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Chapter 151 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

The next day, at 10 a.m.

I was up early, preparing to go outside to paint.

This place is especially beautiful in nature. If van Gogh had seen this environment, he would have wanted to paint it. I can't miss this opportunity.

Paint, brushes, palette, canvas, camping chair, and portable easel. There's more to pack than I thought.

I double-check my luggage to make sure I haven't forgotten anything, then, shouldering my large bag, I smile broadly.

“Well, I'm not going out to paint at 7 a.m. like van Gogh, but I'm still diligent, right?”

I'm about to ride my scooter, stepping out of the lodging's wall, loading my luggage onto the back seat, and starting it up.

The soft rumble of the engine is more welcome and exciting today. Now, I need to ride this little scooter and find a good place to paint.

Just as I'm about to rev the throttle with excitement, I hear someone's voice.


Eh? Ban? Who would call me that in Korea...

Startled, I quickly turn my head.

Far away, between the alleys of the neighborhood, I see two people running towards me.

I rub my eyes furiously and open them wide.

“Am I seeing a hallucination?”

I haven't even drunk absinthe, so why am I hallucinating?

Does it make sense for Monica and Irina to come to this distant island where you have to take a ferry and then another to get here from Jeju Island?


There's someone else panting and following them?

Wow, isn't that Yoo Min-young, the CEO?

Am I still sleeping?

Do I have to pack my things again from the beginning?

Then Monica, who had run up to me in one breath, bends over, panting.

“Haah, haah. Why aren't there any taxis here?”


Still thinking it must be a dream, I look at Irina, who is still struggling to come up.

Irina, drenched in sweat, always dignified in front of the piano, looks strange in this state. But what kind of dream is this vivid?

Monica straightens up and looks at me standing dumbfounded.

“Aren't you glad to see me?”


“Ban? What's wrong, are you sick?”

Monica grabs my shoulder and shakes it hard.

Is this real? Not a dream?


“Huh? Ban! Snap out of it!”

“Uh? Uh. Mo, Monica? Is that really you, Monica?”

Monica turns her head worriedly towards Irina, who is following her.

“Look, Irina! I told you I was worried about Ban! He doesn't even recognize me! What do we do?”

After spotting me and running, Irina, who isn't used to running and is out of shape, manages to grab my hand with all her might.

“Ban! Are you okay?”

Oh, I can feel this.

Irina's hand is different from Monica's. Not soft at all.

From playing the piano since childhood, her fingers are calloused like a guitarist's, giving a frog-like feeling. It's truly Irina's touch.

“I, Irina?”

"Ban! I can recognize you, right?"

I'm perfectly fine, of course you'll recognize me.

But why are you guys here?

How did you come all this way?

And how did you even know I was here?

Just before the questions bubbling up to my throat could burst out, CEO Yoo Min-young finally reached me.

"Haah, haah. Artist Ban!"

"Min-young! Ban is acting strange! He doesn't recognize me!"

Monica stomps her feet in frustration. Min-young listens to her and examines my face carefully as she catches her breath.

"Artist Ban. I was worried, so I nagged Director Seo to find out where you were and stopped by. Do you recognize me? It's me, Yoo Min-young. I was worried about you after watching the broadcast, and when I heard you had disappeared, I came looking for you."

I looked at Min-young, Monica, and Irina in turn. This is really not a dream.

And at the same time, I feel grateful to realize that there are so many people who care about me, in addition to my family and Young-ju. I cleared my bewildered expression and started to grin broadly.

"Ha ha... Hahaha!"

Seeing me suddenly laugh, Monica, with a distressed look, cries out.

"Ack! Ban is really acting weird! Min-young, hurry and call a doctor, it's urgent!"

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