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Dream Breaker - Chapter 86

Disciple of The Heavenly Demon(8) 

In order to understand the martial arts novel <Is This Heavenly Demon Real?>, you need to know the basic 'martial arts terminology' and common sense.

What is Murim?

'A dangerous world dominated by physical violence.'

It is an unreasonable world where the powerful have everything.

Wealth, power, influence, beauty, fame...

A terrible lawless zone where you can kill people, destroy cities and towns, and be forgiven if you have the power.

In other words, power is the best.

How do you develop this power?

'Martial arts.'

You have to develop this, which doesn't exist in reality like magic.

The way to become stronger in martial arts varies from martial arts novel to martial arts novel, but most of them are learned from a school or family.

A school is an academic background.

A family is a bloodline.

It's easy to understand if you think of it this way.

As an aside, self-study is like picking up a study guide and studying on your own, or receiving illegal private tutoring from a hermit, a suspicious teacher.

Explanation is over!

What else?

'If they get in the way, kill them, if they interfere, kill them, if they're arrogant, kill them, if it's dangerous, kill it, if they are suspicious, kill them...'

Keep killing the strong guys who are blocking your way and get stronger, and when there are no more enemies, the novel is over!

The martial arts novel <Is This Heavenly Demon Real?> had the same big picture.


"I don't want to face the Heavenly Demon."

The 'Heavenly Demon' in the title of the novel is the owner of an overwhelming martial art that can destroy the world by himself!

The main character is a disciple of such a Heavenly Demon.

'This... is dangerous.'

What if the patient I have to persuade this time, Mao Zhai, is the 'Heavenly Demon' or a 'disciple of the Heavenly Demon'?

It's as dangerous as the Magical boy Choi Kang-min, who was stronger than a nuclear weapon.


"Hmm? Who is it?"

I was lying in bed, reading the martial arts novel <Is This Heavenly Demon Real?> to the end, and planning my strategy.

Suddenly, the dormitory's doorbell rang.

The only person who would come here is my junior Choi Kang-hoon, but I didn't think he would skip school.

Then is it a delivery?

I didn't order anything recently, so this was also unlikely.

'Then what is it?'


The doorbell rang again. Maybe it's because of my mood, but it sounded quite nervous.

"I'm coming!"

I rolled out of bed and opened the front door slightly in my underwear without checking.



I quickly stepped back, rubbing my forehead, which had been hit by the door frame that had suddenly opened wide.

'Is it an armed robber?!'

As if to laugh at my prediction, a familiar woman's sharp voice was heard.

"You're late!"

"No way... Seon-young?"

"Who else would it be?"

Song Seon-young, with her hands on her hips, glared at me with her eyes wide open.

Why is she angry?


"No, miss. This is a men's dormitory where women are not allowed."

"I've been here before?"

"It wasn't supposed to be then either. You just barged in."

"So you're reporting it?"

"I'm not crazy yet."

I'm afraid of the aftermath. And to be honest, I don't hate it.

"It still smells bad here."

"That's harsh! Come in quickly before anyone sees you."

"Many people have already seen me. Because you opened it late."

"It was my fault!"

As soon as Song Seon-young took off her shoes and came in, I closed the front door.


I also quickly closed the curtains that I had opened to let in the sunlight.

"I feel bad for some reason. Don't try to hide the fact that I'm here."

"I'm the one who's going to get nagged later!"

"Wouldn't it be more suspicious if you closed the curtains like that? They can't see what you're doing behind the curtains at all."

"That's... right."


Convinced by Song Seon-young's point, I opened the curtains again.

"Calm down. We used to sleep together, so it's funny to be so flustered over something like this."

"But at that time..."

"At that time?"

"...I didn't know it was a dream. Damn it! It's no different from now."

I found it funny even when I thought about it myself, so I sat down on the bed with my shoulders slumped.

Why was I so sensitive to her visit?

The explanation that women are not allowed in men's dormitories was not enough.

"Are you a little calmer now?"



I couldn't help it because Song Seon-young was sitting right next to me.

The mysterious floral scent wafting from her hair.

It was a kind I knew.

"It's hyacinth."

"Right. How did you know?"

"It's not a big deal. This is the only flower scent I know."

I happened to be taught by a salesperson selling perfume on the first floor of a department store that 'this is hyacinth.'


"But why are you here?"

"Do I need a reason?"

"Well... this is a men's dormitory. If you had contacted me in advance, we could have met outside the school..."

"Are you an idiot? If you were worried about other people's eyes, you would never have been able to do a model job."

"That's true."

It seemed that I, who was worried about other people's eyes, would never be a model.

'Oh! Is this a little different?'

I just thought that I shouldn't break the dormitory rules.

But I'm so flustered because of a girl when I was calm even when I was being targeted by a sniper?

It didn't make sense.

"I wanted to show you this in person."

Song Seon-young manipulated her smartphone to send something.


<Song Seon-young: Summary>

"Summary? What is this?"



"I read the martial arts novel <Is This Heavenly Demon Real?> and summarized it. I also attached a photo file of the paper map appendix that is not in the e-book."

She explained, avoiding my gaze as if she was embarrassed.


"At first, I didn't know what martial arts was, so I got help from my dad. My dad is a self-proclaimed martial arts expert with 32 years of experience. So I put in a lot of additional explanations for the settings that were omitted in the novel."


"And... Ah! You said you died in a dream recently? You also lost to a girl who showed off her luxury bag in taekwondo. So I also wrote down the places where the powerful martial arts that appear in the novel are hidden."


