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Chapter 189 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Frondier himself doesn't know it, but...

He is currently considered a person of interest among the second-years.

In terms of pure attention, he surpasses even Aster.

The excellent grades and skills he displayed during the midterm and final exams of each semester, his strangely frequent involvement in various incidents, and the subtle atmosphere created by the understanding and consideration shown by promising students and teachers towards him, all contribute to this.

Most students are particularly interested in Frondier's theoretical skills.

Constel divides each exam into written and practical sections, and Frondier always gets perfect scores on the written exams.

Combat ability and magic are heavily influenced by talent, but theory is not. Theory is designed for everyone to understand, and it is researched to make it universally applicable.

Therefore, it's natural that students are more interested in Frondier's theoretical knowledge than his combat abilities.

And the situation where they can glimpse that aspect of him is during class time. That's why the students of Class 1, while not showing it, are all waiting for class to begin.

To observe Frondier's study methods. This is the same for Aster and the other named characters.

And finally, when class time arrives...

'...What is this?'

Most students have a similar thought.

'He's not doing anything.'

As they think, Frondier isn't doing anything.

In reality, he's putting everything the teacher explains and all the materials shown on the screen into his workshop, but of course, to others, it just looks like he's sitting there watching.

Only Aten, as if accustomed to this, remains calm in the seat next to him.

But does that mean he's ignoring the class?

"Frondier, come up and solve this. There are two missing symbols and three incorrect markings in the rune. Correct them all."


The teacher instructs Frondier to solve the problem written on the blackboard, and Frondier calmly answers and goes up to solve it.

It's a problem based on the content of this class, so he wouldn't be able to solve it if he hadn't been listening.

And in the next class too...

"Student Frondier, when did the first sanctuary appear?"

And in the next class...

"Frondier, Viper steel is a material known as the best metal for making swords. However, Viper steel weapons with engraved runes are very rare. Tell me why."

And in the next class, Frondier answers the teachers' questions without difficulty, and all of them are correct.

In the process, the students realize something else.

'Frondier, you're getting called on way too much!'

Every class, the teachers call on Frondier at least once. The teachers seem used to Frondier not taking notes and don't seem to mind much.

And most of the teachers aren't surprised when Frondier gives the correct answer.

These aren't easy questions, but the teachers nod after hearing Frondier's answers and proceed with the class as if it's perfectly natural to use his answers as a basis.

It's no longer a matter of whether he gets the answer right or wrong.

They are using Frondier to help other students understand and to let them know which parts they need to memorize and learn. Because they know he will definitely give the right answer.

'What the heck is with him...'

Having Frondier makes classes much easier for the teachers. Teaching someone often requires appropriate questions and answers, rather than just doing it alone. Frondier perfectly fulfills that role.

During his first year, Frondier was in Class 5, so the students there became somewhat accustomed to him, but for the second-year students, it's a fresh shock.

Of course, this shock is the same for the named characters.

'...Frondier, you're quite smart.'

Elodie briefly observes him. After the winter break, Frondier seems to have grown a little bigger.

It's probably not an illusion but reality. His muscles have grown through intense training, and his body, still in its growth phase, continues to develop its skeletal structure.

'...But it doesn't seem like a change that's possible with just that.'

Elodie takes a closer look at Frondier's body. His body has become fundamentally stronger.

Elodie wouldn't know, but Frondier has pushed himself beyond mana exhaustion twice, and in the process, his body was pushed to a dangerous state.

But for some reason, after recovering, his body became even stronger than before. Frondier learned how not to faint after mana exhaustion, and his body even adapted to that.

'And the biggest change is...'

Elodie turns her gaze from Frondier to Aten and then to Lunia. They are also looking at Frondier with similar expressions.

As mages, they must have noticed. The explosive growth of Frondier's mana. He's trying to manage and hide it well, but the presence of his vast, unfathomable mana is noticeable.

"Ah, and there's an announcement for everyone."

In the afternoon, after class, during homeroom, teacher Jane says while looking at everyone.

Jane has become the homeroom teacher for Class 1 of the second-year students. The intention is obvious. She plans to closely observe Frondier and Kora.

Jane is the only teacher who knows Frondier relatively well.

"The students I call now, please come to the faculty office after school."

Jane takes out a piece of paper with a list and reads out the names one by one.

"Aster Evans."

From the moment the first name is called, the students sense that something unusual is going on.

"Elodie de Inies Rishae."

And that feeling turns into certainty.

"Robald Lief, Lunia Frisel, Aten Terst..."

As the names are called out, the students' whispers grow louder.

Constel is planning something! With such anticipation and curiosity, the students' exclamation marks gradually swell, and then...

"Frondier de Roach."

With that name, the exclamation marks suddenly turn into question marks and fade away.


The person called, Frondier himself, tilts his head with one eye squinted, looking puzzled.

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