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Chapter 79 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Burning of Sorrow (1)

Night had fallen, the brilliant glow of the sun replaced by a cold, desolate darkness.

It was a time when everyone embarked on journeys to their own dreamlands.

However, even at this late hour, there was a young man sitting idly on his bed, his mind lost in thought.


Sleep eluded him.

He brought something resembling a cigarette to his lips and took a long drag as if trying to burn away his anxieties.

White smoke curled into the air, tracing the path of his breath.

His dark eyes, usually bright and full of life, were clouded with worry, the weight of fatigue etched beneath them.

He ran a hand through his messy black hair, a sigh escaping his lips.

This young man, with his distinctive features, was Raiden Lishite.

It was me.


I exhaled a plume of smoke, my gaze fixed on my reflection in the window.

A faint, herbal scent lingered in the air, a testament to the calming effects of the Deathweed I had been smoking.

But even its soothing properties couldn't completely quell the unease that gnawed at my insides.

I couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that clung to me like a shroud.

The thought of the impending attack, just a few hours away, sent a jolt of adrenaline through me.

I rubbed my eyes, trying to ease the tension that had coiled itself tightly around my nerves.

“Status window.”

I summoned my status window. It was time for a final check, to ensure everything was in order.

“Show me the details of the available sub-quests,” I requested.


[Available Sub Quests]

1. Hero of Blood

2. Faceless Hero

3. The Madman

4. The Deserter

Several new windows popped up before me, each displaying a different sub-quest.

I read through them carefully, organizing my thoughts.

Sub quests.

A staple of every RPG, these bonus quests often appeared alongside the main questline. They offered a chance to gain additional rewards without any real penalties.

“A ‘choice-based’ sub quest, huh…”

Of course, not all sub-quests were created equal.

Some, like the randomly generated “common” type, had little to no impact on the main storyline.

Then there were the “choice-based” sub-quests, which, as their name suggested, required the player to make a choice. These choices, in turn, could significantly alter the course of the story.

“This one popped up in the original novel too.”

I tapped my chin thoughtfully, my eyes scanning the details of each sub quest.

There were four options to choose from.

As I tapped on each one, a more detailed description appeared.


[1. Hero of Blood]

-Defend the Academy with your life!

Completion Requirements: Successfully defend the Academy from the demon attack.

[2. Faceless Hero]

-Become a shrouded hero!

-Embrace the shadows and fight alone!

Completion Requirements: Successfully defend the Academy from the demon attack without revealing your identity to more than 3 people.

[3. The Madman]

-Embrace madness and burn the world!

-Show them your true power!

Completion Requirements: Side with the Demon King’s army and destroy the Academy.

[4. The Deserter]

-Fearful of the coming attack?

-Abandon everything and flee!

Completion Requirements: Escape from the Academy before the demon attack begins.


The descriptions were straightforward enough.

The first option was the standard “defend the city” trope.

The second was the mysterious hero route.

The third… was basically going rogue.

And the last one… was running away.

“Well, I can cross the last two off the list right away.”

Destroy the Academy? Abandon everyone and run?

What kind of messed-up options were those?

I quickly dismissed them, focusing on the remaining two.

“Well, I already knew which one I was going to choose anyway.”

Without hesitation, I tapped on the second option.


[Sub Quest: ‘Faceless Hero’ has been activated!]

I needed to keep my identity hidden if I wanted to use Sorrow during the attack.

This sub quest lined up perfectly with my plans. Besides, the rewards for this one were far better than the others.


[Sub Quest: Faceless Hero]

Secretly protect the Academy from the demon attack!


If your identity is discovered by more than 3 people, the quest will automatically fail.

{Rewards for the Main Quest will be partially adjusted.}

1. 7000 Points

2. Acquire the Title: ‘Dedication’

3. Acquire the Title: ‘Faceless Hero’

4. Acquire the Skill: ‘Sanctuary’

[Time Until Quest Start: 7 Hours 24 Minutes]

I swiped away the notification, my mind already racing ahead.

I extinguished the Deathweed in the ashtray and turned towards the window.

The sky was still cloaked in darkness.

Five hours until dawn.

Seven hours until the attack.

“I should try to get some sleep.”

Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

I muttered the words to myself as I settled into bed, pulling the covers up to my chin.



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