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Chapter 141 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,FantasyBonus chapter thanks to @Tyrin 8000 from Ko-fi!

At the Vladina Marquisate's house, several portraits of a young girl were sent to a certain studio. These were sent to be redrawn as a woman in her late twenties to early thirties, based on those portraits.

The recent actions of the Vladina Marquisate's house had piqued the interest of the capital's influential nobles, who secretly acquired copies of these portraits.

An influential noble family, who had obtained one of these copied portraits, asked with a dumbfounded expression, "Uh...? Isn't this a portrait of Camilla Vladina?"

"Yes. It is a replica drawn by another artist in the studio that received the commission."

"That's not the problem. The real issue is whether this face is genuine!"


The noble, still in shock, muttered, "They look exactly alike."

"Who are you referring to?"

"Navia Agnes... No, the girl who has now become Lady Eseled."

His voice trembled slightly.

My God... Is this like opening Pandora's box?

He felt like an explorer who had made a discovery that would undoubtedly cause a sensation, repeatedly exclaiming in amazement.

"How do you know?"

He explained to his subordinate who had acquired the portrait.

"When we sent the girl's portrait to the royal palace, there was an interception. I'm not the only one who did this. But it's strange. That was definitely a family portrait, wasn't it?"

"What do you mean...?"

The man's gaze returned to the portrait.

"It means Agnes is hiding something."


Empress Diana had returned to the palace after a two-week journey on a train to the last station, inspecting the mood of the empire's people in various provinces.

"Your Majesty, welcome back."

Diana smiled warmly but her expression turned cold as she entered the Empress's palace.

"Immediately summon Ricardo from the Familie workshop to the Empress's palace. He will be appointed as a dedicated packer."


"The thought of Daisy Bonard getting cocky over this incident makes my blood boil."

A knock sounded, and the Lady-in-waiting Helen entered.

"I will update you on the recent happenings during your absence, Your Majesty."

Diana then instructed all the servants, except the chief steward, to leave.

"Everyone else, please leave us."

The Empress sat in front of her dressing table, and Helen began her report while naturally unfastening her hair ornaments.

"Lord Agnes' son ran away for a week. He is now confined to his room."

Diana laughed at this absurd news.

"Oh dear. Lord Agnes is terrible at raising children. And?"

"There's a hot rumor spreading in the capital."

It was about Camilla.

"There have been multiple sightings of her at Lake Saphid."

"An elopement by a young lady of the marquis's house has become a topic of gossip? She must be over thirty now, probably settled down somewhere."

"This is a portrait of young Lady Vladina."

Diana casually took the portrait.

"...Isn't this Navia?"

No, on closer inspection, the eye color was different. But aside from that, the portrait was strikingly similar to the one Nikan had sent of Navia.

"Do you still have that portrait?"

Helen quickly understood which portrait she was referring to and brought it forward.

Diana compared the two portraits with wide eyes.

There was no need for a close examination. The two portraits were identical.

"Lord Agnes will need to explain this."


At that moment, Nikan had also obtained Camilla's portrait.


Nikan slammed his fist onto the desk and swept away everything on it. His hands trembled with rage.

"Why is this happening now!"

His eyes, with visible blood vessels, menacingly glared at Camilla's portrait.

Navia had been abandoned at an orphanage as a baby, less than a year old.

He had thoroughly investigated whether she might be the illegitimate child of a noble family, but found no connections.

He had not neglected to investigate the Vladina Marquisate's house. Though he had failed to plant spies there, it was speculated that Camilla Vladina had run away long ago and likely died.

She was like a ghost; no one connected to her existed, except for the deceased Queen Estelle.

Nikan took a deep breath as he felt a momentary dizziness.

He sternly asked his waiting aide.

"So, what are the chances that Navia is that lady's daughter? No, has the identity of her father been revealed yet?"

"It seems... circumstantially, it is speculated to be Duke Eseled."

Of all people!

Nikan couldn't help but let out a bitter laugh at the irony.

The child he thought was a commoner, only to be a noble born of Duke Eseled and Marquis Vladina's daughter?

And that child, as if by a fate granted by the heavens, found her way back to her biological father?

"Ah... now it makes sense."

It had seemed odd that the Duke's house had readily accepted Navia.

Was this an instinctive pull towards her own bloodline?

'Those red eyes, were they hereditary? How ridiculous.'

Such a noble lineage is rare even among high aristocrats.

His head throbbed.

'Now that it has come to this, I must bring her into our family, no matter what.'

Navia must be made a part of Agnes, at all costs.

'No, she was already mine by right. It's only natural she pairs with Wood.'

Had he not taken her in, Navia might have been sold off somewhere far worse.

"What happened to the orphanage director?"

"He's already dead."

This meant there was no longer any evidence or witness to prove Nikan's guilt.

Just claiming ignorance and that the adopted child was a distant relative would suffice.

Nikan calmly considered how to sever any loose ends. The most important thing was Navia's brainwashed state.

"Send a message to Count Edward Wayne."

He planned to have Edward check on Navia's brainwashing to ensure she doesn't speak out of turn.

'I need to bring her into a public setting for that.'

Knock, knock.

Another aide entered his office.

"Master, a letter has arrived from the Empress's palace."

This, too, was expected after seeing Camilla's portrait.

'This is actually good. I'll deny knowing anything while using this as a pretext to make contact with Navia.'

Catching Navia would also open avenues with the Vladina Marquisate's family.

Nikan considered the Vladina household, a formidable force not easily infiltrated despite their low public profile.

They held their Marquis status firmly, untouchable by any power. What did this imply?

'A hidden strength, no doubt.'

"Has there been any other movement from the Vladina Marquisate's family?"

The aide replied.

"Actually, I was about to report that. A carriage from the Vladina family has just entered Eseled."

"Is that so..."

Aristocrats proclaim their nobility.

As if humans, though outwardly similar, were of a different species entirely, obsessed and re-obsessed with lineage.

'You can never cross the barrier of blood.'

This was how they preserved and elevated the value of their upper class.

Navia was the very person who dared to tarnish it. A low-ranking noble's daughter who fortuitously rose to the upper echelons, a girl unaware of her place.

It was inevitable that everyone would despise Navia.

But now?

'That child has become more noble than anyone. If we speak of bloodline alone, she's next only to the royal family.'

Even the long-veiled houses were now embroiled in a major scandal.

A story straight from a novel, of dramatic social ascent, her hidden true identity a perfect blend of elements people adore.

Nikan found it easy to envision Navia's future.

She would be more beloved than any prima donna of the most popular play, for if she were my child, I would have made it so.

Loved by all as everyone's child.

'Therefore, I must make her a person of Agnes.'

She will elevate Wood's reputation and be an asset to Vivian, the future Empress, and her future Emperor child.

A perfect blueprint.

Nikan, with a cold and calculating gaze, finished his strategic planning.

"Recheck any loose ends and dispose of them cleanly. Find and eliminate anyone in the mansion who was overtly hostile to Navia, especially Vivian's maids."

"As you command."

Nikan smiled viciously.

[Crisis turns into opportunity. Eventually, Agnes will be the victor.]

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