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Chapter 188 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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New Students

The brief period between graduation and the return of spring.

Even Constel had a spring break. For Constel students who dedicated even their vacations to training and studying, this short spring break was a true respite.

Frondier also decided to enjoy this period of rest. There was a process of absorbing and digesting what he had learned from the Roach Knights and Azier, but other than that, he had plenty of time to enjoy himself.

──Of course, just because Frondier was resting,

It didn't mean everyone could rest during spring break.

"Ha, there's no one here..."

In the Constel student council room.

Theo de Blanc, the former student council president, sighed while holding a stack of papers. The papers he held contained the personal information of several students.

"I told you to pick a successor beforehand."

"Do you think I didn't want to?"

Theo retorted to the treasurer, Byzant, who was nagging him from the side. Then, after thinking for a moment, he looked at Byzant and said,

"Do you want to do it? Be the student council president."

"Are you out of your mind? We're in the same year!"


"So what?! I'm graduating too!"

Theo's eyes widened at Byzant's words.

"You... graduating...?"

"Oh, so you want to redecorate the student council room, huh?"

As Byzant actually started to gather Mana, Theo waved his hand with a laugh. However, his eyes soon fell with worry and a sigh.

"...Listen, I'm clearly the 'former' student council president, right?"


"So the student council president position is vacant, right?"

"Right. You didn't appoint a successor, and Constel kept postponing the student council vote until it was eventually cancelled."

Constel had been extremely busy this year.

The golem theft incident, the search for the traitor hidden within the school, the defense against the attack, and on top of that, Indus.

Because of that, the student council vote kept getting postponed. Election campaigns and voting took a long time.

There was a little time before winter break, but Constel didn't hold any events at the end of the second semester.

Somehow, the vote was cancelled, and now they were telling Theo to just pick a successor.

"...I didn't want to say this, but..."


"Constel's student council is really unpopular."

Byzant's gaze shifted at that complaint. To the side where Theo's face wasn't fully visible.

When he shifted his gaze there, he saw a mountain far away outside the window. Wow, why is the mountain that was there yesterday still there today? It's really amazing,

"Hey! Don't ignore me!"

"What can I do! Most of the students who attend Constel come here aspiring to be pros! Even during vacation, they're so focused on their own training, do you think they care how the school is run!"

As Byzant said, the student council wasn't popular at Constel. More than anything, the fact that no one cared that the student council president position had been vacant for so long was the biggest proof.

In fact, the students still thought Theo was the student council president. He was actually still doing the work.

"You're the same. You could've just quit the student council and not come here, why are you holding onto it until graduation?"

"What can I do when the teacher asks me to? They asked me to stay just a little longer because a successor would come soon, so what could I do?"

"That 'just a little longer' turned into graduation, though."

The fact that the student council wasn't popular meant, in other words, that the number of student council members was small. They couldn't force students who didn't want to do it to join the student council.

Of course, there were first and second-year students in the student council, but none of them wanted to be the student council president. They were intimidated after seeing Theo taking on everything by himself.

"Even if you appoint a successor, don't make them do it like you did. That's a bad thing."

"So, you're saying I've been doing a bad thing to myself all this time?"

"That's right. Apologize to yourself."

Byzant's words contained not a single ounce of consideration. Theo sighed.

They had to appoint a successor, no matter what. Until now, even though he was the former student council president, he was still at Constel, so the student council's lineage had been maintained.

However, now Theo was graduating. A physically impossible time had come.

"...Is it really only that kid?"

"I don't think she'll do it."

"Do you even know who I'm talking about?"

"You're choosing from the second-year students, right? Then it's decided."

Hearing Byzant's words, Theo thought, 'That's true,' and stopped.

Ellen Evans.

The student council president successor candidate Theo was currently thinking of.

"Even if you ask, will Ellen do it? She's not even a student council member."

"But no one in the current student council wants to be the student council president. The workload is heavy because I'm currently doing what I used to do, but if there's a new student council president, this burden will also decrease. Ellen is popular and unexpectedly thorough, so I think she'll do well."

Byzant pondered for a moment at Theo's words.

Ellen Evans. The most shining figure among the second-year students.

Ellen was already famous at Constel even before her younger brother Aster came here. Not because of her brother, but because of her own pure skills.

Ellen had a genius sense when it came to wielding a sword, and it was said that she had already reached the level of becoming one with the sword. The amount of Mana she possessed was meager, but she made up for it all with her skills.

She had somnambulism, but it wasn't a problem in her daily life, and no one had ever been harmed or injured because of it, so it might not even be somnambulism. She always insisted it wasn't, though.

The problem was that Ellen was incredibly busy, as much as her skills were.

She already had a pro internship scheduled, and I heard she was extremely busy because of it even during this break.

She probably didn't even know the student council existed, let alone have any interest in it.

"Still, we have to at least ask."

"Well, that's true, but."

Knock knock-

At that moment, someone knocked on the student council room door. Theo and Byzant looked at each other.

It was still spring break, so it was rare for students to come to Constel, and the same went for teachers. Even if they came to Constel, they rarely had business with the student council room.

"Yes, come in."

Theo spoke as usual for now.

The student council room door opened, and the person who entered was.


Surprisingly, it was Ellen Evans.

Theo was a little flustered when the person they had just been talking about entered. Did she hear them talking outside?

No, they wouldn't have been talking that loudly. No, but with Ellen's sensitive senses, maybe...

"Hello, I'm Ellen Evans."

Ellen bowed politely to Theo. Theo awkwardly accepted her greeting.

"Yes, I'm Theo de Blanc. What brings you to the student council...?"

Theo spoke while looking at Ellen's blinking eyes. He had encountered her in passing before, but she was usually asleep at those times, so this was the first time Theo had seen her eyes so clear.


Those slowly opening lips were also too unfamiliar to Theo.

"I want to be the student council president, what should I do?"

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