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Chapter 152 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

As soon as I say this, the three of them become as silent as if they had honey in their mouths. Ask if Youngju will sell the painting. She probably won't, even for a billion won?

I smile slyly and gesture towards the flat wooden platform.

“Purchase the painting when you go to Seoul and meet Youngju in person, and start with the food. Sashimi doesn’t taste good if it's left in the air for too long.”

Realizing that they cannot obtain the painting by pressuring the artist, who has already decided on the owner, the two finally sit down on the bench. I offered Monica a bottle of soju and asked her.

“Monica, did you come from Italy?”

Monica receives the drink and shakes her head.

“I came from a logistics center in Hong Kong. A reporter came to interview me and asked if it’s true that I’m in charge of something because we're somewhat involved. I asked what that meant, and they said it’s a widespread rumor in Korea! Shocked, I searched Korean news and couldn’t believe what was happening. I immediately dropped everything and came to Korea, but couldn’t find Ban, so I pestered Director Youngju to find this place.”

Wow, Monica came all the way from Hong Kong after hearing about me. Yeah, it’s hard to get news about Korea in Italy instantly. But I’m so grateful she came right away.

“Thank you, Monica.”

“What are you talking about! I should have come. I'm sorry I was late. I was so worried about Ban that I couldn’t concentrate on anything.”


I smiled warmly, grateful, and then looked at Irina.

“Where did you come from, Irina?”

Irina, who was wrapping sashimi in lettuce and munching, hastily swallowed and wiped her mouth before answering.

“I came straight from a performance in England. I heard similar questions from reporters and found out what was happening after searching.”

“Wow, you came from England for me?”

“If Ban is cornered, of course, I should come. You are my benefactor.”


I finally looked at Minyoung. She quietly picked at the sashimi and said,

“W Tree Group's PR department is currently planning a counter-strategy in the media. Don’t worry, Artist Ban. It’s a direct order from the mother in the PR department, so the public opinion will change soon.”


Lady Kang herself has moved for me. I’m so grateful. With the power of W Tree Group, public opinion can change in no time.

But I put my gratitude in my heart and shook my head.

“Don’t do that.”

Monica and Irina, who didn't understand Korean, just looked astonished as Minyoung’s eyes widened.

“You’re saying not to do it? Artist Ban, do you know what the public opinion is like right now? They’re painting you as a stubborn and obstinate artist.”

“Yes, I know.”

“That guy Yonghan or something is appearing on TV and radio every day, pretending not to and broadcasting against you. And you want us to just sit by?”

I smiled slightly.

“Just convey my thanks to Lady Kang and tell her not to take any action.”

“What are you thinking, Artist Ban?”

At that moment, Monica and Irina complained.

“Speak in English, Minyoung.”

“Yeah, let us understand too.”

I laughed and spoke in English.



“Did you face opposition when you started your business?”

Monica pouted her lips.

“Of course. The existing brands don’t want to lose their share. They use their streamers to upload brand comparison videos, subtly not recommending our brand.”

“What do you do then, Monica? Respond in kind?”

Monica leaned her chin on her hand and thought for a moment before shaking her head.


I looked at Minyoung, who then interjected.

“You don’t respond the same, but you must have a plan.”

Monica nodded.

“That’s right. But we don’t deal with the media. We don’t have the capacity for that. I’m too busy to even think about it.”

I asked Monica,

“What’s your strategy?”

Monica just smiled, but that was enough of an answer for me. I turned to Minyoung and said,

"So does W Tree Group respond the same way?"


"Mrs. Kang, who has been in the hotel business since the 1950s, wouldn't make that choice, would she?"


I finally look at Irina. She is the exception in this matter. No one on this planet would dare speak ill of her.

Chewing sashimi, Irina meets my eyes and grins broadly.

'Ha-ha, who would think of her as a world-renowned pianist?'

Irina shows this side of herself only in front of me. No, correction. Only in front of these members.

I enjoy seeing her unpretentious side.

I address the three of them,

"If other brands criticize the quality of your brand, I’ll just release high-quality, well-designed products that will make their words fall flat. If other hotels criticize ours, we just need to provide better service than them. The reaction might be slow, but it will be genuine and reach people eventually.”

The three of them nod in agreement.

"Art is no different."

They all shut their mouths at my words. It’s not wrong.

I smile and turn to Min-Young.

"Please tell Mrs. Kang to stop what she was planning. And may I ask for one more favor?”

“What is it?”

I gaze quietly at the sky and then say,

"In two years. I want to hold a solo exhibition at the theater. Is that possible?"

Min-Young looks at me quietly and then nods with a smile.

"A head-on approach, I see. It's an honor, Mr. Ban."

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