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Chapter 96 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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After the surgery, I returned to the dormitory and looked around.

I never thought I'd miss this place...

'It feels cozy.'

For some reason, it felt warm, like I had returned home.

I could definitely say that Sytan was much better than when I was rolling around on the ground in the human world.

I threw off my bloody clothes and collapsed onto the bed.

Normally, I would have put my clothes away, but I was too exhausted to even do that.

...I'll clean it up when I wake up tomorrow.

"What should I do now?"

I lay on the bed, lost in thought.

I was able to organize my thoughts because I was forced to sleep during the surgery in the infirmary.

Otherwise, I would have fallen asleep as soon as I lay down on the bed.

But that doesn't mean I want to have another surgery.


“...So I’ve changed two major events now.”

The events that would have happened according to the flow of my work.

I had changed countless minor events, but this was only the second time I had changed something major.

The first was the existence of 'me' in this place.

If I had remained in the human world, I would have spent years wandering the back alleys and building up my strength.

The time when Adel became active in the original work was after the destruction of the Demon World.

By coming to the Demon World from the human world, I increased my chances of survival and gained 20% of Adel's original power in a short amount of time.


'There are some regrets.'

The opportunities and numerous battle experiences that Adel gained in the human world.

I lacked those things.

The opportunities I could get in the Demon World were limited, and my combat experience was bound to be lacking compared to Adel, who had risked his life every day in the dark world.

I'm growing rapidly now, but I'm sure I'll reach my limit soon.

I have to be wary of that.

'...I'll know once I actually face it.'

At this rate, I won't even be able to protect my own body.

It is inevitable and essential that the human world and the Demon World go to war.

Terias and the protagonist's party will appear even stronger than they did this time.

I needed to become stronger in order to survive.


‘I shouldn’t be the only one growing.’

I stared blankly at the thorns on my wrist.


Samuel still didn’t respond.

He still hadn’t woken up.

It couldn’t be helped.

In the human realm, Samuel had done things beyond his capabilities.

He had even recklessly used magic while in a state where he should have been recovering his mana, so how could he not be exhausted and hungry?

The problem was,

‘He’s rapidly consuming my mana.’

Because Samuel was a parasite in my body, the amount of mana I recovered had noticeably decreased.

Normally, I would have recovered more than half of my mana by now.

But I hadn’t even recovered half yet.

Every time my mana filled up, Samuel would take it.

However, I didn't regret it.

‘If I can receive Samuel’s help, this much is fine.’

He had proven his worth in this midterm exam.

It was true that he had been defeated by Terias in an instant, but if he grew over time, he would show tremendous growth.

Considering his worth, it was enough to wait until then.

Samuel’s magical talent had many uses.

‘For the future, I need to develop the Class A students as well.’

I felt it deeply this time.

I shouldn’t be the only one getting stronger.

It was more efficient to make the students of Sytan stronger.

Right now, I couldn’t face Terias with my own strength.

I was able to win because of Samuel.

I needed to develop not only him, but also the other students.

After all, war is not something that can be won alone.

Ah, of course, the protagonist of the work is an exception.

If you’re a powerhouse like the protagonist who can destroy the world, you can lead a war to victory on your own.

‘……In that case.’

My future tasks have been decided.

To obtain Adel’s original power and to increase the power of the Class A students.

These two things will be my future challenges.

The second time I changed the original flow of the story.

I wonder what kind of butterfly effect it will have if I save the Class A students…….

I was quite curious.


I got out of bed with a faint smile on my lips.

My whole body was stiff.

How much had I looked forward to this moment in the human realm?

Since I hadn’t washed in days, my body must have reeked.

The students of Sytan were also dirty, so they hadn’t noticed.

When I returned to the clean dormitory, I realized how bad I smelled.


I opened the door to the dormitory bathroom and stepped inside.

Naturally, there was no convenient contraption like a shower that could be used in modern times installed in the dormitory bathroom.

In the first place, washing my body with a shower wasn’t to my taste, so it didn’t matter much.

Instead of a shower, there was a bathtub installed in the dormitory bathroom.


I turned on the faucet attached to the wall and filled the tub with hot water.

Feeling the warmth, Gu poison and Sijo, who had been grumbling in my arms, wriggled out and stuck their heads out.

― Beep!

- …….

The two of them stared intently at the bathtub filling with warm water.

Surely these guys.

“Do you want to come in with me?”

― Beep beep!

- …….

Sijo shook its body violently as if it understood what I was saying.

On the other hand, Gu Poison slightly avoided my gaze and glanced at the bathtub.

A guy who can’t be honest with his feelings…

“Well, it’s not like you can’t.”

It’s not like I’ve never had the experience of bathing with animals, so it wasn’t awkward.

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