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Chapter 87 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Receiving a letter from an unexpected person, Lorraine quietly began to read it.

It was filled with strange content, such as ‘I’d like to collect on the debt you owe me, so come to my room alone,’ and ‘Don’t tell anyone.’

“Threatening me with Allen’s safety… what in the world…”

Her delicate brows furrowed.

This was closer to a threat than a request.

A letter demanding her presence, holding the boy she loved hostage.

‘But… why?’

What reason could he possibly have to go this far to summon her?

Lorraine fell into deep thought.

At that moment, the whispers she had heard from the Academy students flashed through her mind.

“Saintess… It’s best to be careful of Young Master Lishite.”

“There are rumors about him being a womanizer and doing terrible things to commoner girls…”

“It’s not a confirmed story, but… I’d still recommend being cautious around him.”

The words on the letter and the voices of the students intertwined.

Her speculation, which had been wandering without finding an answer, suddenly shot off in a single direction.

“…Don’t tell me.”

He wants to collect on a debt, so she should come to his room alone.

And tell no one.

If she didn’t want Allen to get hurt.


Her golden eyes trembled slightly.

She felt a disgust that words couldn’t describe.

She felt like she was going to vomit.

“Why… why would you…”

It had only been two days since the monster invasion had ended.

Five students were dead, and 138 were injured.

In the midst of such a tragedy, how could he be harboring such a disgusting thought?

Yes, he could collect on his debt.

A month ago, when she had stopped Raiden from beating up Allen, she had told him herself.

That she would repay him on Allen's behalf.



“Must you demand such a thing as repayment in this situation…?”

Lorraine Marlena, the Saintess.

For the first time in her life, she felt a genuine hatred towards someone.



Lorraine couldn't just ignore Raiden’s demand.

The well-being of Allen, whom she loved, was being held hostage.

Even if she refused his demand.

She had to at least meet with him and talk.

And so, with a heavy heart, Lorraine arrived at the dormitory where Raiden was staying.


Standing in front of his door, she took a small breath.

Her hand, hesitating over whether to knock or not, trembled slightly.

“…I'll make myself perfectly clear before I leave. I will never accept this kind of demand.”

With that, Lorraine steeled herself and moved her hand.

*Knock, knock…*

The sound of her knuckles striking the door broke the silence.

Following the pathetic sound, Lorraine opened her mouth.

“…Mr. Raiden, it’s me.”

A moment of silence followed her voice, and then the closed door slowly began to open.


As the sound of the hinges reached her ears, Lorraine couldn’t help but squeeze her eyes shut.

It was out of fear for the person who would be revealing himself on the other side of the door.


A faint voice called out to her from the gap in the door.

Lorraine flinched and instinctively blurted out the words she had prepared.

“Mr. Raiden! I cannot accept such an absurd demand! Even if I was rude back then, this is too much! I have someone I love! You think you can threaten me with the Duke's authority? Have you forgotten that I am the Saintess of the Holy Order? If you want to fight with authority…”

“Please… save me…”

“So, I’m telling you! It’s absolutely out of the question… What? What did you say…?”

Lorraine, who had been pouring out her words in rapid-fire, stopped at the desperate plea that suddenly reached her ears.

“Save you? What do you…?”

Pushing aside the thick sense of discomfort, Lorraine opened her tightly shut eyes.

She couldn’t help but be horrified by the sight that unfolded before her widening gaze.

“M-Mr. Raiden?!”

“Save… me… Cough! The demonic energy…”

The boy who had summoned her to his room.

Raiden Lishite was staring at her, covered in blood.

“Blood…! What happened all of a sudden…!!”

“Cough, ugh… Haah, haah…”

Raiden collapsed at the entrance, vomiting blood.

Seeing that, Lorraine belatedly realized.

That she had gotten something terribly wrong.

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