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Chapter 89 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Shatter, Scatter, Hate (5)


Margaret stood frozen in place for a long time after confirming the contents of the letter.

Her mind had gone blank from the shock.

Confusion, disappointment, anger, disgust.

Horrifyingly negative emotions swept through her heart, leaving deep scars.

Her chest ached with a dull, persistent pain.

Margaret trembled slightly as a sense of dizziness washed over her.

"H-How… How could this…"

Her lips trembled, parting and closing repeatedly in shock.

A hollow whisper escaped her lips.

However, even that short sound couldn’t form a complete sentence and shattered into pieces.

Her breath, along with the lingering tail of her words, dissipated into the cold winter air.


The blowing wind rustled the letter in her hand.

The lines of characters etched on the white surface wavered in her pupils.

Anger and disgust welled up inside her.

Margaret struggled to suppress them as she muttered to herself.

“Raiden… You really are… the worst kind of human being…”

A faint trace of resentment lingered in her voice.

Margaret lowered her head, trying to calm her trembling hands.

“…I thought you had changed.”

She had believed he was shedding his old, reckless ways.

That he was gradually returning to the person he once was.

“I was such a fool.”

A self-deprecating murmur escaped her lips, laced with disappointment and betrayal.

Following the turbulent waves of her emotions, Margaret’s brow furrowed.

“I kept thinking about you… worrying, anxious, and agonizing…”

All for nothing.

All those hours she spent agonizing over him.

All those sleepless nights she spent trying to understand him, his past, his existence.

All of it…


The thought brought forth an unbearable wave of misery.

Margaret bit her lip hard.

Her slender fingers clenched tightly around her skirt, leaving distinct wrinkles in the fabric.

Emotions churned within her.

Margaret swayed for a moment before snapping back to reality, her eyes wide open.

“I can't waste time like this… I have to hurry before something happens to the Saintess.”

Pulling herself together, Margaret tucked the letter into the front pocket of her uniform.

Then, she turned and quickly walked down the hallway.

Her destination was Building 1 of the Academy.

The place where Allen and the Saintess’s other classmates were waiting.


Meanwhile, at Raiden’s dorm room.

A surgery was in full swing within the dark space.

The black-haired boy lay sprawled on the sofa.

In front of him, a white-haired girl was muttering something with her hands clasped together.

“Oh, Lord of Light, who banishes the darkness, your lamb cries out to you. Please embrace this dying breath with your mercy.”

Her small prayer echoed through the silence.

As if responding to her call, a brilliant divine light emanated from her fingertips.


The flickering light illuminated the room for a fleeting moment, revealing its gruesome state.

The air was thick with the metallic scent of blood.

A pool of crimson stained the floor.

Blood-soaked towels lay scattered around, and at the center of it all, a boy lay in ruins.

It was a horrifying sight that made one instinctively frown.

Amidst this gruesome scene.

The white-haired girl struggled to maintain her composure.

Swallowing her trembling breath, Lorraine reached out to Raiden with her hand overflowing with divine power.


“Kuh…! Argh!!!”

A sizzling sound, like flesh being branded, filled the air.

A scream of agony followed, piercing the silence like a sharp blade.

“Haah… Haah…”

“Just a little longer… Please bear with it a little longer, Raiden. We’re almost halfway there…”

Lorraine bit her lip, wiping away the sweat that beaded on her forehead.

Raiden, gasping for breath, nodded weakly in acknowledgment.

“Alright, here we go again…!”



Lorraine resumed the surgery, gathering her divine power once more.

The brilliant light enveloped his wounds, burning away the demonic energy that had seeped inside.

An hour had already passed since this desperate battle began.

Beads of sweat dripped from her forehead, creating faint watermarks on the floor.

Lorraine’s breathing was noticeably ragged now.

“Huu… His wounds are so severe. The demonic energy has penetrated deep…”

Lorraine frowned, lost in thought.

Her clear, white eyes carefully scanned his mangled abdomen.

‘These wounds… They must be from the monster invasion two days ago…’

Demonic energy was a power that only monsters and demons could wield.

He must have sustained these injuries while defending the rear gate alone.

‘But that was two days ago…’

How could he…?

How could he have endured these excruciating wounds for two whole days?

“Kuh…! Haah, haah…”


Lorraine gazed silently at the groaning boy.

Countless questions flooded her mind.

Lorraine pinched herself, pushing those thoughts aside for now.

“For now, I need to focus. Saving Raiden’s life comes first.”

She took a deep breath and began to recite a prayer, channeling her divine power once more.

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  1. So the margaret will be mistaken they're doing something sexual because raiden's groan

  2. So much accidents - lazy writing. Just had to throw letter away, just had to be picked up by one of the 2 persons prone to misunderstanding, just had to rush to his room - so lazy.