"Hey. Say something. It's embarrassing when I'm the only one talking."

Song Seon-young, whose face was flushed from her neck to her ears, got nervous.

"...Thank you."

"That's it?"

"I'm sorry. I'm embarrassed by this situation that's beyond my imagination, so I don't know what to say."

"What kind of imagination?"

"Well... we broke up before. There's no reason for you to do this for me- Ack?!"

"You idiot...!"

Song Seon-young's surprise attack, who was genuinely angry, kicked my instep!

It hurt like hell.

"Don't be so cruel. My heel hurts too?"

"Ugh... What the..."

My sense of crisis, which had even avoided invisible sniper shots, was infinitely powerless against Song Seon-young.

What the hell is the reason?

I'm going crazy.

"Why do you think I became a model? Have you already forgotten?"

"Of course I remember. You snuck out in the middle of the night and tried to commit suicide again, so I persuaded you."

"Forget the useless parts! What did you say to persuade me back then?"

"Probably... I said that if everyone looks like a mannequin, you won't be embarrassed... and that you're pretty, so you can be a model."

"Do you want to get hit again?"


I guess I was wrong.

"I'll ask you again next time, so remember it properly."


"You're pretty now, but when I was wearing a bikini swimsuit, you said you couldn't take your eyes off me."

"I did?"


I was that brave?

"So I replied that I don't like someone looking at my body like a commodity."

"Ah! I remember that."

After that, I gave the bed to Song Seon-young and slept on the floor. Until I woke up to her phone call.

"You said on the rooftop. You said that if everyone except you looked like a mannequin, you could be a model. The Song Seon-young of the past couldn't be a model, but now she has experience that can't be measured by P's aptitude tester."

"I remember that too."

But what does that mean?

"No way... you still don't know? Even after I explained it like this?"

"I'm sorry."

I apologized, expecting to be hit by her again.

"I'll give you one more chance."


"What is Song Seon-young's current job?"

"Swimsuit model."

"The reason you were able to become a model is?"

"Everyone except me looks like a mannequin... Ah!"

"You idiot. Do you finally realize it?"

"Of course. This idiot finally realized it."


My heart was pounding like crazy.

"Tell me."

"Song Seon-young can do modeling activities without any problems because only Kang Moon-soo looks like a man in Song Seon-young's eyes- Ack?!"

I got stepped on the instep again.

Is it wrong?!

"You idiot! It's embarrassing to say it so directly! You're so inconsiderate of women!"


I got scolded for this and that...

But I didn't hate it.

"Don't laugh."

"Are you embarrassed to be with me?"

"It's better for your health not to talk nonsense. I'm very sensitive right now because of sleep deprivation?"

"How much did you not sleep?"

"I don't know. I feel like I'm going to pass out right now because I even used the virtual reality library that I didn't use even during exam periods."

"Then hurry up..."

"No! Turn on the computer quickly. Do you think it's easy to summarize 215 volumes? You won't understand it even if you look at it if I don't explain it to you."


"What are you doing without turning it on?"

I only now noticed the fatigue under her cat-like eyes.

A model whose appearance is life?

I didn't think anything when she helped me with the 100km marathon.

'I'm really an idiot.'

I had nothing to say even if I was hit all over my body with a club, not just my instep.


"Turn on the computer quickly-"

"I like you. I really like you. And I'm really sorry for being an idiot."

"...You idiot. Close the curtains first."



We looked through the summary until dawn the next day.

* * *

"So you went to the police station?"

"Yes. I didn't know there would be someone who would actually report it."

At first, I thought it was the dormitory guard, but I was surprised when a police officer pressed the doorbell of the front door.

"What about Seon-young?"

"She was sleeping in my bed."

"You got caught?"

"I think a neighbor who was possessed by a heart demon reported it."

"Heart demon?"

"The devil of the heart. This is also a Martial arts term that Song Seon-young taught me. When you are possessed by negative thoughts and go crazy, you are said to be possessed by a heart demon."

"...What about you?"

At Seo Hye-joo's question, I tilted my head.

"What about me?"

"In my eyes, you seem to be possessed by a heart demon a little bit too..."

"I am now free from all worldly worries and have reached the realm of demons."

"...Are you okay?"

"Of course!"

I was filled with confidence that I would be able to overcome any hardships and adversities that came my way.

Today is the day to enter the dream of the 5th La Nouvelle patient, Mao Zhai.

I thought it was highly likely to be the world of <Is This Heavenly Demon Real?>, but I couldn't be sure.

'Why does that matter?'

I, who felt like I was born again, had no worries or fears.

"I realized how shameless people are this time."


"On the way back from the police station, I ran into a neighbor, and he greeted me as if nothing had happened."

"Is it possible that he really doesn't know?"

"No way. I received a report that a girl's moan was heard from my room."


"Yes. Seon-young was moaning, saying she was sleepy."


Seo Hye-joo looked at me suspiciously and then sighed as if she had given up.

"Don't cause trouble."

"Of course."

"Preparations are complete. You can go in anytime."

"I'll be back."

At that moment, Jeon Ji-eun, who had been keeping her mouth shut and still, asked.

"But how do you get in?"

"First, lie down on the bed right next to the patient."


I lay down straight next to the man, Mao Zhai, who was fast asleep.

"...Don't you pray or make offerings to the gods?"

"I don't. My aptitude is unfortunately wireless communication."


"Wireless communication. Like this."


At that moment, we were connected to one dream.

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