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Chapter 138 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

Recently, there has been a strange rumor circulating in the social circles.

"Have you heard that the Vladina Marquisate's house is searching for a sister?"

It was about the Vladina Marquisate searching for his runaway sister.

The Vladina Marquisate's family, a prominent noble house, had little public information, so everyone was curious about them.

Then, the rumor spread that they were searching for the runaway sister. Naturally, the attention of the capital's nobility was drawn to this.

In coffee houses, reading groups, salons, and clubs where nobles gather, the story was always mentioned.

Even now, in a gentlemen's club where men were playing billiards, the Vladina Marquisate's family came up in conversation.

"That young Marquis who never shows his face? He had a sister?"

"Camilla Vladina, who ran away before her debutante ball. Maybe... about 14 years ago?"

"Isn't she probably dead by now?"

"That's what I thought."

They exchanged a few words about Camilla being a great beauty and then quickly shifted their interest to a new game.

"Well, the rumor will probably die down soon."

Unless something more interesting happens.

* * *

The vast Saphid Lake, surrounded by a huge forest and with a small village nearby, had several rest areas and was a popular spot for secret meetings or for those being chased.

Therefore, it naturally attracted those looking to find someone.

It was when two men, searching for a runaway young nobleman, were roaming near the lake.

"That woman, she's doing that again."

One man noticed a woman standing silently by the lake in shabby clothes.


His companion asked, and the man pointed accurately at the woman.

"That one with silver hair. I think I've seen her for five days now."

"Ah, might be. But why does that matter?"

"It's weird. Waiting for someone?"

His companion scoffed.

"Waiting? She's probably contemplating drowning herself in the lake."


"Why do you think Saphid Lake is famous as a rendezvous spot? It's also known as a suicide spot, so nobody comes here."

"I see... Ah, she's leaving."

The woman walked away with a limping gait. Every movement of hers seemed to carry a heavy story, drawing their eyes.

The companion, unable to take his eyes off the silver-haired woman, grumbled.

"Typical. Either she lacks the courage to die, or she won't drown but will die soon anyway."


The woman, like a mist over water, seemed to harbor thoughts of death.

But isn't her presence too vivid for such a thought?

'...It's just a feeling, I guess.'

The man shrugged.

"Maybe. Let's focus on finding the runaway lady."

* * *

Nikan, reviewing documents, asked his butler Lyndon, who stood anxiously in front of him.

"Have you found Wood?"

Wood had refused to study abroad in the Holy Empire and had run away. It had been a week already.

"Well... we've covered not only the entire capital but also the outskirts. We'll hear something soon. We've found the place where he stayed until yesterday..."


Nikan clenched the documents in his hand and slammed his fist on the desk.

"That's not the answer I'm looking for."

"My apologies."

"If we don't find Wood by today, at least ten heads will roll. Find him."


Nikan put down his pen and rubbed his eyes tiredly.

Just then, his aide entered the office to report on his work.

"There's a peculiar rumor circulating in high society recently."

The aide spoke of the Vladina Marquisate's runaway sister.

"It's a family that rarely appears in public, attracting attention in certain circles. Plus, the young and unmarried Linden Vladina adds to the intrigue."

"That family has always been secretive and ominous, hardly revealing their faces to the outside world. Keep an eye on them."

"Understood. Also, a packer named Ricardo is rising rapidly in the capital."

Nikan naturally thought of the trunk that Lady Bonard had brought.

"Ah, yes, it was good. We should buy it too. No matter the cost, arrange it so that we can get it as a top priority."

The aide was bewildered.

"Are you planning to go on a trip?"

"Do nobles buy things they need immediately? That's a matter of dignity."

Being outdated signified decline. Even if it wasn't actually the case, there were plenty of people ready to pick faults without reason.

A trunk was not just a simple trendy item; it represented a shift in the era, so it was better to own one before others did.

"For a while, monopolize the supply, making it difficult for others to buy. Order everyone in the Nikan family to place their orders too."

Nikan had previously employed this strategy at the Ansier Boutique.

As a result, Ansier had become like a boutique exclusively for Agnis.

This became synonymous with Agnis's dignity and symbolized power. Delicate management was essential in becoming a noble above nobles.

