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Chapter 102 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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“Don’t you ever think it’s strange?”

“Your existence… I mean, the whole Raiden and Naru thing.”

“Have you really never felt a sense of dissonance? Like something's not quite right?”

“Like being able to do things you’ve never done before, with ease.”

“Or accepting emotions that aren’t your own as if they were the most natural thing in the world.”

“Hmm~ Judging by your expression, I guess some things are clicking into place, huh?”

“Good, that will make things much easier.”

“We can skip all the unnecessary explanations.”

“What? You want us to cut to the chase and get back to what we were talking about?”

“Don’t worry~ We told you, didn’t we? We'll make sure you understand, even if you refuse to listen.”

“That’s the role we were given.”

“Well… Let’s start with the ‘possession,’ shall we?”

“This is probably the most important part.”

“The crux of the whole story, you could say.”

“So listen carefully and use that brain of yours.”

“You probably believe that you were possessed by Raiden’s soul, right?”

“Unfortunately for you, there was no such thing.”

“You were Raiden all along.”

“It’s just that something triggered memories of your past life.”

“Memories of being Kim Naru.”

“That’s what we meant when we said we’re not so different.”

“Raiden and Kim Naru… In essence, you are the same being.”

“I’m sure you’re skeptical.”

“After all, you didn’t have any of Raiden’s memories when you woke up in the forest.”

“Everything seemed to fit perfectly with the idea of possession.”

“You couldn't have known any better.”

“But you were wrong.”

“Your memories are a mess.”

“Cut up and stitched back together, as if someone tampered with them.”

“I know this is difficult to grasp.”

“You seem confused.”

“‘I… I don’t understand. You’re saying it wasn’t possession?’”

“You can’t accept it.”

“Well, it’s understandable.”

“It’s a lot to take in, realizing that everything you believed was a lie.”

“Your head must be spinning.”

“‘But, I…’”

“Let’s take it slow.”

“First, let’s focus on proving that what you experienced wasn’t possession.”

“Think carefully.”

“We mentioned this before.”

“The dissonance, the deja vu, the melancholy you felt while living as Raiden…”

“Think back to all those feelings.”

“Didn’t you find it strange how easily you adapted to this world’s academics?”

“Especially considering you’ve never even touched a textbook before.”

“Didn't you think it was odd how easily you absorbed the information from the Academy’s notoriously difficult lectures?”


“And what about your behavior?”

“In your past life, you were abused and neglected, leaving you isolated and socially inept.”

“But have you displayed any of those tendencies in this life?”

“On the contrary, you’ve been quite adept at interacting with others.”

“You formed close bonds with Milliam, Golden Boy, your master… You even managed to expand your social circle with remarkable ease.”

“These are things the ‘you’ from your past life could never even dream of doing.”

“‘That’s because… because of my Iron Will…’”

“No, you’re wrong.”

“Iron Will is nothing but a mental barrier.”

“It might block out trauma, compulsions, nightmares… but it can’t magically make you more sociable.”


“And lastly, the most crucial point.”

“If you were simply Kim Naru, possessing Raiden’s body…”

“How could you possibly feel Raiden’s emotions?”

“Rachel, Ariel, Lucy, Margaret.”

“The strange emotions you felt whenever you interacted with them…”

“How could you have felt those things if they weren’t your own?”

“Those weren’t your emotions, they were Raiden’s.”

“‘…That’s because of the Synchronization perk I received when I first possessed Raiden.’"

“Synchronization, you say?”

“‘You were watching me, weren’t you? You know I received the Synchronization perk.’"

“I’m afraid that’s incorrect.”

“Think back.”

“What exactly did the Synchronization perk do?”

“‘What do you mean? It allowed me to share Raiden’s memories…’”


“Synchronization only granted you access to Raiden’s memories.”

“It didn’t transfer his emotions.”

“In other words, the emotions you perceived as belonging to someone else were actually your own all along.”

“Your memories might be fragmented, your mind a jumbled mess… but the traces of your true self, buried deep within your soul, are still reacting to the world around you.”


“I know it’s a lot to take in.”

“It’s okay to feel confused.”

“But don’t worry.”

“We’ll be here for you until you come to terms with the truth.”

“We told you, that’s what we’re here for…”

“So let’s keep going.”

“Until you understand everything.”

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