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Chapter 153 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery


His friends don't answer. Jungkook speaks again, more to himself.

“I kind of regret it. I feel like it was a mistake to come to art school.”

The other two friends don't respond, but their silence conveys agreement. Jungkook continues speaking.

“Getting a job is obviously going to be tough, right? After graduating from art school, it seems like studying abroad is the only way to get by. But doing the math, it looks like I'd need to work part-time for about three years to save up enough money. And even then, I'd probably have to keep working while abroad.”

Jungkook glances at Cheoljin and asks,

“What about you?”

Cheoljin, adjusting his hair ruffled by the wind, looks dejected.

“My family can't afford to wait for me to finish studying abroad. I have to start working right away.”

“It's not like you can work if no one hires you.”

“I know someone who works in creating reproductions.”

“Is that illegal?”

“No, it's a legitimate operation. They openly sell them as reproductions, so it's not illegal.”

“Huh, isn’t it boring to just copy other people’s paintings? We all started out that way, but I didn’t come to art school to keep doing that after graduation.”

“What choice do we have? That's the only kind of work available right now. Plus, they're really strict about skills there. You can't just walk in and get a job.”

“You mean, like, they test you or something?”

“Yeah, you have to prepare a portfolio too.”

“Ha, even getting a job copying paintings isn’t easy. Damn!”

Jungkook flops down on his back.

Looking up at the sky, he reaches out as if trying to grab it and mutters,

“In high school, I thought life would be rosy once I got to college. And it really felt that way for about two years. Walking around campus, living the college life... those are some good memories.”

Junyoung chuckles and lies down next to him.

“That lasted just two years. Starting from our junior year, it was just an avalanche of assignments.”

“Ha, yeah. I spent more nights at school than at home.”

“Ha, what do we do then? Business school students who played around and studied are getting jobs easily. We're stuck with neither here nor there.”

“That's why I regret it.”

“I feel the same, honestly.”

Cheoljin lies down last, agreeing.

“Me too.”

The three friends lie side by side, looking up at the sky.

“What will become of us?”

Silence again.

As none of them can see a clear path forward, they remain speechless.

Junyoung suddenly sits up and shouts,

“Damn it! Why worry about this now? We're supposed to be having fun on this trip, not getting all gloomy. Hey, let's enjoy ourselves.”

While Cheoljin and Jungkook are still lying down, they look up at Junyoung standing and ask,

“Starting to drink already?”

“So what! Let's have a good time drinking in the afternoon!”

The two friends exchange looks and almost simultaneously stand up.

“Okay, let’s drink till we drop.”

“That’s right, might as well drink.”

As they start getting up, Junyoung turns his head towards the sea again, wanting to take another look before heading back to their lodging.

Scanning the sea slowly, Junyoung’s eyes narrow.

“What’s that? Is that guy painting right now?”

On the rocky beach by the sea.

A man is seen sitting in front of a canvas, painting against the rough sea.

At Junyoung’s words, Cheoljin turns his gaze and chuckles.

“There’s always someone like that. Most are amateurs. People like him aren’t about the painting, but about the act itself. Narcissists who love the image of themselves painting outdoors.”

Jungkook looks intently at the distant man and says,

“But it does look cool. Sitting on the rocky beach, painting alone against the rough sea. Wow~ Should I try it too?”

“Bullshit, do you even have your painting supplies? The guy who packed only soju in his bag for a fun trip?”

“Ha, you got me there. Hey, let’s take a detour near that guy on our way back to the lodge, see what he’s painting.”

“Why bother? I’m telling you, he’s just an amateur posing as a painter. Don’t waste your eyes on that.”

“You go, I’ll take a quick look on my way back.”

“Ah, geez. Annoying.”

Despite his words, Cheoljin also follows his friends towards the man painting.

As art students, they’re more curious about the painting than the man, naturally focusing on the canvas as they get closer.

Cheoljin chuckles knowingly as the painting comes into view.

"Look at that. What is that? It's not even a decent Moonlight Sonata, what's he trying to do?"

The three friends see a canvas half-covered with black paint. Junyoung, frowning slightly to see better, mutters.

"He's not even painting the sea, why sit on the rocks in this weather?"

Cheoljin slaps Junyoung's back and says,

"That's what I'm saying, the guy is just a narcissistic idiot."

At Cheoljin's remark, Junyoung and Jungkook almost simultaneously shift their gaze from the canvas to the man painting.

"What's with him? He's not a spy, why cover his face so much?"

"Do narcissists usually hide their faces?"

Cheoljin, with a cynical tone, replies,

"Maybe he's hiding post-plastic surgery swelling. Men get a lot of surgeries these days."

"Crazy, haha! That's hilarious."

"Damn, plastic surgery? Haha."

Cheoljin, seeing his friends laugh, drops his cynical demeanor and says,

"Let's not waste time. Let's go and drink."

"Alright, let's do that."

As Cheoljin and Junyoung turn to leave, Jungkook grabs them.


"What now?"

Jungkook's eyes widen in astonishment.

"Look, look at that. Damn."

In front of the three friends, the painting that had seemed like an eyesore, akin to a poorly done playing card, suddenly transforms as if by magic, dazzling them with its brilliance.

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