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Chapter 98 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

The problem, rather, was.

“I don't know why you're so confident...”

I turned my gaze to the blue-haired woman who was making a smug expression.

Fron was still grinning with a confident look.

Could it be?

Did she have some kind of backing?

“Hoo hoo, you’ll see. I feel pretty good today.”

“……Just because you feel good doesn’t mean you’ll get a good score.”

It would be different if you felt good on the day of the exam.

It had already been over a week since the exam, so what good would it do to feel good now?

Samuel seemed to think the same as me and let out a pitiful voice towards Fron.

[She’s still not in her right mind.]


Fron glared at Samuel’s provocation and shook her hand.

She was trying to grab Samuel and beat him up like last time.

Samuel’s thorns began to tremble in surprise.

It seemed quite painful to have your thorns pulled randomly.

I hurriedly spoke to save Samuel from Fron’s clutches.

“Well, let’s go for now.”

“I’ll let you off this time.”


Fron clicked her tongue in regret and dragged her feet.

Anyway, Fron’s score would be much lower than ours.

I couldn’t understand why she was so confident in comparing her score to mine.

Wait a minute.

What if I win the bet?

It was obvious that my score would be higher than Fron’s in this midterm exam.

I would have received a good score in theory, and I had even overwhelmed Ares in the weaponary exam.

The same went for the human invasion exam and the magic exam.

I could say that there was no chance I would lose the bet with her.

That’s why.

“What will you stake as the prize of the bet?”

“Oho, you’ve finally decided to do it.”

“It’s not in my nature to avoid someone who challenges me.”

To be exact, it’s not in my nature to avoid challenges from those weaker than me.

Fron narrowed her eyes sharply at my answer and said,

“For someone like that, you seem to always avoid fighting the Child of Envy.”

“...It's just your imagination.”

I looked away, pretending not to know.

Then Fron, who had been clicking her tongue, opened her mouth.

“Well, I’ll accept your proposal. I’ll give you an invitation as the prize of the bet!”

“An invitation?”

“Yes. An invitation to enter my mansion.”


I was a little interested.

Of the Seven Deadly Sins’ mansions, the only ones I had seen were the Bares family’s and Samuel’s family’s, which I had seen through the necklace.

At that time, Samuel’s mansion was half-destroyed, so I couldn’t see it properly, but I had a sense of how big the Bares family’s mansion was.

Then what about Fron’s mansion?

I was a little curious.


“What’s the benefit to me?”

What could I possibly gain by going to Fron’s mansion?

At best, I could get some food prepared by the servants of the mansion.

Fron puffed out her cheeks at my blunt answer.

“If you don't want to, then don't. There are plenty of people who want to go besides you.”

“No, I didn’t mean I wouldn’t go. Okay, I’ll give you the right to use me as a slave for a day instead.”

“A one-day slave?”

“Yes, the right to use me as you please for a day.”

“Oh, good!”

Fron accepted the offer at once.

Since I was going to win anyway.

I’ll just have to figure out what to eat when I go to Fron’s house next time.

I was thinking about that when it happened.

Rustle, rustle-.

The students were bustling about.

It seemed like that was where the report cards were posted.

As befitting the somewhat old-fashioned Demon Realm, the students’ human rights were not protected.

Public Announcement of Grades

“Ugh, I'm shaking….”

[As expected.]


We pushed through the crowd and checked the report cards.

We started looking from the bottom.

There were about 120 first-year students in Sytan.

What would happen?

“Let's look from 50th place. We'll be above that anyway.”


“Except you.”

“This guy…!”

Our names weren't on the list up to 40th place.

Then we reached 30th place.

【38th place, Luna.】


Luna's name was on the list.

38th place.

She had barely made the cut for the scholarship.

“I did it!”

Luna jumped up and down in joy.

I looked at her with satisfaction and turned my gaze upward.

What about our grades?

Samuel and I would naturally have higher grades than Luna.

We looked past 30th and 20th place, but our grades were nowhere to be seen.

Fron tilted his head in confusion.

“Are we higher up?”

“I told you, you're below.”

“Hmph, we'll see.”

We bickered and looked at the top 10.

Only then did I start to see familiar names.

【8th place, Aeron.】

Aeron, the descendant of Sloth, had gotten 8th place.

And above Aeron,

【7th place, Samuel.】

Samuel's name was there.

Considering that there were seven children of the Seven Deadly Sins, it seemed that I had surpassed a few of them.

I looked further up.

【6th place, Guwar.】

【5th place, Rene.】

Past my master, Rene.

Right above her.

【4th place, Adel.】

My name was written there.


My eyes widened.

I never would have dreamed that I would beat Rene.

My skills were probably similar to Rene's by now, but since Rene was in the same class as Diana, I thought she would have gotten a higher score than me.

As I was thinking that.

A sudden thought crossed my mind.


Of the children of the Seven Deadly Sins, only Baltan and Diana were left besides Fron and me.

……Then who was above me?

Was there another variable I didn't know about, or was there a powerhouse in Sytan?

No way.

I couldn't help but look up with trembling pupils.

【 3rd place, Diana. 】

【 2nd place, Baltan. 】

Beyond those two, who were truly the strongest of the Sytans.

Truly, it was because the name of an absurd student occupied the top spot and 1st place.

【 1st place, Fron. 】

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  1. Nah that’s BS. All she did was direct people from the back and even that was taken over by Adel for a large majority of the exam. Whatever “excuse” the directors have for giving her first place, I’m still gonna be upset that Adel, Samuel, or especially Luna, all of whom saved several students lives, aren’t up there in first place this time instead of fing Fron. It really feels like a plot device just to make MC her slave for a day which I absolutely hate. If the authors wants to do that, do it organically.

    1. yeah that’s utter bs in my opinion. Ain’t no way she got a better score than Baltan and Diana. Plus, she did bad in her physical classes.

  2. there is collusion, conspiracy, trickery

    1. well, there was a reason why she had become so confident, but just looking at her ranking was embarrassing