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Chapter 90 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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And so, before the other instructors could get on the platform, Samuel and I talked.

[Rather, it's clear that our class has suffered more damage than the other classes. Some classes seem to have no injuries except for minor bruises. ......Does that mean our class is weak?]

Samuel muttered gloomily.

As he said, there was no other class that had four casualties except for ours.

Even if there were, it would only be one or two.

There were even classes that didn't have any deaths at all.

But that didn't mean that Class A's level was low.

"No, it's true that our damage is the greatest. But that doesn't mean we're the weakest. Objectively speaking, our level is higher than Guwar and Aeron's classes."

I muttered indifferently.

The combination of Samuel and my abilities was quite good, and I was the one who had defeated Guwar last time.

Of course, Guwar didn't show all his strength at that time, but at least I didn't think I would lose to Guwar.

There was only one reason why Class A suffered so much damage.

It couldn't be helped.

Because Terias we faced was the strongest person in this exam.

I apologized briefly to Samuel.

"......I'm sorry about this. If I had chosen a different area, we might not have suffered any damage."

If we had invaded a place other than the Imperial Academy, none of the students might have died.

But I needed to get the elixir, and I needed to confront Terias to get a real grasp of the protagonist's strength.

Because of my greed, I led the students of Class A to their deaths.

This was an evil deed for which I could not say anything, even if I had ten mouths.

"Since he was the strongest opponent in this exam, it couldn't be helped that our damage was great. I don't know if I could have been stronger, but there are students in other classes who are stronger than me......"


Samuel’s sharp voice rang out at my words.

I thought he was going to get angry, but he pointed out something else I had said.

[Are you saying that there is a student stronger than you when your power suddenly amplified?]

“Yes, that’s right.”

[……That’s ridiculous. Are you saying that there’s a student at Sytan who’s stronger than, or equal to, that human?]

“That’s right. The human we faced was strong, but……”

I turned my head slightly.

At the end of my gaze, I saw the figure of a man with flowing crimson hair, like a sculpture.

He was the strongest in Sytan.

The fact that he had proven his perfect ability without suffering any casualties was proof of that.

[……Is he the descendant of Envy?]

“That’s right.”

Samuel immediately deduced who the strongest was.

It couldn't be helped.

Among the Sytan students, the undisputed strongest was the descendant of Envy, ‘Baltan’.

A man with power that surpassed even Diana, the Demon King’s daughter.

Of course, Diana couldn’t defeat Baltan because she wasn’t using her full power.


The human that Baltan faced in this midterm exam was the ‘King of Mercenaries,’ a powerful man who had also participated in the Human-Demon War.

I didn’t go into detail about the King of Mercenaries, but he was definitely a strong man comparable to Terias.

In short, if Baltan had gone to the Imperial Academy instead of us, he might not have suffered any casualties at all.

If we had sent another class to the Imperial Academy instead of us or Baltan, one of the classes would have been annihilated.

I succeeded in changing this future.

Many students were sacrificed in the process, but it couldn’t be helped.

If I had sent another class here, they would have been annihilated.

It would have been a huge loss to lose the other children of the Seven Deadly Sins in just a first-year midterm exam.

‘Like Samuel’s talent for magic right now.’

At the entrance exam.

The children of the Seven Deadly Sins showed me their outstanding talents.

It was a level that was inferior to the members of the Student Council, but it wasn’t so overwhelming that they would be defeated.

So I wondered.

Why did the children of the Seven Deadly Sins lose so easily to the members of the Student Council?

I was very curious about how this probability came to be.

I was able to guess roughly through this midterm exam.

‘……They all died before they could spread their talented wings.’

My novel’s main characters are already working hard to blossom their talents and join the ranks of the strongest.

However, the children of the Seven Deadly Sins were just newly hatched chicks.

If the children of the Seven Deadly Sins were given a little more time…….

‘I'm not sure about Guwar or Aeron's talents, but Rene and Samuel's talents are definitely not inferior to the main characters of the novel.’

Baltan and Diana are already at the level of the Imperial Academy’s student council.

If they focus on training for a few more years, Samuel and Rene might also have the power to match the members of the student council.

Well, there’s no answer for Fron though…….

“Ugh, my ears are so itchy. It seems like someone has been badmouthing me lately.”

“It must be your imagination.”

“No way! It must be some jealous wench cursing me!”

Hmm, she hit the nail right on the head.

However, I chose to keep my mouth shut instead of correcting her misunderstanding.

It was when I quickly averted my gaze to avoid Fron’s angry eyes.

[I don't understand why things get so chaotic whenever you open your mouth.]


Fron flared up like a cat at Samuel’s curt provocation.

Then, she began to grab at Samuel, who was clinging to one of my hands like a parasite, with her sharp claws.

[What are you doing?!]

“This has always been the bane of insolent beings!”

[Let, let go……! Kwaaaak!]


Just as the two of them began to fight, I turned my gaze away from Balton, who had piqued my interest.

Swish, swish-.

The subject of the story, Balton, waved his hand at me.

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