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Chapter 88 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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Thus, time passed.

Finally, the day came when the gate to the Demon Realm would be opened.

‘Fortunately, we weren’t caught.’

We were able to get enough rest without being discovered by the humans.

Besaha’s laboratory, where he conducted experiments on homunculi, had remained hidden for years.

The camouflage magic it possessed was so great that even the protagonist’s party hadn’t been able to find us.

If we had enough food, we might be able to stay here for several days.

‘……But I don’t plan on doing that.’

I needed to receive treatment to reassemble my unevenly broken bones as soon as possible.

No matter how much I wore a mask to completely hide my face, unless I learned plastic surgery, Terias would never forget me.

In other words, if I stayed in the human realm, it would mean death.

So I had to hurry and take the students with me to escape to the Demon Realm.

I woke up the students who were still sleeping, along with Luna, who had gotten up early.

I grabbed Fron’s shoulders, who was spread out snoring, and shook them roughly.

“Get up now.”

“Ugh, five more minutes……”

“No, you can’t.”

“Tch, fine. I’ll get up.”

“Hurry up.”

“Stop nagging me.”

Fron grumbled but got up.

Even for her, staying in the human realm would be worse than death.

In fact, if she stayed in the human realm any longer, it would be no different from dying.

So after waking Fron up, I looked around.

Thanks to Luna running around busily since morning, all the students were awake and preparing to leave.

And a few minutes later, all the students were ready.

I gave them instructions.

“It seems like everyone’s up, so let’s get going.”

It would take about thirty minutes to get from the lab to where the gate would open.

We had to leave right away to arrive just as the gate opened.

I was getting impatient because I didn’t know how long the gate would stay open.

‘It won’t open and close right away, will it?’

If it only opened and closed for a split second, it would be a very difficult situation.

Outside, the protagonist’s party, dispatched by the Imperial Academy, would be searching for us with fire in their eyes.

‘The chances of them giving up on finding us are…….’


I don’t think it’s too far-fetched to say that it’s impossible.

I don’t know about the protagonist’s party, but do you really think that a ‘guy’ who pursues justice would just let us go after we killed human students?

By now, he must be searching for our trail with fire in his eyes.

And he must have figured out that we were somewhere near here.

‘We did our best to erase our tracks, but…’

With that guy’s animal-like senses, there’s no way he wouldn’t have noticed.

In our current situation, running into that guy would be the worst-case scenario.

The best-case scenario would be to not run into anyone at all.

…But that’s impossible.

The chances are high that we’ll run into at least one or two of them.

And that’s the minimum.

If we’re unlucky, we might even run into the entire student council.

That’s why.


[…What’s going on?]

I poured mana into the thorn and woke up Samuel, who had been sleeping soundly.

I ignored his sleepy voice and gave him a brief explanation of the situation.

“We need to move to where the gate will open, but there’s a high chance that we’ll run into humans.”

[So you need my strength.]

“Yes. The humans we’ll be fighting this time will probably be just as strong as the ones we met before.”

[That human, the one who did this to me…… wait, humans?]

Samuel shouted in surprise when I told him that we would be facing several strong people like Terias.

I nodded in response.

“Yes, and there’s more than one of them.”

[…Are you crazy? We didn’t come all the way here to die.]


[This is really driving me crazy. Why did you choose this place when you were picking the location?]


[Why aren’t you saying anything?]

I responded to Samuel’s questions with silence.

Even if I had two mouths, I wouldn’t be able to say anything.

I couldn’t tell Samuel what I was thinking at the time, so I kept my mouth shut.

If I hadn’t chosen to come here myself, another class would have come here instead, and they would have all died.

Plus, I had my own selfish desire to obtain the elixir…

[Hey, if you have a mouth, then talk!]

Samuel shouted at me as I hardened my expression.

Swish, swish-

I manifested the darkness attribute and painted my lips with a dark color.

…With this, my mouth is gone.


Samuel was speechless at my behavior and could only sigh deeply.

When Samuel’s voice finally subsided, I shouted at the students.

“Alright, let’s get going.”

““Let’s go!””

Were they glad that they could finally escape this horrible place?

The students shouted with bright smiles.

It was a natural reaction since the students didn’t know what kind of monsters were outside yet.

Their smiles would soon turn into looks of terror, but…

It was better for them not to know.

I glanced at them with a pitiful look and spoke to Luna, feeling the inconvenience of my movement.

“Then, please support me.”



I leaned on Luna’s shoulder.

And when I glanced to the side, I could see Luna’s face, which was even redder than before.

For some reason, Luna’s reactions had been strange since that day…

No, now was not the time to care about that.

‘…Nothing will happen.’

I tried to shake off my anxiety and walked outside with the students.

Inwardly, I prayed that I wouldn’t run into any humans.


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