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Chapter 186 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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The immense roar of the battlefield struck his ears.

The soldier looked around in a daze. People embracing each other and cheering, men with swords collapsing and catching their breath with sighs of relief, robed mages kneeling and weeping.


The man sat down after hearing the cheers and seeing the faces of the people.

His entire body was heavy with sweat, and his body, covered in dirt and dust, was unpleasantly sticky with a mixture of blood and moisture. His body was wet, but his face was incredibly dry, feeling like paper crumpling whenever the wind brushed against it.

All the man could see was the clear blue sky. It was late in the day, but the sun was still shining brightly, far from setting.

The day was so long. There were days that stretched on for so long.

With the clear sky and the sunlight that seemed oblivious to its own decline reflected in his eyes, the man muttered briefly.

"We won..."

It was an undeniable fact.

"Oh! Look over there!"

One of the Roach Knights, who had been checking on the condition of the soldiers, the wounded, and the dead, shouted after spotting something.


Sylvain followed the knight's pointing finger and his eyes lit up.

Clip-clop, clip-clop, a single horse slowly approached from the north beyond the barrier. A pair of figures, a man and a woman, were seated on its back.

Upon confirming this, Sylvain felt something swell up from deep within his chest. He shouted in a slightly hoarse voice from all the yelling he had done.

"Roach Knights! Form ranks!"

In truth, such a command was rarely given. Usually, they formed ranks automatically when the situation arose, and even if he did give an order, he would typically specify the formation they should take.

However, the knights instinctively gathered and split into two rows, creating a path with their formation leading up to the barrier.

They were welcoming those approaching from afar with the greatest display of respect they could muster at the moment.

"We must give a reception befitting the return of heroes! If anyone makes a mistake, I'll have them dragged off their horse immediately!"

The knights bit their lips and held back their laughter at Sylvain's words. Meanwhile, the horse carrying Frondier and Selena slowly approached them.

"All present! Salute!"

With a swish, the knights' swords rose high into the air. They gleamed brightly as they reflected the sunlight, and the path they had created was beautifully adorned with the intersection of their blades.

"Frondier! You did an excellent job!"

Sylvain approached Frondier. Cassian stopped at the head of the path created by the knights. If it were up to Cassian, he would have proudly walked slowly down the center of the path the knights had made, but he couldn't. There was a reason.

"If it weren't for you, this battle would have truly..."

Sylvain examined Frondier's appearance. Frondier was never particularly cheerful or energetic, but he was even quieter than usual today.

It couldn't be helped.

"...What is this."

Sylvain let out a chuckle. Even the knights at the front of the formation, who had seen Frondier's state, finally burst into laughter.

"He's sleeping."

Frondier was leaning against Cassian's neck, fast asleep, and Selena was leaning against Frondier's back, also asleep.

It wasn't that they were nodding off with their heads down, but they were truly sleeping peacefully as if the world were at peace.

Cassian, who knew his master's condition through the sensation on his back, rarely let him fall off.

Cassian closed his eyes and shook his head. That human-like gesture was surprising, but in truth, Cassian had even sighed when he saw the knights forming ranks.

Cassian, with a feeling of resignation, slowly walked down the path created by the knights.

Since it had come to this, he might as well reveal his master's unsightly appearance to the world.

"Pfft, puhahahahahahaha!!"


As Cassian walked among the knights, they burst into laughter one after another upon seeing Frondier's state.

"Haah, this is..."

Sylvain sighed. He had wanted to rejoice with the knights upon Frondier's return, as he walked back with a dignified expression.

However, he couldn't suddenly wake up the hero who had protected the barrier, so Sylvain simply watched as laughter erupted from the knights whenever Frondier passed between them.

And at the end of the formation created by the knights...



The knights quickly shut their mouths. They forced back the laughter that was about to erupt and held their breath. Their neck muscles must have been slightly strained from that. That's how hard they had to suppress their laughter.


Enfer stood at the end of the formation. He had run up without even mounting a horse and saw Frondier's state.

The knights exchanged glances. Enfer's expression was difficult to read. Was he relieved at Frondier's return, proud of him, or angry that he was sleeping at such a time and place?

Enfer reached out and touched Frondier's hair, who was sleeping face down.

Jet-black hair. The same hair color as his own.

Peaceful eyelids when asleep. Resembling the shape of his wife, Malia's, eyes.

A gentle face contrasting with broad shoulders and strong legs. The symbol of Yeranhes and the Roach family.

-I know I was an unreliable son to you, Father.

-I must pay the price for my sloth.

"...Huhu. So you're paying the price."

Enfer smiled. The knights who saw it up close were so surprised they almost pulled on their reins.

"You still have that lazy face, Frondier."

He said with a smile. His firm and stoic face bloomed into a wide grin.

He couldn't remember the last time he had smiled like that.

Enfer, when he wore that smile...

'...I see.'

Sylvain understood.

He had always thought Frondier didn't quite fit the image of the lord's son, unlike Azier.

But with that smile just now, everything made sense.

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