes widen.

A half-breed, covered in a thick, bloody stench, was carrying him away.

“You're not dead yet.”

The narrow-eyed man said with a faint smile.

"Well, you do look like you’re about to die though."

As his gaze met Terius's.

The atmosphere suddenly turned sinister.

His face was hidden by a mask, making it impossible to see properly, but his trembling and emotions were conveyed clearly.

One of the man's closed eyes opened, revealing a black pupil.

Only then did Samuel recall who the man was.

“……You're here now.”

"Just a tad late, but no matter. Patients shouldn't complain, just rest."


The man who had put Samuel down to one side glared at Terius.

After a while.


Darkness surged from the man's body, releasing killing intent.

“Now, it's my turn.”

The narrow-eyed man, Adel, looked at Terius with a hardened expression and smiled wickedly.

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