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Chapter 183 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Towards the Fragment (4)

The workshop doors closed shut as the injured were carried inside and everyone took shelter.

Amidst the chaos and urgency, it was unclear whether it had truly been just three minutes.

However, during the time it took for everyone to enter, Frondier had flawlessly prevented the monsters from approaching.

"On behalf of everyone, I express our deepest gratitude."

As Frondier entered the workshop, the leader bowed his head. The interior was already brightly lit by the orbs of light conjured by the mages.

"We would all be dead if it weren't for you."

Frondier neither affirmed nor denied the statement, simply surveying the people gathered inside.

"If you truly feel grateful, please make one promise to me."

"What is it?"

"It's not just your promise I need. Everyone here, please listen carefully to what I have to say."

At Frondier's words, all eyes turned towards him.

Frondier spoke, "I know that you are all 'Ambu'."


Most faces remained unchanged at his words, but not all. The brutal battle, the injuries of their comrades, the sudden rescue, and the mysterious man – it was difficult for everyone to maintain composure amidst the onslaught of events.

"Wh-what do you mean...?"

Someone even attempted such a futile protest, clearly revealing how cornered they felt.

Ignoring the protest, Frondier continued, "I have seen all of your faces now. You wouldn't have worn masks while fighting monsters, so I assume these are your true faces. We know each other's faces well now."

Frondier pulled at his cheek to show that he wasn't wearing a mask. He had indeed discarded the mask he used during the barrier incident long ago.

"Therefore, we haven't seen each other today. First, you must keep this promise."

"Haven't seen...?"

"Yes. You were not rescued by anyone, you never saw this building in the first place, and you have successfully returned from your mission. Nothing happened here, and everything went according to your plan."

The Ambu members exchanged glances at Frondier's words.

In other words, he was asking them to pretend they hadn't seen him.

"If you keep this promise, I too will not speak of you or the existence of 'Ambu'."

They would keep each other's secrets.

This proposal wasn't bad for the Ambu. They knew little about Frondier, and there was no reason to refuse someone who offered to keep their information confidential.

More importantly, if Frondier hadn't saved them, they wouldn't have survived, let alone completed their mission. This price was incredibly cheap in comparison.


"And one more thing. This isn't a request, but rather advice."

"What is it?"

As the leader inquired, Frondier raised his right hand slightly.

At first, they didn't understand the meaning of his action, but soon they felt a slight pressure from above.

This feeling, they had felt it somewhere before. Like when riding an elevator.

In other words...

'Could it be, this building, it's floating in the air?'

Just as they suspected.

Frondier lifted the workshop into the air.

The Ambu members were stunned, witnessing Frondier effortlessly lift the building with so many people inside with a mere gesture.

"I'm going to destroy the fragment now."

Frondier spoke, leaving behind their shocked expressions.

"So, don't come out of this building."

* * *

Frondier opened the workshop door and climbed to the roof.

The glacier floated in the air. The fragment within it continued to spawn black monsters onto the ground.

"...It's amazing how it can create so many monsters without depleting."

Selena narrowed her eyes beside Frondier.

Considering the barrier battle, the number of black monsters was immense. And most of the black monsters that Frondier killed had become Obsidian, residing within his necklace.

In other words, even after creating so many black monsters, the fragment still remained that size. Its quantity seemed endless.

However, Frondier shook his head.

"It won't deplete."


"The fragment within that glacier will probably never run out."

"Why, why is that?"

Frondier opened his mouth as if to answer Selena's question, but then closed it again, seemingly remembering something. He chuckled and placed his hand on Selena's head.

"You'll find out soon."

Selena didn't press further. While Frondier generally explained things well, she had never gotten a proper answer by rushing him. More than that, she didn't want to.

"Selena, can you still teleport?"

Teleportation also consumed Mana, making it impossible to use indefinitely.

Especially since Selena had pushed herself to teleport quickly, bringing both herself and another person along with a horse, it would be even more difficult now.

"Of course. It's enough to stay by Frondier-nim's side."

However, Selena answered resolutely.

Her response should have been satisfactory to Frondier, but for some reason, his expression darkened.

Selena was puzzled by this, but Frondier turned his head away again.

"Good. Let's go destroy the fragment."

Selena nodded at his words. Her eyes then sank deep with focus. Confirming this, Frondier spread out both hands.

Weaving, Obsidian

Rank - Legendary


The shining sword materialized in his hands. Frondier checked Fabric of Penelope. The cloth, which he had hastily tied around his arm for lack of time to tie it as a necktie, was now more than half gone.

"...It seems like there's a lot more cloth left than before."

"My total Mana has increased in the meantime, and I've been using the fragment's Mana continuously."

Frondier had continued to utilize the Mana from the black monsters even after obtaining Fabric of Penelope.

Thanks to this, the cloth, which should have almost disappeared by now, still retained about half of its original length.

"But there's nothing to hold back when destroying that fragment. I'm going to use all the Mana contained within it. I'm not even sure if it will break even after using all of this."


"I'll reach it first by flying, so follow me by teleporting."

Selena nodded. Frondier gripped his swords tightly. He took a deep breath, and in that instant, his Mana began to flow into Excalibur.

Inhale, exhale.

After completing his usual breathing routine,

Frondier kicked off the ground and charged towards the glacier.

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