The aide continued with the next report.

"Count Alvin Theorban has been stripped of his acting head position of the Eseled family."

"That Alvin won't step down easily."

"Indeed, there's movement to gather investors and increase his influence."

"Anyone in their right mind wouldn't invest in that person, but just in case, we should interfere to prevent investors from getting involved."

Theorban will have to pay dearly for daring to covet the Empress's position without knowing his place.

"Is there any news from Eseled?"

"Other than an increase in servants, there are no noticeable changes."

Is it because of the profits from the narcotic herb farm?

"See if there's anyone among them who can be persuaded and approach them."

"As you command."

* * *

Several changes occurred at Eseled.

First, the number of servants increased.

All were selected through strict criteria, and their contracts were sealed with magical ink.

The contract stated that no one could disclose anything that happened at Eseled without the owner's permission, and violation would result in immediate death.

The second change was a declaration of paternity.

"Navia is my legitimate daughter."

Everyone except Margaret was surprised by this statement.

Margaret instead remarked with a puzzled expression, "Oh my, she does remind everyone of young Camilla, doesn't she?"

Suleiman then realized why Margaret had previously scolded him for being oblivious.

'Wasn't it more surprising that she noticed the resemblance at a glance, something not even the lord knew?'

It wasn't easy to find similarities in a child's appearance.

"Why didn't you say so earlier?"

"I wasn't sure about the lord's part. It's not good to cause unnecessary trouble."

Thus, Eseled buzzed with talks of this astonishing connection for a while.

"It's truly fortunate to find a real family like this."

"If people knew our lady was of the pure Eseled bloodline, that would be great…"

Erkin, who had been visiting Eseled frequently, gave a meaningful answer to this matter.

"There will be good news soon."

Lastly, there was a change in the preservation magic hanging in the mansion.

Lark had further evolved it so that objects would no longer turn black.

The mansion was still dark, but all previously stained items had returned to their original color.

"Your cape has returned to its original state!"

Margaret's cape, which Masha had torn apart and stained black, was fully restored and regained its white color.

Navia joyfully brought the cape to Margaret to return it.

Margaret, who was fine with the torn cape, was moved to see her daughter's keepsake restored.

Navia hugged Margaret tightly, sharing the joy together.

'Dad's magic has preserved precious memories.'

Unable to contain her emotions, Navia went to find Lark.


Recently, Lark had been engaged in magical research and creating new magical tools, so he was using his office, which was more of a laboratory.

That day, he was in his office - rather, laboratory - conducting research when his eyes widened in surprise.

His daughter had suddenly come to him and affectionately clung to him.

The Navia he knew would never act so affectionately.

"Why? Suddenly missed dad so much?"

Without a word, Navia nodded in his arms.

Amused by her ticklish behavior, Lark asked playfully.

"Little one, you haven't done anything wrong, have you?"

Shaking her head, she replied.

"Why would you think that?"

Lark lifted Navia onto his lap.

Looking down at her face, he smiled again.

The child had been smiling happily all along. That happiness gently washed over him like a soft wave.

Navia smiled broadly and explained why she was acting this way.

"Because I love dad."

Her words struck Lark's heart like a thunderbolt, or perhaps it melted.

"How much?"

Even in such a blissful moment, Lark had the mind to ask such a childish question.

Navia giggled.

"I love you the most in the world."

Well, of course. Who else would she love more than me? Lark swelled with pride.

'I should probably gather everyone today and announce this.'

Navia jumped down, her face showing she had finished her business.

"I need to get ready to go out now."

Lark pouted.

"You've been busy lately and don't play with dad much..."

"Adults shouldn't be so whiny."

"Should dad come along?"

Navia thought for a moment, then nodded.

"Yes, let's do that."

"What? I thought you'd refuse."

Lark was surprised that his daughter readily agreed to his company.

Navia shrugged nonchalantly and replied.

"I thought it would be nicer with dad."

"Where are we going?"

Navia pulled out a silver pocket watch from her pocket. It was a new magical tool created by Lark, capable of performing polymorph magic once a day.

Holding it up, she said.

"To clean up garbage."

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